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ClickFunnels provides a great variety of support options that cater to most needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chatbot support is available 24/7
  • Email support is available, but slow to respond
  • Telephone number isn’t officially available
  • ClickFunnels Academy is available to anyone, even users without an active subscription

Live Chat & Chat Bot

Live Chat & Chat Bot

All ClickFunnels subscriptions come with access to 24/7 Chatbot support. If you have any questions, need documentation, or would like to know where to find something within your ClickFunnels account, then you’ll likely find the answer you need with the Chatbot.


To access the Chatbot, select Help from the bottom of your dashboard, and a window will appear in the middle of your screen. 

Click Have a question? We’re here to help! (highlighted in red) to see the Chat Center appear on the right side of your screen. Entering a question will cause the Chatbot to display a series of tutorials and documentation that may be of use to you. 

If you’re not satisfied with the answers and information you get from the Chatbot, you can ask a Live Chat agent for support between 9 am – 5 pm EST.

Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub

All subscribers get access to the Knowledge Hub, from which they can access the ClickFunnels Academy, Product Documentation, and Live Training Programs. Users can browse for help by category and view the help articles that they’ve recently accessed.

ClickFunnels Academy

To access the Knowledge Hub, click on Help from the ClickFunnels dashboard and click Check out ClickFunnels 2.0 Help Docs and Training (emphasized here in red).

Email Support

Email support is available to all ClickFunnels users and non-users alike. However, it isn’t made immediately obvious to users anywhere on the platform. We did a little digging and found that users can send their requests for support to

We sent a few emails through and received almost instantaneous auto-responses stating that they’d received the request and would reply as quickly as possible. 

Telephone Support

Being able to speak directly with an expert is always a nice support option to have, but unfortunately, at the time of writing, ClickFunnels doesn’t provide a direct support telephone number. 

We were, however, able to locate the US landline number that you may contact for other business-related purposes: (208) 323-9451

Live Training Programs

Live Training Programs

Guidance and help from ClickFunnels platform experts are available to anyone interested in a more human-oriented support experience through the use of live training programs and webinars. A ClickFunnels account isn’t required. 

There are currently five training programs and webinars available, and interested users are able to reserve their place for the relevant program from within the Live Training Programs area of the Knowledge Hub

ClickFunnels Academy

ClickFunnels Academy

The ClickFunnels Academy is a fantastic resource for any new or potential ClickFunnels user. ClickFunnels 1.0 and 2.0 platforms both have defined academy areas.

ClickFunnels account

Accessed through the Knowledge Hub, users simply need to sign up with their name and email address or log in to their existing ClickFunnels account to receive training and support with the ClickFunnels platform they’d like to learn more about.

Community Support

Community Support

ClickFunnels has hundreds of thousands of users who are eager to share their extensive knowledge, support, and experiences through the ClickFunnels Facebook community

Joining the Facebook community page will give you access to over 250,000 like-minded entrepreneurs with a wealth of knowledge and experience at the touch of a keyboard and phone. You’ll discover information about upcoming events, videos that explain how to get the most out of ClickFunnels features and tools, as well as a vibrant community chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. There is currently no direct telephone support line. You can get help using the Chatbot, training programs, and documentation available in the ClickFunnels Knowledge Hub.

You can get in touch with ClickFunnels support via the Help menu option within your ClickFunnels account dashboard. You will see options to access the ClickFunnels Chatbot and Knowledge Center.

Yes. Live Chat support is available to use from 9 am – 5 pm EST and can be accessed by clicking Help from the Dashboard menu of your ClickFunnels account.

Final Thoughts

Our testing of the support options did reveal some limitations and annoyances that may not be ideal for all users. The live chat restricted to EST means that residents of other regions will find it difficult to directly speak to someone. During our testing, email support was also slow, meaning if you’re looking for a speedy solution to a difficult-to-resolve issue, you may have to wait a significant amount of time.

On the other hand, the ClickFunnels Academy and Live Training Programs were highlights. The information, step-by-step instructions, and documentation available is quite extensive and should be enough to solve most issues, especially for new user setup.

All-in-all, ClickFunnels provides a great variety of support methods, so subscribers should be able to find an option that suits them and get their issues resolved easily. 

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