ClickFunnels Actionetics (Follow-Up Funnels) Review

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

ClickFunnels created a tool that makes it easier to speak directly to your visitors. Previously known as ‘Actionetics,’ ClickFunnels has renamed the tool to ‘Follow-Up Funnels.’

Ultimately, you can use the tool to follow up with interested visitors to increase sales.

In addition, you can easily compare this tool to other independent e-mail automation tools. 

Follow-Up Funnels is an e-mail marketing and automation tool available for members of the ClickFunnels Platinum plan. 

ClickFunnels Actionetics

What Is Actionetics?

Actionetics was a predecessor of Follow-Up Funnels. The tool allows you to send e-mails directly to visitors from within your ClickFunnels account.

In addition, it makes it easy to create and customize e-mail subscriber lists, broadcasts, smart lists, SMTP servers, and Follow-Up Funnels. 

It’s an excellent addition to all front-end funnels because it allows users to build relationships with visitors.

In the form of newsletters, broadcasts, and personalized e-mails, a user can cultivate a relationship with a visitor with the prospect of turning them into a paying customer. 

Actionetics is a smart way to guide all page visitors toward purchasing a product. 

ClickFunnels Actionetics (Follow-Up Funnels) Review

What We Like and Dislike About Actionetics (Follow-Up Funnels): Pros & Cons

After trying out ClickFunnels’ Follow-Up Funnels, there are a few things our experts really like.

With every great ClickFunnels feature or tool, we have to look at the drawbacks as well.

Here is a fully transparent list of the pros and cons: 

ClickFunnels Actionetics Pros

Our experts like the following features: 

  • Automatic E-mail Segmentation with Smart Lists

The Follow-Up Funnels feature, known as Smart Lists, makes it easy to create customized e-mail lists aimed at different target markets. Based on certain personalized rules, also known as ‘common triggers,’ e-mail segmentation categorizes visitors automatically.  

  • Unlimited E-mails

No matter how many subscribers you have on your e-mail list, there is no limit to the number of e-mails, broadcasts, or newsletters that you can send. 

  • Easy Creation and Automation Processes

Unlike many other e-mail marketing processes, the Follow-Up Funnels tool is straightforward to create. Adding Smart Lists, personalized messages, and e-mail categories is very easy. 

  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

To use Actionetics, users have to integrate with an SMTP service. The main advantage of using SMTP is that there aren’t any affiliate link restrictions. In addition, users have reported that using SMTP has other advantages like quick e-mail delivery and reliability. 

  • Text and Social Media Notifications

Communicating through different platforms is easy with this tool. Users can send alerts via text messages or through social media channels. This results in more accessible personal communication. 

ClickFunnels Actionetics Cons

Here are a few things our experts didn’t like:

  • Too Large an Investment for Small Lists

Actionetics is only available to ClickFunnels Platinum plan members.

The plan costs $297 per month. This can be an expensive investment for companies with small subscribers’ lists. 

  • No Custom Fields

Unfortunately, there aren’t any complex customization options.

However, users can personalize messages, standard names, logos, and a few other basic things. 

  • Facebook Messenger Update Makes Some Features Obsolete

Since Actionetics has a Facebook messenger bot, you’d expect it to update automatically with the social media messenger.

Unfortunately, when Facebook updates its messenger, some of the Actionetics features become obsolete. 

  • Only Relevant for ClickFunnels Users

You can’t integrate the tool into other digital marketing platforms. It is only accessible through a ClickFunnels account and membership. 

Follow Up Funnel Gif

ClickFunnels Actionetics (Follow-Up Funnels) Features

ClickFunnels’ Actionetics has many different valuable features that our experts love. Here is a list of the most prominent ones: 

E-mail Lists 

Users can add an unlimited number of contacts to their e-mail lists. It’s effortless to create and categorize using the Smart Lists tool.

However, after using this feature, we have discovered that it’s a bit tedious to delete contacts from an e-mail list. There isn’t any bulk deletion option available. 


Send out broadcast messages and marketing materials to multiple e-mail lists at once.

Text Messaging

Users can send personalized text messages and notifications to visitors’ phones for increased communication. 

Smart Lists

One of the best features of Actionetics is the Smart Lists tool. This tool uses common triggers to create e-mail segmentation. 


The autoresponders feature allows users to create customized replies to potential customer queries to enhance customer service and communication. 

Data and Statistics

Users have access to in-depth analytics on e-mail behavior. For example, you’ll be able to see who viewed the e-mail, who made a purchase, and who clicked through to the landing page

ClickFunnels Actionetics Pricing

The Actionetics (Follow-Up Funnels) tool is only available for Platinum plan members.

The Platinum plan costs $297 per month, and upgrades from ClickFunnels’ basic starter plan costing $97 per month. 

The plan has many other benefits that include: 

  • Unlimited pages
  • 9 payment gateways 
  • 9 domains
  • Unlimited Follow-Up Funnels
  • Priority support 
  • Access to FunnelFlix

As you can see, these benefits make it an excellent value for money. The Platinum plan is an ideal upgrade for users who want to scale their online businesses and increase their conversion rates.

Established companies with large e-mail subscriber lists can benefit from the feature since it provides follow-up e-mail marketing for any landing page visitor.  

Bottom Line

Actionetics (Follow-Up Funnels) is a great tool included in the ClickFunnels Platinum plan.

For $297 per month, users can access all e-mail marketing tools, including this follow-up e-mail marketing strategy. 

The tool allows users to contact page visitors through different communication platforms like text messaging, Facebook messenger, and e-mail broadcasting. It gives you unlimited contacts to send unlimited messages and e-mails.

Smart Lists make the creation of categorized e-mail groups even more manageable, allowing for better targeting and conversions. The follow-up feature is bound to increase sales by converting visitors into paying customers. 

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