ClickFunnels Autoresponder: Is It Available?

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The ClickFunnels Autoresponder is still available, and the platform has many other autoresponder options available.

The ClickFunnels autoresponder, Follow-Up Funnels, is available within the ClickFunnels Platinum plan.

Below, we will examine this autoresponder’s features and the resulting pros and cons. 

Our experts thoroughly studied all the third-party autoresponder options compatible with ClickFunnels. Each one has its own set of unique features.

We have evaluated all of them to help you determine the best solution for your specific business needs.

We also give you the steps to setting up your Follow-Up Funnel and email marketing service integration.

Clickfunnels Autoresponder

Does ClickFunnels Have an Autoresponder? 

ClickFunnels does have an autoresponder. You can choose between the built-in ClickFunnels autoresponder (Follow-Up Funnels) or a supported third-party integration. 

If you opt for a third-party integration, you will receive the basic automation and e-mail service the autoresponder provides.

You can capture leads, and everyone who opts into your funnel can receive an e-mail, but you won’t benefit from the in-funnel automation features that Follow-Up Funnels could do.

ClickFunnels’ own autoresponder called Follow-Up Funnels is a highly advanced feature creating, scheduling, and delivering e-mails via E-mail Messenger.

ClickFunnels provides a number of e-mail templates to choose from, which you can edit to your liking.

You can add filter rules, for example, add or remove tags or add or remove contacts from your list.

ClickFunnels Autoresponder: Follow-up Funnels

Follow-Up Funnels is an in-house autoresponder tool by ClickFunnels that was previously known as Actionetics.

The features of the Follow-Up Funnels are:

  • You can gather key information about your customers and create Smart Lists depending on the actions taken in your funnel. 
  • You can customize your messages based on the information from your Smart Lists.
  • You can schedule each step of your messages to trigger at a specific time.
  • You can send broadcast-messages out to your e-mail list or Smart Lists. This allows you to set a one-off action.
  • You can clone or share Follow-Up Funnels.
  • You can add a third-party app to your Follow-Up Funnel.
  • Reports then show who opened your e-mails, who clicked on your landing page, who made a purchase, and how much money you made from each e-mail.

This tool is only available with ClickFunnels Platinum plan. ClickFunnels used to have a similar system called Actionetics, but replaced it with Follow-Up Funnels.

Pros of Follow-Up Funnel

1. Ease of Integration

As this autoresponder is already built into the system, the integration process is seamless. It’s a big advantage to have your autoresponder and funnel builder within the same system.

You can assimilate and track your visitors more easily. It’s a solid system and very easy to set up and use.

2. Price

Follow-Up Funnels is a feature included in the price of the ClickFunnels Platinum plan. Third-party autoresponder integrations may work out pricey, so you could save money by opting for the Platinum plan.

Of course, some autoresponders start at just $20 per month, but they lack many features. 

Using Follow-Up Funnels, of course, you will have automatic access to a funnel-building platform, an affiliate center, and in-funnel automation.

Cons of Follow-Up Funnel

1. Not Available with Basic Plan

The Follow-Up Funnels feature is only available with a ClickFunnels Platinum plan.

There is no other way to get this feature without signing up to this plan.

2. Price 

If you need a simple solution, the price of getting a Platinum account with Follow-Up Funnels might be overwhelming.

If you don’t need an advanced autoresponder, investing in a simpler third-party option could be a better solution for you.

How To Create a Follow-Up Funnel?

Creating an e-mail sequence with Follow-Up Funnels is very easy. You can quickly build a Follow-Up funnel to reconnect with your customers.

Here are the steps to creating a Follow-Up Funnel:

  • Click the “Follow-Up Funnels” dropdown menu.
  • Click on “New Follow-Up Funnel.”
  • Name your Follow-Up Funnel.
  • Add a Group Tag (or select an already existing group tag from the dropdown menu).
  • Select an e-mail list(s) to associate with this Follow-Up Funnel.
  • Select “Send To All Existing Contacts On List.” (optional)
  • Click “Create Follow-Up Funnel.”
  • You can add new steps along the way with follow-up actions. 
Follow Up Funnel Gif

SMTP & ClickFunnels Autoresponder

SMTP quality is crucial for those of you who want to provide a seamless experience for your customers.

While ClickFunnels offers its own “ClickFunnels Transactional E-mail” SMTP, it is also possible to use third-party providers.

Of course, one of the advantages to using ClickFunnels SMTP is that the team provides support for those who use it. It also provides lots of advice on improving your SMTP reputation.

Your SMTP reputation is important as the server verifies that the outgoing e-mail is from an active account. More importantly, SMTP reputation can have a big impact on the deliverability of your messages, which is key in any campaign.

Users on the startup ClickFunnels plan can have one SMTP provider linked to their account. 

ClickFunnels Autoresponder: Is It Available?

ClickFunnels Third-Party Autoresponders

If you want to add a third-party autoresponder such as Mailchimp or Ontraport, you can easily integrate it with your ClickFunnels account.

This option is great for those of you who don’t feel the need to invest in the Platinum plan but still need to follow up with your customers.

