Builderall Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

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Builderall offers four pricing plans and a massive number of features. Our team spent several days meticulously exploring each of Builderall’s pricing plans and every element they offer.

Our article will detail each plan’s cost and benefits and explain each tool’s workings, helping you decide which subscription plan is most suitable for your business. 

Builderall Pricing

Builderall Pricing Overview

As well as the free plan, Builderall offers four pricing plans. These suit all budgets, starting at $19.90 per month:

  • Builderall Builder Plan – $19.90 per month
  • Builderall Marketer Plan – $29.90 per month
  • Builderall Essential Plan – $49.90 per month
  • Builderall Premium Plan – $69.90 per month

Builderall offers a 14-day free trial so that you could test out any plan for suitability. You do not need to provide your credit card information. 

They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied within 30 days of your purchase, you can request a refund.

Builderall Pricing Plans: In-Depth

Builderall has four available pricing plans. All of them include unlimited subdomains, unlimited membership areas, and unlimited impressions and visitors. All include ticketing and live chat support, and all give various amounts of disk space.

The amount of features you receive also varies significantly from plan to plan.

With the Builder plan, you get three domain connections – however, it is limited to 100 subscribers. The next plan up, the Marketeer, makes a big difference providing five domain connections and 5,000 subscribers. The Essential Plan offers ten domain connections and 15,000 subscribers – and finally, the Premium Plan has 15 domains and unlimited subscribers.

Cheetah Drag N Drop Website Builder 

This drop and drag website layout builder looks very easy to use. Users are mainly clicking, editing, and saving to create their websites by adding different panels with titles, text, and images. Builderall gives lots of tips as you build, even recommending what to showcase where. Panels can be moved up or down easily via arrows if you want to change their position on the page. You can check how your site or pages look on the phone view, and you should not need to make any adjustments as the mobile version is adjusted to fit automatically. But you can still edit there separately if you want to.

This tool also builds sales funnels. You can customize your funnels to suit your business, adding checkouts, upsells, and membership areas. Using A/B split testing, you can experiment with two variants of your pages to see which one gets better results.

Funnel Builder Cheetah Funnel Builder (Coming Soon)

Builderall currently uses the drag-and-drop Cheetah builder to create sites and pages which can combine into funnels. Their Canvas drag-and-drop builder is used to build the logic of a customer journey through your sales funnels. Builderall plans to update the Cheetah Funnel builder soon to make things even more accessible.

Unlimited Subdomains 

Create as many of Builderall’s subdomains as you want. You can have a subdomain for every landing page if you wish, helping you gain more publicity.

Unlimited Membership Areas

You can create custom, exclusive areas for members only either by payments or by signing up. Create as many pages as you need. There are lots of templates to pick from, and they are all editable. Builderall provides the legal pages with disclaimers – you just have to edit it to suit your business. You can create a checkout page with an order form, upsell page, and downsell page – an alternative offer page if a user declines your product – as well as a thank you page.

Blogging App

Quickly build and grow your blog. Tutorials will show you how to connect it to all or one of your sites. You can even make it the homepage. At your invitation, guest bloggers will be able to create content for your blog.

Super Checkout

This feature supports your sale funnels and membership areas and has the two and three-step checkouts to choose from to start selling your product online. As well as checkouts for selling products directly, customers can also end up at your checkout via other pages on your site like your downsell page.

Super Checkout for Affiliates Sales Control

You can also set up affiliations to your checkout. People can sell your products for you, and you can give them commissions. Affiliates can log in, and you will be able to see who is signing up and approve them. You can change the commission levels, and you can also see and manage all your affiliate payments.

Bump Sales, Upsales and Downsales 

This feature sends your customers through a series of your offer pages to let them choose predetermined items. You will have full control of which path they take. For example, If they press the ‘no thank you’ button, they’ll be sent to an alternative downsell page. You can build fully functional multi editable pages via the Supercheckout with payment methods, currency, upsell, downsell, and thank you pages.

A/B Split Testing 

A/B split testing enables users to create two versions of the same page to be sent out to customers to see which one works best. It’s a useful marketing tool as it shows which features of your pages perform well – from your call to action buttons to the phrases and pictures you have used. The Builderall team currently has the A/B Split Testing feature, and it is continuously being developed and refined with the Builderall system.

Unlimited Impressions and Visitors

This feature is vital for the success of your website. In the marketing business, you need to have unlimited visitors and impressions.

Page Loading and Mobile Loading Accelerators

With Page Loading and Mobile Loading Accelerator tools, your website should load very quickly, and the Mobile Perfection tool means that you should not have to edit your mobile version – it’s all streamlined to fit and ready to go.

Smart Popup

Configure and display pop-ups. For example, you can edit using the templates adding images and buttons, and using the email tool to add a form requiring an email address or other contact information. Whenever your customers click on the button, the pop-up shows.

Website Sharing

When you have saved your website, you can share it and any other pages you have created with just one click.

Funnel Sharing

This tool quickly helps you share your funnels, email lists, and other automations with existing customers, potential customers, and friends.

