ClickFunnels vs Deadline Funnel

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

When comparing ClickFunnels and Deadline Funnel as all-in-one digital marketing and e-commerce platforms, it’s clear that both have much to offer.

ClickFunnels provides the ultimate personalized marketing tools to convert page visitors into paying customers. In contrast, Deadline Funnel uses a specific sales method of creating deadlines to convert leads.  

To compare both platforms, our experts put them to the test. Let’s see how they stack up. 

ClickFunnels vs DeadlineFunnel


Since ClickFunnels started in 2014, it has improved and progressed drastically. The platform provides users with three different plan options ranging from $97 – $2,497 per month.

It allows users to create customized sales funnels to convert page visitors into leads and then into paying customers. 

Features include web page building tools and a variety of funnels like Follow-Up funnels, Sales Funnels, Auto Webinar Funnels and many more.

Deadline Funnel

To push page visitors into making a purchase, Deadline Funnel uses a special ticking clock tactic. It’s a unique deadline set for every visitor.

This strategy allows Deadline Funnel users to create ongoing promotions, launch new products, and market webinars while tracking and syncing deadlines on multiple devices.  

Direct integrations with third-party software make the process easy to use and multi-dimensional. 

ClickFunnels vs. DeadlineFunnels at a Glance

Here is a compact glance at the two platforms: 

ClickFunnelsDeadline Funnels
Free TrialYes, 14 daysA limited free plan.
Pricing Range (Monthly)ClickFunnels: $97 per month
ClickFunnels Platinum: $297 per month
TwoCommaClubX: $2,497 per month
Start: $49 per month
Create: $99 per month
Scale: $199 per month
Best ForAttracting and converting online leads into customersConverting leads into customers using deadline marketing strategy
Most Notable FeaturesDrag-and-drop page builder
One-click upsells
Order forms
Domain hosting
Automation tab
Split testing capabilities
Quiz and Survey creation
Statistics reports
Conversion tracking
Page customization
Add special offers to your landing page
Add e-mail timers
Sync deadlines across pages
Shopify Integration
Customize timer’s appearance
Track subscribers
Simple Blueprints

Both ClickFunnels and Deadline Funnels have exciting features, and they both purport to be advanced, comprehensive funnel-building systems.

The most significant difference between the two platforms is that ClickFunnels provides users a page-building tool that features drag-and-drop and color customization. A page builder absent from the Deadline Funnel platform.

Deadline Funnel features ten different blueprints. This is great news for newbies who don’t have much experience in creating sales funnels.

Even though ClickFunnels is a bit less user-friendly, it has more customizable sales funnel options and pathways available. ClickFunnels is a great platform for any marketing strategy, and Deadline Funnel is better for those who want to follow one marketing strategy – deadlines. 

Both pages offer excellent e-mail customization options and segmentation to target specific groups. 

ClickFunnels vs Deadline Funnel

ClickFunnels vs. Deadline Funnel: Pricing Comparison

Looking at pricing plans, it seems like Deadline Funnel is the more affordable choice, but which one has the best value for money? 

ClickFunnels Pricing:

There are three plans available: 





$97 per month

  • 20 funnels
  • 100 pages
  • 1 sub-user
  • 3 payment gateways
  • 3 domains
  • Chat support
  • Funnel fix

ClickFunnels Platinum

$297 per month

  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited pages
  • 3 sub-users
  • 9 payment gateways
  • 9 domains
  • Unlimited follow-up funnels
  • Priority support
  • Access to training and courses



$2,497 per month

  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited pages
  • 10 sub-users
  • 27 payment gateways
  • 27 domains
  • Unlimited follow-up funnels
  • VIP phone support
  • Access to VIP courses and training

There is a 14-day free trial, allowing users to test out the plan before committing to monthly payments. 

Deadline Funnel Pricing:

There are three plans available: 


$49 per month

  • 3 campaigns
  • 1,000 leads per month
  • E-mail and chat support


$99 per month

  • Portal
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • 10,000 leads per month
  • Advanced customization
  • Remove Deadline Funnel branding
  • Priority e-mail support


$199 per month

Everything in Create plus: 

  • 100,000 leads per month
  • 5 client accounts

There are many limitations on Deadline Funnel’s plans, compared to ClickFunnels with unlimited funnels, pages, and follow-up funnels available.

Users who invest in the Start plan from Deadline Funnel may not reach a wide audience or launch multiple lead-generating campaigns.

Steeper price tag notwithstanding, ClickFunnels rises above Deadline Funnel in a number of areas. 

ClickFunnels includes a wide variety of features, domains, support, and training. For $98 more per month, users can enjoy an all-in-one marketing solution through the Platinum plan.

Looking at all the plans, ClickFunnels Platinum is the option with the highest overall value for money.

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ClickFunnels vs Deadline Funnel

ClickFunnels vs. Deadline Funnel: A Comparison of Features and Tools

When deciding between two marketing platforms, you must consider the factors most relevant to your business.

Therefore, it’s wise to take a closer look at what both platforms have to offer.