You can connect the system of your choice to ClickFunnels so you can send contacts from ClickFunnels to your autoresponder.

Every e-mail service provider has its own unique set of features.

If you don’t already have one, choosing one also depends on your list size and the number of e-mails you wish to send, and how often.

How to Add a Third-Party Autoresponder to Your ClickFunnels Account?

You will need to add an autoresponder so every visitor who opts into your funnel is sent to your autoresponder.

Below are the steps to adding a third-party autoresponder:

  1. In the page editor, navigate to “Settings” and click “Integrations.”
  2. Next to “Integrations,” select the autoresponder integration. 
  3. Next to “Action,” select “Add to List.”
  4. Select the List to add contacts. 
  5. Make sure to save your page.

Available Third-Party Autoresponder Integrations for ClickFunnels

You need a simple but guaranteed method of getting your scheduled e-mails delivered and read, and ClickFunnels provides that for you. 

There are many e-mail marketing services out there, and ClickFunnels has a great choice of thirteen available integrations. 

If you’re not sure which one is more suitable for your business, in this section, we detail the basic capabilities of each of them.


AWeber is a popular solid platform that’s been around for a long time. It has all the basics that a small business needs. It’s one of the easiest autoresponders to use with drag and drop sections. You can take content from your blog, turn it into an e-mail newsletter and share it with your subscribers.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the earliest autoresponders and is a great solution for smaller businesses to engage with their clients. With a clean interface and dashboard, it’s easy to navigate. Users can drag and drop into predefined content blocks with many customizable options. It’s also easy to create and manage mailing lists and large numbers of contacts.


ConvertKit is a fairly new e-mail marketing service that has become very popular. It’s especially popular with bloggers or companies using a lot of content. It provides an automated visual editor – a simple way of creating new e-mail templates. You can store images in its picture library so you can use them again. Users can get sequences and segmentation up and running quickly as it’s easy to use.


Drip is a specialist eCommerce CRM so it’s designed specifically for eCommerce campaigns, and can accommodate large companies. Its e-mail builder makes it simple to create designs quickly although it doesn’t have as many e-mail templates as other autoresponders. Its automations are easy to set up. It’s also easy to personalize e-mails adding dynamic content based on your customers’ attributes. 


An all-in-one marketing platform, GetResponse has additional built-in features, including eCommerce and webinars. It has an extensive autoresponder functionality – there’s a huge range of triggers for the user. You can create automation events based on your visitors behavior and use filters for more precise tagging.


HubSpot is suitable for large and small businesses. It contains many professionally designed e-mail templates. Users can set up automated workflows. And can automate actions and triggers to send e-mail campaigns with either simple follow-up sequences or more complex paths. An intuitive interface makes it easy to get it set up and running.


Designed primarily for small businesses, Keap has robust e-mail marketing tools combining marketing automation with its CRM. Users can track customer interactions and run campaigns with personalized triggers based on the e-mails opened and more. It can also segment lists based on your visitor’s position in your sales funnel. 

Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi has a basic autoresponder functionality where you can schedule e-mails and drip e-mail campaigns by date. The drag and drop style editor will help you edit your theme. And users get a clean and simple interface to work with. This system is great for beginners to e-mail marketing as it hasn’t an overwhelming amount of features.


One of the largest and well-known e-mail providers, Mailchimp offers a very straightforward system making it easy for anyone new to e-mail marketing. It provides user-friendly tools and has a large range of e-mail templates. Its drag and drop builder is intuitive, and it provides smart e-mail automations.

Market Hero

Built especially for business owners, Market Hero has advanced key performance metrics, including tracking ROI. This means you can receive all the data you need without any technical knowledge. Although it only offers a few e-mail templates, they may be enough for your campaigns. You can customize the colors, fonts, and floating bars in the drag and drop editor.


Ontraport is a powerful system with many advanced features. It offers plenty of well-designed e-mail templates which are extensively customizable. Ontraport provides users with a campaign builder, and users can create visual automation workflows. The platform even provides workflow templates which are also customizable, helping you to decide on the actions you want your contacts to take. 


Designed for eCommerce stores and digital marketers, Sendlane has advanced e-mail marketing features which include behavior-based and data-driven.

Users can create workflow automations which help to modify the steps you’ll take when setting up sequences. It has an intuitive modern design, and consistently updates its features. You can enable or disable the specific timing of e-mails individually and receive simplistic real-time event tracking reports.

ClickFunnels Autoresponder: Is It Available?


As you can see, Follow-Up Funnels is still available through ClickFunnels’ Platinum plan, and there’s a wealth of other email marketing integrations you can also use with ClickFunnels.

Different types of businesses need different features in their autoresponders. For example, ConvertKit is ideal for creators of all sizes because its founder (a blogger and creator) created ConvertKit to reach his audience. On the other hand, HubSpot or Drip can be ideal for larger or more traditional product-based businesses and e-commerce stores.

Some systems have more advanced features than others so learning can take more time. If you’re not sure which one to choose, Follow-Up Funnels might be the best fit for you.

Price matters, but you tend to get what you pay for. If you can afford the ClickFunnels Platinum plan, you’ll get a top-quality autoresponder.

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