Countdown, Evergreen Fixed Date Timers

Choose from a range of timers and instantly create animated countdown clocks to quickly set expiration times on your offers.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates are necessary to make online purchases more secure and to authenticate your website. Builderall provides a free certificate on all of their free plans.

Drag N Drop Email Marketing Automation

Build unlimited email marketing automations by creating lists and deciding when you want your emails and email campaigns to reach out to your customers.

Responsive Email Builder

The MailingBoss autoresponder email marketing feature lets you conduct email marketing campaigns. There is no limit to the number of emails you can send. You can choose from differently designed templates, and you can target special groups you have already set up. You can customize them and create workflows and subscriber lists. This builder can trigger emails and send them sequentially to, for example, your webinar attendees with the email timers as part of the feature.

Super Fast CDN Servers

These provide high availability and performance to your website and your content, wherever your customers are.

Website Daily Backup

Builderall automatically backs up your content every day.

DDOS Attack Prevention

This feature secures your site against cyber attacks giving you peace of mind.


Builderall’s CRM system will improve your marketing by building graphic diagrams to manage and analyze your past, current, and future customers. You will be able to follow, tag, and automate your visitors’ actions at your website and build great charts of any design to view all progress.

Builderall Telegram Automation Tool

With this tool, you can create automated messages and bots and build a telegram funnel. You can have bots at any of your funnels. You will be able to monitor leads and statistics and edit and send messages to the customers that have replied to your bot. And you can designate a particular time to send your messages – with a ‘delay in minutes’ feature.

SMS Messaging

Send messages to your customers. (Local operators fees apply).

Professional Messenger Chatbot

An unlimited Messenger chatbot, this app can be used to send your customers automated messages.

Professional Website Bot

With this bot, users can build up prepared conversations and attach links or other information that can be placed anywhere on your site. Users will have full automation and control of their bots.

WordPress 3-Click Integration

Integrate WordPress with three clicks. You can connect your WordPress site or build a WordPress site and host them all on Builderall.

Builderall Unlimited Magazine Builder

This feature allows you to create and host your online digital magazine. With lots of templates to choose from, you will be able to produce a colorful, high-quality magazine that your customers will be able to read on your website. They can also download a PDF version. You can include news about your product or service using images and dazzling effects with shapes to color-fill and add text that can stand alone or overlay your images or text sections. You can also change the background colors. The magazine can be embedded and displayed on your website.

Builderall Webinar Builder

For your online event where you can connect with customers across the world, this feature (whether recorded or live streamed) will help you, by adding content from your computer or YouTube, for example, and scheduling the webinars. It also integrates with MailingBoss so you can let your customers know about it beforehand. You can enable text chat for your webinar so your customers can chat while it’s running. This feature has plenty of tools to assist users in filming and designing their webinars.

Builderall Evergreen Webinar App

This app allows you to continually show and repeat webinars at selected intervals, encouraging more visitors to your website with multi-time autopilot options.

Facebook and YouTube Live Streaming Apps

You can create a post and organize live streaming Facebook and YouTube and invite guests with the Webinar feature.

Builderall Drag N Drop E-learning

With this tool, you can create unlimited courses and training that look professional and are mobile-friendly. You can create modules, lessons, quizzes, and tests as well as link content from YouTube. You can set off triggers, so your students have to finish one part of your course before continuing it. You can set and give marks, email students, and publish to your e-learning community. You will be able to view your students’ progress and see how much time they have spent on the course. You can set FAQs here, too.

Builderall Directory Builder

This PWA Technology directory builder feature allows you to make directories and listings of companies or any chosen category. You can edit the layout, categorize, and manage your places by adding countries, cities, etc. You can export and import to add to your directories, upload and manage your files and images, choose ad types, add payment information, and manage your customers and ads.

VA Access

Within seconds you can give your VA access to your account. You only need to enter their name and select the tools you want them to access.

Magento Commerce

To run your online store, you will have access to this firmly established open-source platform. It is user-friendly and can be customized to suit your business. It includes a smooth checkout, coupons, pop-ups, and much more. You can change themes and edit, and the store can handle extensive inventories.

Builderall Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Builderall Pricing Plans


This Free Plan comes with enough features for you to start up with, but the subscriber list is limited to 100. There are no domain connections, but you can use up to 3 websites instead. If you need more than that, unfortunately, you will have to upgrade to a paid plan. This plan includes 1GB of disk space.

With this plan, users get great basic features: the Cheetah Drag N Drop site builder, the blogging app, super checkouts, bump sells pages, an email builder, and email marketing tools.

The Free Plan includes Builderall‘s branding on user-built websites and campaigns/emails. If you would like to remove the branding, you will have to switch to a higher paid plan, such as the Marketer Plan.

Builderall only offers ticketing support on this plan – there’s no live chat support.

Because of its limitations, this plan would suit people starting in the marketing business and people wanting to try out Builderall for the first time. Of course, it is possible to then upgrade to a paid plan when your business grows.

