ClickFunnels Share Funnels: 13 Best Templates

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Though ClickFunnels is known for stellar lead conversion through its sales funnels, but it also has a special feature that lets you share your funnels.

ClickFunnels Share Funnels allows you to import an entire funnel into your account from another ClickFunnel user’s account.

In this article, we will highlight the 13 best share funnels to inspire our readers.

ClickFunnels Share Funnels

What Are Share Funnels?

Funnel creators on ClickFunnels can make their funnels shareable with everyone across the platform. This can help users save time and effort in creating funnels of their own.

The other benefit is that users can capitalize on the templates created by other funnel-building professionals. Rather than creating the wheel from scratch, you can benefit from the experience and effort of others.

Can I Share Funnels of My Own Too?

Yes, you can. Anyone can share funnels and access the funnels of other creators. Below are the steps on how to share your funnels.

How to share a funnel

  1. Select the funnel.
  2. Choose Settings, and click on it.
  3. Choose Share Funnel and click on it.
  4. Copy and Share the Funnel URL.
  5. Go to Settings and click on it.
  6. Choose Clone Funnel and click on it.
  7. You will see the funnel on your funnel dashboard as a copy.

13 Best ClickFunnels Share Funnels Examples

Each of these shared funnels an infinitely customizable template that you can adjust in the ways that best suit your business.

We have analyzed each share funnel as you will find it, but you should remember that each one can serve as a starting point.

1. Product Launch Funnel

  • Funnel Purpose: Launching a new product
  • Number Of Steps: 5
  • Access here

The product launch funnel consists of five videos.

The first video is a squeeze page, which is designed to generate leads. Then there are four video pages that help the funnel owner to introduce the product, explain how it works, and give other necessary details.

The last video helps to conclude the product launch.

2. Perfect Webinar Funnel

  • Funnel Purpose: To promote a webinar
  • Number Of Steps: 5
  • Access here

The webinar funnel has five video pages. The first is a professionally designed registration page. Then follows the confirmation page and three other video pages.

Use simple drag-and-drop functions to add your webinar name, and other information, images, and pop-ups.

3. Invisible Funnel (Share Funnel)

This funnel shows in five video pages how to build an invisible funnel. The first page is for registration, the second page lets you make a special offer. The third page is a members login page and the fourth is a membership page. The last page gives the secret away.

Share Funnel 3

4. Real Estate Agent Sell Homes Fast

  • Funnel Purpose: To sell a course on how to sell homes.
  • Number Of Steps: 2
  • Access here

This is a short sales funnel with two pre-designed templates to make life easy for you. The first page is a pre-designed opt-in page that you can customize for your needs. The second page is a thank you page with a link to your offering.

Share Funnel 4

5. Event Application Optin Funnel

  • Funnel Purpose: To get people to attend an event.
  • Number Of Steps: 3
  • Access here

In this sales funnel, there are three pages. The first is a sales page that invites your readers to a life-changing event.

You can customize this and pages to your heart’s content. The second page is a squeeze that generates leads, and the last page you use to thank those that applied.

ClickFunnels Share Funnels: 13 Best Templates

6. Contact Us Share Page

  • Funnel Purpose: To get people to contact your business.
  • Number Of Steps: 2
  • Access here

This is a marketing funnel in just two steps.

Step one: Use the pre-populated template to provide prospective clients or customers with all the information they need to contact you.

Step two: Use the second page to thank the person that contacted you and offer a bonus.

Share Funnel 6

7. Real Estate Seller/Buyer Quiz

  • Funnel Purpose: To generate leads from home sellers and home buyers.
  • Number Of Steps: 9
  • Access here

This marketing funnel has nine steps. The first funnel page asks if the person is a buyer or seller.

Then the subsequent pages ask what the sellers’ homes are like and what the buyer’s dream home is like.

The last two pages offer buyers and sellers a guide to buying or selling a home in their area.

ClickFunnels Share Funnels: 13 Best Templates

8. Digital StrADegy

  • Funnel Purpose: To sell a website-creating agency.
  • Number Of Steps: 6
  • Access here

This marketing funnel has six steps. The first page introduces the agency.

The next is about web design, the third page tells your reader everything that’s needed for a website to convert.

The fourth page is about website privacy policy, the fifth is about website refund policy, and the sixth is about website terms of use.

ClickFunnels Share Funnels: 13 Best Templates

9. Physical Product Sales Funnel

  • Funnel Purpose: To sell a physical product.
  • Number Of Steps: 6
  • Access here

The first page is a professionally designed sales page complete with special offers.

The second page is an order form that features positive customer feedback.

The third page makes a one-time offer, and the fourth page is an order confirmation form.

Share Funnel 9

10. Tripwire (ShareFunnel)

  • Funnel Purpose: To entice customers to make a small purchase.
  • Number Of Steps: 3
  • Access here

This funnel helps you to get a small sale before you aim for a bigger sale. The first page is an opt-in page for something small or free.

The next page is your one-time offer upsell. The last page is an order confirmation page.

Share Funnel 10

11. NEA – Home Page

  • Funnel Purpose: To sell online courses.
  • Number Of Steps: as many as you need
  • Access here

This is a sales funnel with everything you need to sell courses online, including thank you pages, preview pages, landing pages, home pages, membership pages, content pages, book pages, videos, product pages, and a disclaimer page.

Share Funnel 11

12. Live Webinar – 1

  • Funnel Purpose: To promote a webinar.
  • Number Of Steps: 4
  • Access here

With this funnel, you can promote your webinars effectively. Begin with your webinar registration page and make it as attractive as you can.

Your next page is your confirmation of registration page. The third page is an indoctrination page, and the fourth one takes your visitors to the webinar replay.

Share Funnel 12

13. Survey Funnel 6

  • Funnel Purpose: To segment leads.
  • Number Of Steps: 10
  • Access here

The first step is to send out a survey. According to the three different results, you segment your audience and target each segment with its own results, opt-in forms, offer forms, and order confirmation pages.

Bottom Line

One of the biggest advantages of ClickFunnels is the Share Funnel feature, which puts vast numbers of pre-made funnels at your disposal.

Whatever your purpose, you can find a pre-designed funnel that will save you time and help you succeed.  You can simply copy an entire funnel into your account from another user’s account. 

The ClickFunnels drag-and-drop web page editor lets you quickly customize the templates so you can have funnels ready in no time.

What’s more, all these funnels were built to convert. All of the sales funnels include smart shopping carts that allow one-click up-sells. 

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