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Funnel Builder

ClickFunnels and Deadline Funnel offer users a variation of Blueprints and templates that they can use freely.

However, there is a big difference in the kinds of funnels the two platforms create. Deadline Funnel is specifically for creating funnels to convert leads into sales via a deadline prompt. 

ClickFunnels offers many different guides and training on how to build a sales funnel. Users can build funnels according to their goals, including: 

  • Collecting e-mails
  • Hosting webinars
  • Selling products

Which Platform Offers the Better Solution for Building Funnels?

  • ClickFunnels is the better solution for comprehensive funnel building since it incorporates multiple marketing strategies.
  • If you want a deadline funnel specifically, then Deadline Funnel is for you.
ClickFunnels vs Deadline Funnel
Deadline Funnel Funnel Types

Page Builder

ClickFunnels offers an all-in-one page-building experience. With the Platinum plan, users can use the drag-and-drop tool, color and padding adjustment, and the 100+ themes and templates.   

Deadline Funnel doesn’t have a page-building feature but allows users to customize the deadline floating bar within a portal. The portal editor allows for color and base customization. 

Which Platform Offers Better Solution for Building Pages?

  • ClickFunnels’ page building is better because it allows for numerous optimizations and customizations. 
ClickFunnels vs Deadline Funnel
ClickFunnels Landing Page Builder

Sales and Marketing Features

Users can benefit from ClickFunnels’ marketing tools in all stages of the marketing process. It follows a high-conversion scheme: Bait → Front-end → Middle → Back-end.

Deadline Funnel offers: 

  • 15-minute opt-in upsells
  • Facebook messenger bot promotions
  • Special offers to first 100 buyers
  • Fixed date promotions

Which Platform Offers Better Sales and Marketing Solutions?

  • ClickFunnels’ sales and marketing solutions features are better because it lets users target different markets with different strategies at all stages of the marketing process. 
ClickFunnels Features
ClickFunnels Marketing Features

E-Commerce Features

Both platforms have excellent online sales features. ClickFunnels e-commerce features include a variety of check-out landing pages, multi-currency payment options, and upsells upon checkout. 

Converting online visitors into paying customers is easy with Deadline Funnel’s Blueprints. Visitors are prompted and gently pushed towards purchasing within a specific timeframe. Not only are visitors rushed by deadlines, but also by limited offers and other opt-in upsells. 

Which Platform Offers Better E-Commerce Features?

  • ClickFunnels’ e-commerce features are better because they offer check-out tools that you can use without integrating other e-commerce software.
ClickFunnels vs Deadline Funnel
E-Commerce Funnels in ClickFunnels

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Analytics Features

Tracking campaigns and user behavior is straightforward with both platforms. Deadline Funnel allows users to connect their campaigns to subscriber activity in their e-mail platform for an in-depth analysis. 

ClickFunnels includes reports on sales analytics, EPC, and financials; You can also connect the platform to Google Analytics. 

Which Platform Offers Better Analytics Feature?

  • Both platforms offer adequate and similar features to analyze user behavior, sales, and revenue. 
clickfunnels analytics
ClickFunnels Analytics

Customization Features

ClickFunnels offers its users an advanced CSS editor for maximum page-building customization.

This tool allows for the customization and personalization of background colors, branding, layout, text styles, and page borders. 

Deadline Funnel also offers numerous customization features for its deadline floating bar’s appearance. Users can edit colors, timer appearance, size, settings, and even translate words on the label.  

Which Platform Offers Better Customization Features?

  • Both platforms have excellent customization tools. ClickFunnels has a slight edge because it has the best comprehensive customization features for page-building, and Deadline Funnel has superior customization features for the inline timer. 
deadline funnnel template
Deadline Funnel Template

Customer Support

ClickFunnels’ 24-hour live chat support runs from Monday to Friday, and it also offers 24/7 ticket or email support. Turnaround is usually within 24 hours on weekdays, but this can stretch longer on weekends.

Deadline Funnel provides customer support via a knowledge base, email, and a live chat that is available Monday to Friday, 6 AM to 6 PM EST.

Which Platform Offers Better Customization Features?

  • Both platforms have excellent support system and response times.
ClickFunnels Support Chat
ClickFunnels Support Chat
ClickFunnels vs Deadline Funnel

Final Thoughts

  • Choose ClickFunnels if: you want an all-in-one marketing solution to generate more leads and scale your business.
  • Choose Deadline Funnel if: you want to increase sales and conversion rates using a Blueprint deadline sales strategy. 

Our experts have found that both platforms have their unique pros and cons. Depending on your personal needs, you might like to integrate Deadline Funnel into your website and e-commerce store for quicker sales. Or you might choose to utilize ClickFunnels’ all-in-one, standalone sales funnel strategies to scale your business and generate more leads. 

Both platforms provide a series of templates and blueprints that are perfect for beginners. A series of customization features allow for better branding, resulting in a higher lead generation percentage. 

Overall, ClickFunnels provides a more comprehensive sales funnel strategy than Deadline Funnel does. ClickFunnels, therefore, represents the best value for the largest number of users.

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