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Our team of experts spent days searching for the best Builderall deals for you. We found many online sites offering Builderall coupons and discounts and checked them out with Builderall. The Builderall team confirmed that, unfortunately, it is not currently offering any discounts for new users.

You should bookmark this page as we are continually investigating any new deals available with Builderall and will update this page as soon as we hear of any.

Builderall Coupons & Discounts

2-Month Builderall Discount

We contacted Builderall about the two-month annual plan payment discount it was offering. 

This discount entitles users to two months free if they opt for annual payments instead of monthly payments. Please see the Builderall Terms of Use (30a). 

Unfortunately, this deal does not exist for new subscribers, but there is a possibility of switching to annual payments once you are no longer a “new user” and requesting this discount then. 

If you do successfully switch from monthly to annual billing and receive the two-month discount, you get the opportunity to make huge savings.

The annual plan payment method allows users to have access to the Builderall platform for twelve months. And with the discount applied, Builderall charges for just ten months. That’s two months free! 

That means you would make a 16.67% saving on any of the Builderall plans. These savings are detailed below:

  • Builder Plan – save $39.80
  • Marketer Plan – save $59.80
  • Essential Plan – save $99.80
  • Premium Plan – save $139.80
Builderall Coupons, Discounts & Promo Code

How to Get a 2-Month Builderall Discount?

Our team of experts spent a considerable amount of time researching the discounts available with Builderall and found a two-month Builderall annual billing discount.

We understand from Builderall that, unfortunately, this deal is not currently available to new users. The support team at Builderall says that to get this discount, new users will have to pay any of the plans monthly when they first sign up for the system. 

After using Builderall and paying every month until you are no longer considered a new user, you can contact the support team at Builderall explaining that you would like to switch from monthly to annual billing and ask them for the two-month discount. 

We understand that the process may be relatively long, as Builderall would probably have to cancel the monthly contract before preparing a yearly payment contract. 

And there is also a possibility that Builderall may change its policy and stop issuing annual payment discounts altogether – so check with Builderall and act quickly if this is something you want to take advantage of.

Builderall Coupons, Discounts & Promo Code

Is There a Builderall Coupon?

After extensive research, we discovered that although many sites online offer Builderall discount coupons, the majority of these are fake. 

We confirm that Builderall is not currently offering coupons or other discounts to new users. 

Builderall previously offered a discount of two months free to those who choose the annual payment method for their plans. This payment method (and deal) is no longer available for new subscribers.


Be careful of online sites offering fake coupons and discounts because Builderall is not currently offering any.

We found an annual payment method discount referred to in Builderall’s Terms of Use. We got in touch with the Builderall team to check it out for our readers.

The staff at Builderall confirmed this discount is not currently available – so new users will not be able to avail themselves of it. However, it may be possible to sign up now and switch payment methods later.

New users need to sign up to use the Builderall system with a monthly payment plan first and then switch to the annual payment plan afterward. They can then ask for the two-month discount.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page as we will be the first to update you when Builderall offers any new discounts.

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