ClickFunnels $37 Secret Plan – Is It Legit?

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Our team has noticed various articles claiming that this plan exists, but most look like scams.

Many don’t give the precise details of a $37 ClickFunnels plan either, so readers cannot be sure of the features or limits. 

Therefore, we carefully explored all records we found, including checking with ClickFunnels.

This article will provide you with the latest and most concise information about this $37 deal.

We also cover a couple of genuine plans offered by ClickFunnels that aren’t too expensive. Both of these contain far more features than the $37 option did. 

Clickfunnels 37 Dollars

ClickFunnels $37 Plan

The $37 ClickFunnels plan was never an actual plan but more of a work-around. This method is no longer available to users. However, there’s a better deal that’s available below.

Previously created as a downsell strategy, ClickFunnels offered it to keep clients. If a user who was already paying for a plan or testing a free trial canceled their account, ClickFunnels would offer this option as a special deal.

The plan had a strict limitation on page views – 5,000 visitors per month. It also limited users to building five funnels and 20 pages.

Currently, ClickFunnels’ cheapest plan is $97 per month and includes more than enough features to build sales funnels easily.

How to Get a $37 Plan

As the ClickFunnels $37 plan is no longer available, we can only advise you on what steps users had to take previously:

  1. Sign-up for a ClickFunnels Free Trial.
  2. Select the “Settings” menu. Go to “Account Billing” and cancel your account.
  3. After making a cancellation request, ClickFunnels provided a downsell offer of $37 to keep users signed up.
  4. Accept the $37 per month offer.

Alternatives to a $37 ClickFunnels Plan

Even though the $37 price looks tempting, you should invest in a plan with more features and room to scale your business.

There are alternatives to the $37 ClickFunnels plan, two of which stand out. These are the Basic plan at $97 per month and the OFA Platinum 6-month Challenge at $166.16 per month. 

The Basic plan allows users to build up to 20 funnels and 100 pages. If you pay annually, the price works out at just $80 per month.

For the OFA Platinum Challenge, you’d need to pay six months upfront, but it is a great deal. It includes unlimited funnels, visitors, pages, and training material that’s especially helpful to new users.

What You Get For $37 ClickFunnels Plan

Please don’t be disappointed that this plan is no longer available. 

Even though the pricing aspect looks excellent compared to the more expensive ClickFunnels plans, there were downsides.

It only allowed 5,000 visitors to your page, and you could only build five funnels and 20 pages. This limitation meant the plan was not scalable and could only work for tiny campaigns.

Whatever your budget, ClickFunnels has alternate pricing plans that will make you more content with its tool.


There is nothing wrong with offering a downsell to hesitant prospects.

ClickFunnels’ intention was simply to offer a lower-priced option, and the limitations of the plan justified the price reduction.

There were logical reasons for the offer. It was more profitable than losing customers. And ClickFunnels was acting in its customers’ best interests by providing an opportunity to work with a cheaper plan.

Unfortunately, online scams and misinformation are rampant. We want to clear that any current offer of a $37 plan is false.

Spend your money more wisely on either of the payment plans we have mentioned above.

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