ClickFunnels vs Builderall: Funnel Builder Comparison

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ClickFunnels vs Builderall: Funnel Builder Comparison
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If you’re looking for the best online marketing platform and comparing ClickFunnels to Builderall, here’s some detailed info to simplify your decision.

Both offer powerful online marketing and funnel-building tools, but there are differences.

Builderall has many tools that enable users to build business websites, create product pages, market products, and organize sales.

ClickFunnels offers a single tool for building websites and high-converting sales funnels that can improve the profits of any type of business. 

We are going to compare the two platforms highlighting the pricing and features of both.

ClickFunnels vs Builderall


ClickFunnels is a robust single online tool for building websites and sales funnels.

Aimed at entrepreneurs, it enables users to automatically generate leads and maximize direct online sales of any type of product or service.

You can also grow your e-mail list and create a strong brand. ClickFunnels advertises three main payment plans: the basic ClickFunnels for $97 per month, Platinum for $297 per month, and $2,697 for the Two Comma Club.


Builderall offers multiple online tools for building websites and graphic sales funnels.

Aimed at entrepreneurs, it enables users to automate marketing, engagement, and sales, collect and manage unlimited leads, and integrate e-mails. You can also sell content, courses, and training.

Builderall advertises three payment plans: the basic Builder for  $29.90 per month, Premium for $69.90 per month, and $199.90 for the first month of Funnel Club, then $99.90 per month.


ClickFunnels vs. Builderall at a Glance

ClickFunnels Builderall
Free Trial Yes, 14 days. No, but $1 buys a one-month Premium Plan trial for new users.
Pricing Range Basic Plan – $97 per month
Platinum Plan – $297 per month
Two Comma Club X – $2,497 per month
OFA Challenge – $997 for six months
Funnel Hacking Secrets – $997 for six months
Builder – $29.90 per month
Premium – $69.90 per month
Funnel Club – $199 x 1, then $99.90 per month
Entrepreneurs running any size online business who want an outstanding website
Best For Entrepreneurs who want to build high-converting sales funnels Entrepreneurs running any size online business who want an outstanding website
Page Builder Features Drag-and-drop page builder
Choice of existing templates
Custom page templates you can create and reuse
Free ClickFunnels Cookbook with page recipes/training
Drag-and-drop automation
Advanced ROI tracking
A world-class e-mail marketing system
Integrations to established platforms
Automated follow up of leads
Comprehensive training
Funnel Builder Features Wide choice of funnel types and templates
Super-quick process completed in minutes
Easy customization
Free ClickFunnels Cookbook with funnel recipes and funnel page builder recipes
A choice of funnel types and templates
Complete graphic funnel builder
Niche funnels for Funnel Club plan
Funnel simulator with data comparison
Most Notable Features Drag-and-drop visual & funnel editors
Pre-built templates & funnels, some free
e-mail marketing with useful features
High-converting sales funnels
Payment gateways with shopping cart
Range of third-party integrations
Selection of drag-and-drop builders
Free templates for pages & funnels
e-mail marketing with useful features
Sales funnels
Choice of payment gateways
Tools and services unique to Builderall

Both platforms offer trials. ClickFunnels is free for 14 days, while Builderall costs $1 for 30 days.

They also both have three plans to choose from, with Builderall offering substantially lower prices. 

Both platforms aim at entrepreneurs.

ClickFunnels will appeal to those wanting to build high-converting sales funnels. The Builderall focus is more on the website itself.

Page builder features that ClickFunnels and Builderall share include:

  • drag-and-drop tools 
  • a choice of templates 

You can also make templates using ClickFunnels tools, and ClickFunnels offers training via its Cookbook.

Builderall relies on its wide choice of tools for enabling users to create highly professional websites and pages. In addition, Builderall automatically optimizes pages for mobile phones. 

Funnel builder features they share include:

  • a choice of types and templates 
  • effective tools

ClickFunnels has a wide choice of funnels that are easy to customize.

The Cookbook provides support and training. Builderall has a complete graphic funnel builder. 

ClickFunnels vs Builderall: Funnel Builder Comparison

ClickFunnels vs. Builderall: Pricing Comparison

ClickFunnels plans are considerably more expensive than Builderall’s. But there are various elements to consider on both sides. 

ClickFunnels offers a free 14-day trial for users who sign up for a mid-range Platinum Plan.  Builderall offers a $1 one-month trial for new users opting for the middle-priced Premium Plan. 

The ClickFunnels signup requires a credit card, while the Builderall signup doesn’t. 

ClickFunnels advertises three plans but offers special plans or “secrets” promotions that are not on its standard price list.   

Ultimately, while ClickFunnels and Builderall offer quite a lot in common, you cannot compare the offerings plan-for-plan.

Instead, you need to weigh up your priorities when choosing the best website and funnel-building provider. Here are some comparisons. 

ClickFunnels Pricing:

  • ClickFunnels ($97 per month or $80 per month if paid annually). Includes funnel sharing, chat support, and limited courses and training. Allows one sub-user, 20 funnels, 100 pages. Does not support follow-up funnels or weekly peer review hackathons.
  • ClickFunnels Platinum ($297 per month or $247 per month if paid annually). Includes unlimited follow-up funnels, nine domains, and live chat/e-mail support. Allows three sub-users, unlimited funnels, unlimited pages. 
  • TwoCommaClubX ($2,497 per month plus special plans). Includes unlimited digital training materials, priority support, and access to funnel secrets. Allows ten sub-users, unlimited funnels, unlimited pages.

