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These days, an online presence is vital to the success of even a small business.

However, many proprietors do not know where to start cementing their brand online and require some guidance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brick & Mortar Funnels is a three-day online summit designed to equip brick-and-mortar small businesses with skills to grow their online presence and attract customers.

What is “Brick & Mortar Funnels”?

Many of the most successful brick-and-mortar businesses utilize online platforms as a means of generating income.

The Brick & Mortar Funnels summit serves a knowledge-sharing purpose that will allow small businesses in the brick-and-mortar space to learn about sales funnels.

Obviously, these businesses show up intending to increase profits. 

Over time, businesses in the brick-and-mortar sector have used sales funnels online very successfully to boost their performance.

Brick & Mortar Funnels will provide insights into what works and why.

ClickFunnels Brick and Mortar

What to Expect from Brick & Mortar Funnels?

The summit’s objective is to educate small brick & mortar business owners on utilizing sales funnels online to generate income. The summit’s contents span three days, the first of which will be available for 48 hours and the remaining two days for 24 hours each.

Day one of the summit focuses primarily on examining how to efficiently use sales funnels, how to speedily generate customers, how to stand apart from competitors, and methods of generating business. 

There are six sessions on the first day’s program, details of which appear below:

Day 1 (Available for 48 hours)

  • Russell Brunson – “Funnel Quickstart for ‘Brick and Mortar’ Business Owners”
  • Anissa Holmes – “4 Simple Steps to Generating up to 100 Clients and Customers a Month”
  • Ryan and Brad – “A Top Grade Method for 5x’ing Your Business in Record Time”  
  • Krista Mashore – “Stand Out like a GIANT in Your Market, And Dominate Your Market in Record Time”
  • Chad Woolner – “How the ‘Reboot Funnel’ Seamlessly Gets New Clients into Your Office”
  • Joe McCall – “Generate Up to 100 Real Estate Agent and Investor Leads in 30 Days”

Day 2 (Available for 24 hours):

  • Jaime Cross – “How Lots of Hard Work, Failures, and Dedication Took Us from ‘Broke’ to Multimillionaire”
  • Joshua Latimer – “Maximize Profits with a Service-Based Business”
  • Adam Sewell – “Create Your Ideal Practice by Attracting Your Ideal Patients “
  • Jennifer Sewell – “Generate Tons of Clients with No Referrals, No List, and a BIG Competitor”
  • Mike Arce – “Get Up to 100 Fitness Studio Clients or Leads in 100 Days”

Day 3 (Available for 24 Hours):

  • Andrew Argue – “Discover the secret ‘Attract-Engage-Acquire’ funnel sauce to boosting revenue.”
  • David Frey – “How to Generate Local Facebook Traffic to Your Funnel With No Money” and “Starting From Scratch”
  • Tyler Shaule – “How to Use 3 Simple Text Messaging Campaigns to Get up to 100 Customers in 100 Days”
  • Emily Gang – “Get up to 100 New Clients for Your Insurance or Financial Services Agency”
  • Alex Hormozi – “How to Pump up Your Profits with a Consistent Flow of Steady Customers”

The summit allows you to access experts, sharing their perspectives and practical trade tactics that have enabled them to succeed.

We urge all attendees to make the most of these three days, attend all sessions, and manage their time well. 

Our Honest Brick & Mortar Funnels Review

The Brick & Mortar Funnels summit is a fantastic opportunity. The following represents views gleaned from those who have participated in the summit previously.

We have participated in the “Brick & Mortar Funnels” summit ourselves. As a result, we can personally attest to the benefits of participating in this opportunity.

If you own a small brick-and-mortar business or a digital entrepreneur who wants insight from other successful entrepreneurs, then the summit will significantly benefit you and your business.

Professional Insight from Successful Brick & Mortar Business Owners

The summit is most informative and educational and includes a presentation of 15 successful business cases by successful brick & mortar business owners and executives.

We attended the summit and personally found each presentation important to our small business, a laundromat.

We were able to leave with lessons learned and innovative new practices that have enabled us to double our clientele in a short space of time.

We would recommend this to anyone in the brick-and-mortar space who wants to keep pace with a world that is going digital.

Free PDF Files

The One Funnel Away Challenge provides a wealth of additional information.

However, even if you do not elect to take up this offer, you will still have access to several PDF plans of interviewees after finishing the summit series.

We have personally utilized these PDFs and found them extremely useful.

Often at a summit or similar event, there is only so much a person can absorb in a short space of time.

The PDF plans solidified in our minds the path we needed to take to implement sales funnels effectively.

One Funnel Away Challenge Upsell

The Challenge is by far one of the best investments you can make as a tool to aid you in utilizing sales funnels. It also comes with additional benefits for summit attendees.

These include the 100 Days, 100 New Customers e-book, unlimited access to the series and behind the scenes, and walk-throughs to Brick & Mortar funnels.

The OFA Challenge provides a multi-faceted basket of tools and insights.

It also provides a coaching tool, a digital workbook you can use for each mission, 30 days of access to the Challenge Facebook Group, “Big Breakthrough” training.

The Challenge augments skills and can make funnels more appealing and accessible to customers.

Brunson and the implementation coaches are experts in the field and provide a comprehensive outline of what you need to do to create and maintain successful funnels.

Limited Access to Training Interviews

Attendees will have 48 hours of access to the first day of proceedings and 24 hours of access each to the second and third days.

When I attended the Summit, I weighed the benefits and limitations of having this time frame.

I do think that more time may have taken the pressure off me as a busy business owner.

However, I found that the benefit of having to clear my desk and commit to the process outweighed the disadvantage of the compressed access timeframe.

How to Access Brick & Mortar Funnels without Joining the 30-Day Challenge?

Accessing Brick and Mortar Funnels is easy. We notice, however, that some people have been experiencing confusion in doing so without purchasing the One Funnel Away Challenge.

First, you must fill in your e-mail to join the Brick & Mortar Funnels. After that, you will redirect to an upsell page for the Challenge.

There is no way to skip this page, and it is not a form of confirmation; indeed, you do not receive a confirmation.

What will happen is that ClickFunnels will send you access to the Day One material in a message from Russell Brunson, where you will have 48 hours to access it.

After this period, you will receive the Day Two material and 24 hours later, Day Three. These e-mails will come from ClickFunnels. There is no need to register for the OFA Challenge.

Final Thoughts

This article sets out the what, where, and how of the Brick & Mortar Funnels summit and One Funnel Away Challenge. It illustrates what you can expect from the summit, including an upsell of the Challenge.

Finally, it demonstrates the possibilities that arise from this invaluable package of knowledge-building material. 

Small brick-and-mortar businesses are becoming threatened as we move into the digital age.

The Summit gives such enterprises a chance to learn how to stay competitive as the market evolves. 

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