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While looking for the best online marketing and automation platform, you may wonder how ClickFunnels compares with Market Hero.

Both offer powerful tools for effective marketing, and both automate essential features, including e-mail responses. 

ClickFunnels offers a powerful tool that you can use to build pages and funnels that will convert visitors to paying customers.

Market Hero offers a tool that uses e-mail to a decisive advantage, enabling users to track their ROI and grow their revenue. 

Both have a proven track record, but their focus is different. So, we’re going to compare the pricing and features of both platforms.

ClickFunnels vs Market Hero


ClickFunnels offers a powerful tool that simplifies the creation of web pages and enables users to build highly effective sales funnels.

Created for entrepreneurs, it offers tools and strategies organized in a straightforward dashboard. You can build high-converting funnels, generate leads, sell products, and create smart e-mail, text, and messenger follow-up funnels.

ClickFunnels has three main payment plans for $97 per month, $297 per month, and $2,497 per month.

Market Hero

Market Hero is a top-rated autoresponder and e-mail analytics system that helps businesses to grow exponentially.

It is a result-based standalone system that focuses on simplifying the e-mail marketing process.

It also tracks your ROI in a way that will help you profit more from your e-mail marketing campaigns.

Pricing is subscriber-based and starts at $19/month for under 1,000, increasing to $950/month for 100,000.


ClickFunnels vs. Market Hero at a Glance

ClickFunnelsMarket Hero
Free TrialYes, 14 days.Yes, 14 days.
Pricing RangeBasic Plan – $97 per month
Platinum Plan – $297 per month
Two Comma Club X – $2,497 per month
OFA Challenge – $997 for six months
Funnel Hacking Secrets – $997 for six months
1,000 leads – $19 per month
3,000 leads – $49 per month
7,500 leads – $99 per month
10,000 leads – $129 per month
15,000 leads – $299 per month
100,000 leads – $950 per month
Best ForEntrepreneurs who want to build high-converting sales funnelsBusiness owners who want to grow revenue using powerful e-mail marketing
Most Notable FeaturesDrag-and-drop visual & funnel editors
High-converting sales funnels
E-mail marketing
Numerous integrations to payment gateways
Wide range of automated features
Wide selection of courses and training
Drag-and-drop automation
Advanced ROI tracking
A world-class e-mail marketing system
Integrations to established platforms
Automated follow up of leads
Comprehensive training

Both ClickFunnels and Market Hero offer a 14-day trial that you have to activate with a credit card. The parameters of the plans offered by the two platforms are very different.

Their target market is similar in terms of appealing to businesses that are serious about revenue growth and return on investment (ROI). But the primary focus of each platform differs. 

ClickFunnels enables users to build high-converting sales funnels and offers many other features, including e-mail marketing automation.

In comparison, Market Hero offers (only) an advanced e-mail solution that tracks sales and conversions.

Pricing is distinctly different, with ClickFunnels offering fewer plans that are comparatively more expensive.

This comparison is a bit nebulous because the baseline of the two sets of plans has no similarity. 

Even though the two platforms have a very different focus, they have a handful of similar features, including:

  • Drag-and-drop processes for setup
  • Sophisticated tracking systems
  • E-mail marketing systems
  • Third-party integrations
  • Excellent training
ClickFunnels vs MarketHero

ClickFunnels vs. Market Hero: Pricing Comparison

ClickFunnels’ pricing fluctuates according to the number of funnels and pages users may build and various other features. 

There are three advertised plans, ClickFunnels Basic for \$97/month, Platinum for \$297/month, and \$2,497 for the Two Comma Club, plus several special promotions.

Market Hero bases its pricing plans on the number of subscribers you want.

There is a 15% discount up for grabs for users willing to pay annually.  

Both platforms offer a 14-day free trial, and both require a credit card.  

ClickFunnels Pricing:

  • ClickFunnels ($97 per month or $80 per month if paid annually). Includes funnel sharing, chat support, and lots of courses and training. Allows one sub-user, 20 funnels, 100 pages. Does not support follow-up funnels or weekly peer review hackathons.
  • ClickFunnels Platinum ($297 per month or $247 per month if paid annually). Includes unlimited follow-up funnels, 9 domains, and live chat/e-mail support. Allows three sub-users, unlimited funnels, unlimited pages. 
  • Two Comma Club ($2,497 per month plus special plans). Includes unlimited digital training materials, priority + VIP phone support, and access to funnel secrets. Allows ten sub-users, unlimited funnels, unlimited pages.

Market Hero Pricing:

  • Plan A – $19 per month for less than 1,000 subscribers
  • Plan B – $49 per month for 2,500 subscribers
  • Plan C – $99 per month for 5,000 subscribers
  • Plan D – $129 per month for 10,000 subscribers
  • Plan E – $299 per month for 15,000 subscribers
  • Plan F – $950 per month for 100,000 subscribers

It’s impossible to directly compare the pricing options since they both offer such different parameters.

However, Market Hero wins in the e-mail marketing domain, while ClickFunnels cleans up in most other regards since Market Hero lacks those features. 