Builderall Pricing:

  • Builder ($29.00 per month or $24.17 per month if paid annually). Includes website builder, automated e-mail marketing platform, and live chat support. Allows one user + VA, 0 funnels, unlimited pages (10GB disk space). Does not support funnel builder, private chat builder, or built-in webinar CTA.
  • Premium ($69.90 per month or $58.25 per month if paid annually). Includes funnel builder, private chat builder, and built-in webinar CTA. Allows one user + VA, funnels & pages limited to 10GB disk space. Does not support niche funnels, strategic funnels for quick editing, or new weekly themes.
  • Funnel Club ($99 per month or $82.50 per month if paid annually). Includes niche funnels, strategic funnels for quick editing, or new weekly themes. Allows one user + VA, funnels & page limited to 10GB disk space.

Both platforms offer trials that enable you to test the system before you commit to it.

Of course, the pricing is very different, but these trials are the most cost-effective options available.  

ClickFunnels vs Builderall: Funnel Builder Comparison

ClickFunnels vs. Builderall: A Comparison of Features and Tools

Before you decide whether to opt for ClickFunnels or Builderall – or perhaps try them both – consider the main features of each platform. 

We’ve already compared some of these, including those for building pages and funnels. Now we’re going to compare a range of extra features.

The information we have gathered will help you assess which platform offers the best features and tools for your entrepreneurial business. 

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Funnel Builder

Both platforms offer a selection of funnels that you can build using drag-and-drop tools. However, ClickFunnels is a more established funnel platform, and it has a wider range of funnel types, including templates. It also offers excellent training.

The main difference between the funnels offered by these two platforms lies in performance. ClickFunnels has designed funnels that give users the ability to create high-converting sales funnels that make money. 

While Builderall sales funnels are quick and easy to build, they don’t have the same consistent results for conversions.  

Which Platform Offers the Better Solution for Building Pages?

  • ClickFunnels’ high-converting sales funnels are far superior and ideal for all online businesses.  
Sales Funnels

Page Builder

Both ClickFunnels and Builderall offer drag-and-drop options for building website pages. While the elements aren’t identical, the functionality broadly is. 

ClickFunnels has an extensive range of single-page templates to suit any business type. But the focus is on guiding potential customers through a process that will make them commit and ultimately buy. 

Builderall also offers templates with features that enable users to build pages.

Notably, they use responsive technology, providing the big benefit that your website will be mobile optimized without you needing to do anything. 

Which Platform Offers Better Solution for Building Pages?

  • Both platforms have excellent solutions for building pages. However, Buiderall has the edge because of its mobile-friendliness, associated responsive technology.
builderall landing

Sales & Marketing Features

Both ClickFunnels and Builderall have lots of features. ClickFunnels offers one tool that takes care of everything you need, including solutions for selling and marketing products and services online.

Builderall differs in that it offers a range of many different tools, including those that focus on sales and marketing. 

ClickFunnels offers many standout features and allows users to customize sales funnels for marketing purposes. 

Builderall has a strong focus on e-mail marketing, and you can also generate membership sites and build blogs.  

Which Platform Offers Better Sales & Marketing Solutions?

  • ClickFunnels clearly outperforms when it comes to collecting leads. But the cost-effective, quality marketing software Builderall offers makes it a compelling choice for many.  
ClickFunnels Features

E-commerce Features

E-commerce is what both these platforms are all about. 

Builderall enables you to sell physical, digital, and affiliate products. If you want to establish a virtual store, it’s quick and easy to build. The Builderall SuperCheckout feature allows you to receive direct payments from customers. 

ClickFunnels specializes in helping users promote and sell products through a wide range of sales funnels. Its shopping cart feature sets the ClickFunnels platform apart from other payment options. These come with a choice of third-party integrations that maximize the potential of sales funnels. 

Which Platform Offers Better E-commerce Features?

  • The ClickFunnels platform is better because its design converts visitors into customers more consistently and effectively. 
Ecommerce Template ClickFunnels

Analytics & CRM Features

Both platforms have relatively robust analytics and customer relationship management (CRM). In addition, they both enable split testing that lets you build two versions of your site or landing page and measure its performance. 

Builderall analytics lets you test which pages appeal and convert the best. Builderall also has an integrated CRM tool that tracks leads so that you know when customers make purchases. 

ClickFunnels analytics is great for testing the performance of sales funnels. It allows you to track user behavior, page views, and conversion rates. Your test results show up on your landing page, which is an advantage. 

Which Platform Offers Better Analytics & CRM?

  • The ClickFunnels platform wins hands down because its features are much more advanced. 

Customer Support & Training

Both platforms offer good support channels. For example, both have their own Facebook page, YouTube channel, and support ticket system. 

ClickFunnels also has community forums where you can chat with other users and ask questions. It also offers a vast training resource with extensive support PDFs and videos and the unique ClickFunnels Cookbook.

Builderall doesn’t offer this level of training, which results in many users struggling to build funnels.

Which Platform Offers Better Customer Support & Training?

  • The ClickFunnels platform wins the customer support and training feature because of the superior training it offers. 

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Final Thoughts

  • Choose ClickFunnels if: You want to focus on sales funnels that will immediately increase your income.
  • Choose Builderall if: You want to craft a superior, good-looking website, with funnels, on a budget. 

ClickFunnels, launched in 2014, is the more established platform, and it has grown exponentially since then. Its pre-built templates are superior, and it has many more advanced features. It also shares many case studies of users who reach 6-figure income and more every month, which serves as serious inspiration. 

Builderall, founded in 2017, is cheaper and on the up-and-up. It is continually adding and improving features to the platform based on user needs and common criticism. For instance, you originally couldn’t create responsive, instantly mobile-friendly websites, and it didn’t offer split testing. 

Ultimately, ClickFunnels still takes the prize for its well-known ability to build high-converting sales funnels. Unless you are on a tight budget, it’s the clear winner – for now. 

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