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ClickFunnels has a history of providing great deals and offers to prospective customers.

The platform is continuously updating its payment plans and other offers, so our investigative team thoroughly researched its very latest offerings for you.

The ClickFunnels team shares its wealth of experience in funnel building with its users through intensive training. You’ll learn everything you need to know about funnels, from designing and constructing them to the best advice on selling within them.

Our article provides you with every detail of those offers along with the many bonuses and how to apply for them so that you can take part in the OFA (One Funnel Away) Challenge.

Clickfunnels Special Offer

Are There Any Online Special Offers for ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels has several special offers up its sleeve. 

The Funnel Builder Secrets and OFA Platinum deals contain the 30-Day Challenge live coaching and materials so that everyone can benefit from this exclusive training.

ClickFunnels Special Offer: Funnel Builder Secrets Program

ClickFunnels is currently offering a Funnel Builder Secrets program.

  • This premium package includes six months of the ClickFunnels Platinum plan valued at $297 per month, containing all ClickFunnels features.

  • This exclusive deal also consists of the 30-Day Challenge coaching and materials, daily virtual hackathons (live coaching), Secrets Mastery program (a slide webinar presentation), traffic secrets, and ad skills.

Applicants start on the 30-Day Challenge and then get involved with the live Hackathons, where you’ll practice building and designing funnels.

After that, you’ll learn all about the marketing side of funnels, so you can successfully sell within your funnels.

Special Note:

How To Get a ClickFunnels Special Funnel Builder Secrets Offer?

The ClickFunnels Funnel Builder Secrets offer is an exceptional deal.

It includes six months of the Platinum account, the 30-Day Challenge, and many more exclusive bonuses.

To apply, you need first to attend the free web class as an introduction to the package.

There you’ll also learn all about hacking and cloning funnels and how to generate traffic. At the end of the class, you can register for the Funnel Builder Secrets plan. 

To get a ClickFunnels Funnel Builder Secret offer, follow the steps below:

  1. Take advantage of this fantastic deal here.
  2. Select a 6-month or a 12-month option.
  3. Enter the information required to create an account.

ClickFunnels Special Offer: OFA Challenge

The ClickFunnels OFA Challenge guides users through the steps of building high-converting sales funnels. Here we’ll give you all the details of the two OFA Challenges ClickFunnels is currently offering.

  • The standard 30-Day Challenge costs $100 and includes video coaching and daily live group calls.

  • Registrants also receive the 30-Day Challenge kit, which includes a workbook, the 30-Day Challenge book, and an MP3 player containing pre-loaded funnel training. 

  • The standard program includes unlimited “30-Day Challenge” and “Two Comma Club” interviews.

The six-month OFA Platinum Challenge at $997 also consists of the ClickFunnels Platinum plan, the kit, and live expert advice, making it a very worthwhile offer.

How To Get a ClickFunnels Special 30-Day OFA Challenge Offer?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a unique 30-day offer training all registrants in funnel development. The ClickFunnels team guides you through the steps to create effective sales funnels.

Here’s how you can get involved in the 30-Day OFA Challenge:

  1. Visit this page to learn more about the 30-Day OFA Challenge.
  2. Sign up to get exclusive Clickfunnels 30-Day OFA Challenge materials by clicking on a ‘Join the Challenge’ button. Select either the digital or physical version.
  3. Click on the Next Step button.
  4. Enter all your information to commit to this challenge.

How To Get a ClickFunnels Special 6-Month OFA Platinum Challenge Offer?

The ClickFunnels OFA Platinum Challenge is a great value package that includes six months of the Platinum plan and instruction and guidance in building profitable funnels.

To start your OFA Platinum Challenge, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Visit this page to sign up for an OFA Platinum Challenge, including all 30-Day OFA Challenge materials and a 6-month subscription to the ClickFunnels Platinum plan.
  2. Fill in your information to register and pay.
  3. Enjoy the 6-month subscription and all of the exclusive 30-Day Challenge materials.


If building a sales funnel seems a little daunting to you, then 30 days of accelerated training should help.

The ClickFunnels team is committed to teaching customers and says you only need to put aside one hour a day to complete the 30-Day Challenge.

The training is fast-paced and should keep you motivated. The hours of recordings and reading materials may sound overwhelming, but they will help you master the intricacies of funnel building.

The funnels you create during the 30-Day Challenge Program are yours to keep, and you can still access them after the challenge has ended.

You get a lot for your $100, and ClickFunnels says its motive for the low price is for registrants to keep using its software, which is fair enough. 

If your business is struggling or scaling, you may well benefit from joining one of the ClickFunnels programs – they have worked for many others.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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