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We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

Our experts carefully researched the ClickFunnels customer service options available to you.

We have spent extensive time exploring the various methods ClickFunnels has for solving users’ issues.

Key Takeaways:

  • ClickFunnels customer service is offered via live chat, email or telephone
  • You can also access the help center to learn more about the platform via ClickFunnels’ blog, support docs or the official Facebook group
  • Their email address is;
  • Their telephone number is +1 208-323-9451
  • Access the live chat by clicking the “Get Help” icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen (once you’re logged in)

ClickFunnels offers customer service that goes far beyond chat and email support. It also provides self-service support where you can find answers at any time. 

Our team tried and tested all the customer service options we’ve listed in this article, and so can give you an honest review.

ClickFunnels Blog

The ClickFunnels blog includes a variety of topics, which could be very helpful to you. You will likely find an answer to your query by simply typing in the keywords in the search bar.

Not only are there answers to technical questions, but there is also a wide assortment of helpful articles such as guides and blueprints written by reliable sources.

The blog’s Topics include Funnel Strategy, Traffic Tips, and Landing Pages. Each topic contains lots of articles along with helpful images. 

The blog also consists of Case Studies for Agency, Freelancer, and Local Small Business. You’ll find informative articles with videos.

How to Access ClickFunnels’ Blog?

To gain access to the ClickFunnels Blog customer service option, please follow the steps below:

  1. Visit this page
  2. Type in the keywords of your question in a search bar. Or you can browse the blog for relevant topics.
ClickFunnels Customer Service

ClickFunnels Support Chats

ClickFunnels has an outstanding support team, and the process of contacting it is easy. Whenever you’re inside your ClickFunnels account, you can reach out for technical support, and you’ll receive a response from a support team member. The team responds to queries fast and in a personalized manner.

ClickFunnels Support is available from Monday to Friday, 9.00 am – 5.00 pm (EST).

Please note that you should only submit one request for each issue. This technique will ensure a faster review of your request. It’s also essential to provide as much detail as possible about the issue. 

How to Access ClickFunnels Customer Service Chats?

  1. In your ClickFunnels account, select “Get Help” from the Help menu.
  2. Alternatively, click the “Get Help” icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  3. If you haven’t got a ClickFunnels account, scroll to the end of the ClickFunnels webpage. Under Help, click “Support Chat,” then the “Support” icon at bottom-right.
  4. Enter your question and click “Continue.”
  5. Review the recommended help articles.
  6. Click on “Yes, this answers my question” or “No, I still need help.”
  7. If your question remains unanswered, select “Talk to an expert.”

The ClickFunnels Customer Service staff can’t give strategic or marketing advice, only answers to your technical queries.

ClickFunnels Support Docs

ClickFunnels support Documentation section is very similar to the blog section. The sole purpose of this area is to answer customer support questions. 

This option is great for those of you who don’t want to contact customer support and are keen to find answers quickly and easily by yourselves.

There are various resources, including articles, videos, and FAQs, to answer each technical question. You’ll also find help with queries about courses and live events, such as Funnel Hacking Live

How to Access ClickFunnels Support Docs?

Below are the steps to connecting with the ClickFunnels support Documentation – an alternative customer service option:

  1. Visit this page.
  2. Type in the keywords of your question in a search bar. Or browse the help center for relevant topics.
ClickFunnnels Support Facebook Group

ClickFunnels Official Facebook Group

The ClickFunnels (Official) Facebook group provides great resources from the ClickFunnels team and the community. It’s a great place to share and learn tips and tricks for using the software. 

You can easily find answers to your questions within minutes, as there are a quarter of a million users in the group.

The odds are high that many of them had similar queries and received answers within the community, all of which you can view.

Mark Bangerter, the Head of Customer Support, conducts weekly Q&A sessions for group members here, too. You can sign up to join in and get any of your questions answered.

How to Access ClickFunnels Official Facebook Group?

The ClickFunnels (Official) Facebook group provides users with information about the software from experts and customers already using the system. 

To access this customer service option, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Visit this page to join the group.
  2. Answer the question given: “What do you hope to get out of this group?” Note that you have to answer to gain access to the group.
  3. Filling in your email information is optional. (By filling in your email details, you agree to receive marketing emails).
  4. Accept the terms and wait until your request to join receives approval.
ClickFunnels Customer Service & Help Center

ClickFunnels Customer Service FAQ

Is There a ClickFunnels Customer Service Email Address?

Yes, there is a ClickFunnels Customer Service email address. You can email the team at

Is There a ClickFunnels Customer Service Phone Number?

ClickFunnels does not advertise any direct line for this purpose, but you can try contacting the ClickFunnels headquarters in Idaho on +1 208-323-9451. Once you get through, ask to speak to a customer service agent.

What Is ClickFunnels Customer Service URL?

Below is the link to ClickFunnels’ Help section, where you can chat with or email a customer service agent. You can also view the support documents here too:

What Is ClickFunnels Customer Support Phone Number?

As above, ClickFunnels does not offer a direct customer service telephone number.

What Is ClickFunnels Customer Support Email Address?

ClickFunnels does not advertise a separate service and support department. You can reach out to with any customer service or support queries.

ClickFunnels Customer Service & Help Center


ClickFunnels delivers excellent customer service through several modes of access.

Customers may need support before, during, and after purchase. And ClickFunnels provides it through email, online chat, and documentation.

ClickFunnels support agents are courteous and informative, answering questions comprehensively. 

Within the chat feature, you’ll also find articles on how to upgrade a plan and set up your integrations within your account before you’ve even started your chat.

The support Documentation section revolutionizes the whole customer service experience. You can find answers without waiting around and grow your knowledge of the system immediately. And since the ClickFunnels team is continually building upon it, you’ll get all the latest information.

The blog is also full of impressive articles, the latest of which deals with effectively promoting your product on social media.

On top of all of the other options, you can rely on the collective wisdom of like-minded people in the Facebook group for outside-the-box answers to rare issues.

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