Builderall’s first paid plan – the Builder – includes three domain connections, funnel sharing, live chat support, and an SSL certificate that could make a difference to you.


As the first paid plan, the Builder plan includes all of the features of the free plan. It also contains three domain connections, funnel sharing, live chat support, an SSL certificate, super-fast CDN servers, daily backup, and DDOS attack prevention. It also provides 2GB of disk space.

It will include the new Cheetah Funnel Builder and A/B Split Testing tools that are coming soon.

As with the Free Plan, it’s still only got 100 subscribers, though.

But this plan is still good enough for small business owners needing to market their services or products.

The Builder plan also includes Builderall’s branding on MailingBoss emails and campaigns. You will have to upgrade to another plan to remove this branding.

When your business grows, you will need to upgrade to the Marketer Plan, which has 5,000 subscribers and five domain connections, and other necessary features.


This plan is for people who want to get their online marketing businesses up and running, including all the tools necessary to continue growing. It gives all the same features as per the Builder Plan with the addition of CRM, the telegram automation tool, and an SSL certificate.

Compared to the Builder Plan, this plan has access to 5,000 subscribers and five domain connections. It also has 5GB of disk space.

It also includes the telegram automation tool. With this, you will be able to build telegram funnels with chatbots for those funnels. Love them or hate them, these chatbots can be a great advantage to businesses providing a 24-hour service answering customers’ questions about your products and services. Chatbots also collect valuable information from customers and can help to generate actual leads.

SMS messaging is also available with this package.

You will need to upgrade to the next plan when you need more than 5,000 subscribers and five domain connections.


The Essential Plan offers far more than the Marketer Plan.

This one comes with ten domain connections,15,000 subscribers, and 10GB of disk space. Apart from that, It has all the same features as the Marketer Plan with the addition of new bots – a website bot and a Messenger chatbot. These are potent marketing tools to assist users in reaching out to more customers and gaining and storing data from your customers’ information.

If you need even more advanced marketing tools, e-commerce tools, e-learning tools, and WordPress integration, you will need the Premium Plan.


For just $20 a month more than the Essential plan, you get the whole lot with the Premium Plan.

This plan includes all the features that Builderall has to offer and provides 15 domain connections, 10GB of disk space, and unlimited subscribers. That’s right – unlimited!

It is perfect for advancing businesses of all sizes; online marketers, sales funnel builders, developers, and web designers. It includes both the standard and evergreen webinar builders.

With the e-commerce tool, the Premium Plan is also suitable for online stores, promoting and selling products.

Premium is the only plan that offers WordPress integration. It is also the only plan that provides E-learning and Magento commerce tools.

List importing is also available but limited to 1,000 subscribers.

As well as creating an online school or training center, users will have access to Facebook and YouTube live streaming via the live webinar feature.

With this plan, you can also build your digital online magazine.

If you go for this plan and decide to become an affiliate, you can access Builderall’s Funnel Club, which Builderall promises will help you with lead magnet campaigns to boost your online sales.

The only drawback could be learning how to use all these tools! However, with many tutorials, ticketing, and live chat support, it looks like Builderall does want to help their customers all the way through.

Builderall Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Builderall Pricing FAQ

How Much Does Builderall Cost?

Builderall has five plans, the first of which is free. The pricing plans start with the Builder Plan at $19.90 per month, the Marketer Plan at $29.90 per month, the Essential Plan at $49.90 per month, and the Premium Plan at $69.90 per month.

Does Builderall Offer a Free Plan?

Yes, Builderall does offer a free plan. With no domain connections and only 100 subscribers, this plan works with three websites and does have all the features you need to start up.

Is Builderall Subscription Monthly or Annual?

Builderall’s subscriptions are all payable monthly. However, please note that if, after subscribing to Builderall for some time, a user wishes to switch from monthly to annual billing, Builderall will only charge for ten months, thereby providing a discount of 2 months or 16.7%. Please see their Terms of Use (30a) as these terms may change in the future.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade to Another Package Later?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade or downgrade to another package later.

Does Builderall Offer a Money-Back Guarantee? 

Builderall offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. That means users can request a refund within 30 days of their purchase.

Will I Need to Renew My Builderall License?

So long as you continue payments, your Builderall license will renew automatically renewed. Please see Section 14a Terms of Use.

What Types of Payment Does Builderall Accept? 

Builderall accepts all major credit and debit cards.

Bottom Line

Having spent a considerable time thoroughly investigating all of Builderall’s pricing plans and a massive range of features, we hope we have helped you decide which subscription is best for your business.

Price matters and Builderall provides users with a wide choice of plans that suit all budgets.

You have seen that the features a user gets vary considerably with each plan, especially between Essential and Premium.

You could try the Builderall platform with their 14-day free trial offer, but you could also have a more lengthy test period with their Free and reasonably-priced Builder Plans. Both give excellent features, but with their minimal number of domains and subscribers, they don’t give you as much room to experiment as some users might wish.

It also depends on whether you need an e-learning tool, webinars, bots, and other marketing tools, or WordPress integration.

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