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GoHighLevel allows its platform to be sold as SaaS, and PipelinePRO is a customized version of that. 

Here’s how they compare.

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Key Takeaways:

  • GoHighLevel is a reputable, high-quality platform and excellent value for money
  • PipelinePRO is a SaaS version of GoHighLevel and not worth the money

What Is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer relationship management (CRM) platform aimed specifically at marketing agencies and professionals.

The platform boasts an incredible number of features, of which most can be used on an unlimited basis. Additionally, if you subscribe to the Pro plan, you can add your own branding to the GoHighLevel platform and sell it as software as a service (SaaS).

What Is PipelinePRO?

What Is PipelinePRO?

PipelinePRO is a version of GoHighLevel that is being sold as SaaS. 

It includes all the CRM features such as pipeline management, calendars, and reputation management, and a limited number of marketing features including the website and funnel builders.

Is PipelinePRO the Same As GoHighLevel?

Is PipelinePRO the Same As GoHighLevel?

Essentially, yes. PipelinePRO is the same as GoHighLevel since it is the exact same platform and infrastructure. 

The only difference is the number of features you get and the platform’s branding.

PipelinePRO is the same as GoHighLevel

When GoHighLevel is sold as SaaS, you can create pricing plans and sell it for whatever price you want. 

You can also pick and choose which features to include (although some features such as 2-way text and email conversations, reputation management, and GMB messaging and tracking are mandatory inclusions). 

Therefore, PipelinePRO is a customized version of GoHighLevel which does not include all the platform’s features.

GoHighLevel vs PipelinePRO: Cost Difference

GoHighLevel vs PipelinePRO: Cost Difference

PipelinePRO is supposedly sold for a one-time fee of $37. The website claims that you get all the platform’s features included with no additional monthly fees.

PipelinePRO is supposedly sold

However, multiple online reviews state that once you pay the lifetime fee, you are then charged for using features or you are required to pay more to get full use of the platform.

We tried to contact PipelinePRO to get full pricing information, but we only received a generic response via email. It was impossible to reach a live agent.

contact PipelinePRO to get full pricing

GoHighLevel is available for an ongoing subscription rate. It has three plans available in total, though you can only access two if you are not yet a subscriber. 

The third plan is available as an upgrade once you have access to the GoHighLevel platform.

PlanMonthly CostAnnual CostPlan Details
Starter$97$970Access all features and create up to three sub-accounts
Unlimited$297$2,970Everything in Starter plus unlimited sub-accounts, API access, and branded desktop app
Pro$497$4,970Everything in Pro plus you can sell GoHighLevel as SaaS

GoHighLevel vs PipelinePRO: Feature Differences

Sales dashboard
Unlimited contacts
Phone system
Opportunity and pipeline management
Chat widget
Social media management
Reputation management
Website builder
Funnel builder
Form builder
Email marketing
Course builder
Community creator
Reporting and analytics
Live support
Mobile app

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GoHighLevel vs PipelinePRO: Customer Support Differences

GoHighLevel vs PipelinePRO: Customer Support Differences

When we tried to get hold of PipelinePRO, it was impossible to reach a live agent. All we got was an invite to watch a pre-recorded demo video or to schedule a 20-minute call with a PipelinePRO specialist. When we tried to do that, there were no available slots.

There’s a phone number on their website, but when we tried that (multiple times), no one answered. PipelinePRO members can only access email ticketing support.

Other support comes in the form of demo videos which provide an overview of the platform features.

PipelinePRO is based in Naples

GoHighLevel’s customer service used to be sub-par, but recently they have made excellent strides in improving this area.

Live chat and the support phone line are always available, plus there are plenty of ongoing live events and webinars you can participate in. 

Best of all, support staff are always willing to jump on a Zoom call with you so they can walk you through platform specifics and troubleshoot on the spot.

There is also plenty of training material available in the support portal. 

However, we often find that these are outdated because the platform consistently changes and new features are always being added.

GoHighLevel vs PipelinePRO: Pros and Cons

GoHighLevel Pros

  • Transparent and upfront pricing
  • Full access to platform features on all plans
  • A true “all-in-one” platform for marketing professionals
  • Responsive and helpful customer service team
  • Excellent online customer reviews
  • Platform is regularly updated with new features

GoHighLevel Cons

  • The platform does require a learning curve 
  • Training material can be frequently out of date

PipelinePRO Pros

  • Low one-time price to access the platform

PipelinePRO Cons

  • Pricing does not appear to be honest
  • Limited version of the GoHighLevel platform
  • Could not get hold of a live customer service agent
  • Bad online customer reviews

GoHighLevel vs PipelinePRO: Final Verdict

GoHighLevel vs PipelinePRO: Final Verdict

Given that PipelinePRO is GoHighLevel SaaS and it appears to have unclear and dishonest pricing strategies, we say it’s far better for you to directly purchase a subscription from GoHighLevel.

GoHighLevel’s pricing is transparent, they have responsive customer service, and you get full access to the platform on all plans. 

Where this comparison is concerned, GoHighLevel is the clear winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel is more affordable as it gives you full access to the platform for a transparent monthly or annual price (from $97/month). PipelinePRO has a one-time fee of $37, but this includes fewer features with additional costs.

Yes, PipelinePRO is a SaaS version of GoHighLevel that includes fewer features than the full version of GoHighLevel.

GoHighLevel is better than PipelinePRO because it includes all available features and has honest pricing. PipelinePRO is a scaled-down version of GoHighLevel with unclear pricing.

If PipelinePRO was truly offered for a one-off fee of $37, it would be worth it. However, due to the add-on costs required to get full use of the platform, this makes it not worth your time.

GoHighLevel allows the transfer of sub-account data from one account to another, so it is technically possible to transfer data from PipelinePRO to GoHighLevel. However, PipelinePRO may not permit you to do this since it is a conflict of interest.

PipelinePRO is not as cheap as it initially claims. Online reviews state that the $37 fee does not give you full access to the platform, and there are expensive add-on costs to use all the features.

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