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ClickFunnels vs MarketHero

ClickFunnels vs. Market Hero: A Comparison of Features and Tools

Although the features and tools offered by ClickFunnels and Market Hero have similarities, the primary function of each is vastly different.

Therefore, when you compare the features and tools, you can assess these directly concerning your needs and business goals. 

Both are standalone platforms, but for some business applications, a winning approach is to integrate Market Hero with ClickFunnels.

This impactful combination will instantly ramp up your e-mail features without losing the broader sales, marketing, and lead-conversion power of ClickFunnels.

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Sales & Marketing Features

Both ClickFunnels and Market Hero are hot on sales and marketing features. 

Market Hero has an autoresponder program at its heart that collects leads. It also tracks leads so that you can evaluate their success and maximize conversions.

The guts of ClickFunnels are its funnels. There’s a wide choice, from sales funnels built to convert, to marketing and lead generation funnels with autoresponders.

Which Platform Offers Better Sales & Marketing Solutions?

  • ClickFunnels is better because its primary funnel builder feature enables powerful marketing automation and maximizes sales conversions. Integrate Market Hero to elevate the power of your e-mail marketing, and you’ll have a winning combination. 
ClickFunnels vs MarketHero
ClickFunnels Funnel Building Steps

E-Commerce Features

E-commerce is the name of the game for ClickFunnels and Market Hero. 

Market Hero’s strength is that it lets users integrate with platforms that will enable you to create a successful online business.

It promotes Shopify and features a program that trains users to create a highly lucrative Shopify store. 

ClickFunnels enables you to build an online store and find customers within sales funnels. And the unique shopping cart integrates with payment gateways and drop-shipping suppliers.  

Which Platform Offers Better E-Commerce Features?

  • ClickFunnels is better if used on its own. But if you’re using Shopify, you can integrate Market Hero and ClickFunnels for a winning E-commerce venture. 

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ClickFunnels Sales Funnel
Sales Funnel Template

Analytics Features

Every e-commerce site relies on analytics features for business owners to track where they are going. 

Market Hero specializes in e-mail analytics. Its highly successful autoresponder makes it easy to get sales metrics and calculate profits and losses. It also enables sales and behavior-based automations. 

You can use ClickFunnels analytics to test the performance of sales funnels. For example, you can track user behavior, page views, and conversion rates. It also allows split-testing, which is invaluable, especially when designing funnels and comparing results. 

Which Platform Offers Better Analytics?

  • The ClickFunnels analytics features are superior because they are broader-based. Integrate Market Hero to improve and maximize e-mail analytics. 
Market Hero Analytics

Automation Features

Good automation features help online business operators to stay organized, informed, and connected with customers.

ClickFunnels automates many of its features, and you add these to individual funnel pages. These include customized e-mail notifications, abandoned cart e-mails, and automations for webinars.  

The goal of Market Hero is to create the best revenue-centric autoresponder and e-mail analytics system. The system automates advanced sales tracking and calculations of lead ROI. You can also use the platform to set up automated funnels. 

Which Platform Offers Better Automation Features?

  • The Market Hero platform’s top-range marketing automation tool stands out because it’s a sophisticated tool that drives e-mails, marketing, and sales.
Market Hero Automated Lead Generation

Customer Support

ClickFunnels offers support email, live chat, helpdesk/ticket, and an official Facebook group.

You can access 24-hour ticket or email support at all times and 24-hour live chat support from Monday to Friday. 

You can typically expect responses within 24 hours on weekdays – often only a few hours. The Facebook group is popular because of the wide range of questions and answers on offer since it offers direct contact to the global community of ClickFunnels users. 

Unlike a directly-employed customer service or tech support team, there is plenty of discussion about SEO, marketing strategy, SEO, and tax within the ClickFunnels Facebook group.

MarketHero’s customer support consists of a searchable knowledge base and a contact page to select the relevant department, provide contact details, and explain your issue in detail.

The system is 24/7, but the response speeds may not be as fast or consistent as some other providers.

Which Platform Offers Better Support Features?

  • ClickFunnels. It has more support channels and a better response time.
ClickFunnels Support
ClickFunnels Support

Final Thoughts

  • Choose ClickFunnels if: You want a high-converting funnel site that incorporates e-mail marketing and lots of automation. 
  • Choose Market Hero if: E-mail marketing and website automation are key to your E-commerce venture. 

After comparing all the features and tools offered by Market Hero vs. ClickFunnels, our unbiased opinion is that ClickFunnels is the clear winner.

We only ranked Market Hero an outright winner in the realm of automation features. 

But we also picked up a strong synergy between the two platforms. We strongly believe that, in many instances, ClickFunnels users will benefit from the integration of Market Hero with its winning e-mail marketing approach. 

The complementary integration of the two platforms can help to enhance the performance of sales and marketing features.

In addition, because of Market Hero’s strong links with Shopify, it can also strengthen e-commerce and analytics features in ClickFunnels. 

It’s up to you to weigh up the pros and cons and make a decision that will suit you. 

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