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Backpack is an innovative ClickFunnels tool to put affiliate marketers to work for you.

Use the platform to set up an affiliate program and scale your business without paying anything extra until the sales roll in.

ClickFunnels Backpack works on the principle of word-of-mouth. Affiliates promote your products and services on their platforms and direct traffic to your site.

The referrer earns a commission if a sale arises from this traffic. 

Use Backpack’s tools to track affiliate performance, calculate commissions and pay your network affiliates their earnings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Backpack lets you create and implement an affiliate program on ClickFunnels.
  • You can access Backpack benefits on the Platinum Plan or One Funnel Away Challenge Platinum.
  • Backpack increases revenue by increasing traffic and widening exposure to your product/service.
  • Affiliates earn commission on sales referrals.
  • Affiliates keep earning from their customers because of sticky cookies.
  • The Backpack dashboard gives an overview of affiliate performance.
  • You can manage commission rates, payments, commission plans, and contests from the dashboard.
Clickfunnels Backpack

What Is a ClickFunnels Backpack?

Backpack is an exclusive ClickFunnels feature available only on the ClickFunnels Platinum subscription plan

This tool lets you manage all aspects of your affiliate program. Functions include setting up a tiered affiliate system, tweaking commission levels criteria/incentives, and integrating your business sales funnel. 

Track and report affiliate performance statistics with an eye on sales. Then, allow the system to calculate commissions and pay your agents accordingly.

An affiliate program in your sales funnel can multiply your sales without increasing expenditure.  

The ClickFunnels video below illustrates how effortless it is to attach an affiliate program to any of your funnels:

How Does ClickFunnels Backpack Work?

Backpack successfully secures more traffic and retains affiliates because of ‘sticky cookies.’ 

The principle is simple: 

  1. A customer converts a sale prompted by affiliate promotion.
  2. The affiliate earns a commission.
  3. This customer has a permanent link to this affiliate’s link ID.
  4. Any future transactions generated by this customer will ‘stick’ to the affiliate, earning subsequent commissions.

How to Get a ClickFunnels Backpack?

The Backpack system is only available when you subscribe to a ClickFunnels Platinum plan.

The Platinum plan costs $297 per month, but ClickFunnels also offers it in a couple of promotions

The Platinum plan is offered at a discounted rate of $166.16 per month if you take advantage of the OFA Challenge Platinum or Funnel Hacking Secrets offers.

You would need to subscribe to the OFA Challenge Platinum or Funnel Hacking Secrets deals for six months at $997 each. As well as the Platinum plan, they both include many bonus training materials.

OFA Platinum ChallengePlatinum Plan
Cost$997 offer for 6 months ($166 monthly)$247 per month if paid annually (usual monthly price $297)
Follow-Up Funnels


Payment Integrations99
Affiliate Integrations
FunnelFlix Platinum
Funnel Hacking Secrets Masterclass

Instant Traffic Hacks

Inception Secrets

SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences

DotCom Secrets Live

Expert Secrets Live

Traffic Secrets Live

Method #1: Get Backpack by Subscribing to a $297/Month Platinum Plan

When you subscribe to a ClickFunnels Platinum plan, you will receive the Backpack affiliate program as a feature. The plan costs $297 per month and includes unlimited pages, funnels, and follow-up funnels. It also features hours of training and courses.

Here’s how you can sign up for a ClickFunnels Platinum plan:

  1. Visit this page.
  2. Select the Platinum plan.
  3. Enjoy the features of a ClickFunnels Platinum plan (Backpack included).

Method #2: Get Backpack by Subscribing to a $166/Month OFA Platinum 6-Month Challenge

Another method of getting the Backpack system is to subscribe to the One Funnel Away Challenge Platinum plan for six months. This program consists of 30 days’ coaching with the ClickFunnels team and a 6-month Platinum plan.

  1. Visit this page to sign up for the OFA Challenge Platinum, including a 6-month subscription to ClickFunnels Platinum together with a Backpack plan and other exclusive materials only available with this promotional offer.
  2. Fill in your information to register and pay.
  3. Enjoy the 6-month subscription and all of the exclusive materials from the OFA Challenge Platinum.

Why Do I Need a ClickFunnels Backpack?

Affiliate marketing is probably the easiest way to earn passive income online. Using affiliates can increase your product’s visibility – getting it in front of potential customers that may not have seen your brand.

You don’t need to pay until the sale completes, making this channel mutually beneficial. Your affiliates also get the opportunity to leverage their expertise to recommend your product.

The Backpack system makes it very easy to integrate with the funnels you create. You only need to add two pages to your funnel – one for affiliates to log into and one for your affiliate center.

How to Use ClickFunnels Backpack? Set-Up Checklist

It’s easy to connect your affiliate program to your funnels and track all the results. Within the Affiliate Area, you can quickly share information to increase sales and profits. You can also share reporting information and promotional material with your affiliates.

To enable the Backpack feature, you need to create your sales funnel.

Here are the steps to setting up your Backpack affiliate program:

  1. Add Affiliate Area & Access to Your Funnel.
  2. Create a Commission Plan.
  3. Enable Backpack for Your Funnel. 
  4. Create a New Affiliate Type and Add It to a Commission Plan.
  5. Create Commissionable Products.
  6. Customize Your Affiliate Area.
  7. Sign up New Affiliates.
  8. Review and Pay Affiliates.

The Leaderboard page is another useful tool within the Backpack system. Here you can view your top affiliates based on the product, the commission, number of opt-ins, and the quantity sold. This information helps with tracking when you’re running promotions or contests.

ClickFunnels Backpack Features

This section provides a walk-through of all the options and features offered with the user-friendly Backpack system. You’ll see how easy it is to set up and navigate your affiliate program without any technical knowledge.


As your first view, you get a quick glimpse of your stats, which are all automatically generated. You can see the percentages of active and referred affiliates with a handy snapshot of the day’s affiliate sales, commissions, and profit. You can also search here for any of your affiliates.

Backpack Dashboard


This section is where you view all the affiliates working for you inside your Backpack system. Your affiliates are automatically added to your funnel pages when they’re connected, and you can manually add and manage new affiliates here if you want to. You can also edit your affiliates’ information, for example, email addresses and telephone numbers.

Backpack Affiliates


You can view all your affiliates’ names and commissions on this page. You will see when commissions are due and the amounts owed. You can edit or delete commissions. And you can export data files from this page.


Here you can see all the payments that are due, recent payments made, and future commissions.

Backpack Payments

Commission Plans

You can manage all your commission plans here. You can view and edit them and add new commission plans. For each new plan, you can enter the amount of commission that you want to pay. You can create as many plans as you like, making it simple for you if you have many products to sell or just want to run different plan specials.

Backpack Comission Plans


This includes all additional information like tax form text or how long you want sticky cookies to last. You can update any of the information at any time.

Backpack Settings


With a little time and tweaking, you can set up a thriving affiliate program.

There’s no need for you to integrate with a 3rd party, and there’s no need to work out percentages – it’s all done for you.

Your affiliates are sure to trust your program because of the unique and effective sticky cookies tool. With the Backpack feature, affiliate marketing is a low-cost investment included in your payment plan.

Now that you have a better understanding of this system, you only need to attach your funnels, and your affiliates can spread the word for you.

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