Kajabi vs Clixli Comparison

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

You can now compare Kajabi and Clixli and choose the best one for your online business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Overall, Kajabi is a better choice because it has more features;
  • However, Kajabi comes at a higher price, even though special offers are available;
  • If you’re just starting out and don’t need the extra features Kajabi provides, you can start a free trial with each and then continue using the one you like.

Kajabi is a platform where you can create, market, and sell digital products.

You can also create and sell digital products with Clixli, but it doesn’t have as many features as Kajabi does.

Kajabi vs Clixli Comparison
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Continue reading to find out the pricing plans and features of these two major marketing platforms to choose the best one for your online business. 


Kajabi is a fully loaded course creator and marketing platform with a built-in ‘Kajabi People’ CRM system and Pipeline (funnel) builder. With Kajabi, you can create stunning websites and compelling landing pages to boost your sales.

Kajabi aims to help entrepreneurs and digital marketers to develop engaging and gated content in the form of online courses.

Kajabi has a price range of $149 to $399 per month or the equivalent of $119 to $319 per month on annual subscriptions. 


Clixli is another all-in-one marketing and course builder platform that lets you sell memberships and convert clicks into customers.

Clixli also boasts a CRM system, e-mail automation, and a funnel & page builder.

Clixli has plans that range from $37 to $397 per month or $324 to $1,164 per year with an annual billing discount. 

Kajabi vs Clixli

Free TrialYes, 14 days. Yes, 14 days.
Pricing RangeBasic – $149/month or the equivalent of $119/month billed annually

Growth – $199/month or the equivalent of $159/month billed annually

Pro – $399/month or the equivalent of $319/month billed annually
Personal- $37/month or the equivalent of $27/month billed annually

Business – $77 or the equivalent of $57/month billed annually

Growth – $127/month or the equivalent of $97/month if billed annually

Pro – $397/month or the equivalent of $297 billed annually
Best ForOnline businesses who want to create gated content to sell online. Entrepreneurs who want to sell memberships or products online.
User Interface Features
Website building
Drag-and-drop tools
Customizable templates
Membership sites
SEO features
Themed landing pages
Website builder
Drag-and-drop tools
200+ templates
Landing pages and pop-ups
Marketing OptionsE-mail marketing
SEO tools
Sales funnels
E-mail marketing
SEO tools
Sales funnels
Online CoursesWebinars
Video content
Live streams
Quizzes and surveys
Video content
Forums and questionnaire builder
Customer Support & Training
Help center
Live chat
Kajabi University
Live Webinars
Live chats

Kajabi and Clixli have many similarities because both platforms serve a similar purpose and audience.

Both sites offer the following features: 

  • E-mail marketing 
  • Automation 
  • Memberships 
  • Landing pages 
  • Drag-and-drop builder 

Unlike Kajabi, Clixli is a comparatively new platform.

Since it only launched in 2017, it has fewer users than Kajabi.

However, Clixli does offer similar features as Kajabi at a much more affordable cost.

Kajabi vs Clixli: Pricing Comparison

Since Kajabi and Clixli are similar platforms, how do you choose the right one for your business? The pricing plans may be a deciding factor, especially if you are on a tight budget. So in this next section, we’ll be comparing the prices and features for Clixli and Kajabi. 

Kajabi Pricing:

  • Basic Plan ($149/month or the equivalent of $119/month if paid annually) – Includes three products and three Pipelines, unlimited marketing e-mails, unlimited landing pages, and ready-to-use templates. This plan doesn’t allow you to remove Kajabi branding or offer affiliate programs. 
  • Growth Plan ($199/month or the equivalent of $159/month if paid annually) includes 15 products, 15 pipelines, unlimited marketing e-mails, and unlimited landing pages. 
  • Pro Plan ($399/month or the equivalent of $319/month if paid annually) Includes 100 products and 100 pipelines,100,000 contacts, and 25 admin users. With this plan, you get a code editor feature, 100 products and pipelines, and the other features from the Basic and Growth plan. 

Clixli Pricing:

  • Personal- ($37/month or the equivalent of $27/month billed annually) – Includes one website, one sales funnel, and one custom domain. If you want one-click bump offers or click upsells and downsells, you may want the Business plan. 
  • Business – $77/month or the equivalent of $57/month billed annually) – Offers five sales funnels, six custom domains, and 200 members. If you want unlimited members and courses, then choose the Growth plan. 
  • Growth – ($127/month or the equivalent of $97/month if billed annually) Includes 33 custom domains, unlimited members, and unlimited courses—limit of 500 e-mail subscribers. 
  • Pro – ($397/month or the equivalent of $330.33/month billed annually) – This package includes everything from the Personal, Business, and Growth plans, plus unlimited members, courses, and pages.

Comparing the two platforms and the needs of most users, Clixli is generally more affordable than Kajabi.

It offers everything that Kajabi provides, plus additional features such as native or built-in A/B split testing. 

Kajabi vs Clixli: A Comparison of Features and Tools

Of course, you shouldn’t choose one platform over the other based solely on price.

Kajabi and Clixli have similar features, but one may suit your business better than the other.

The only way to find out which platform would be more suitable is to compare the two. That’s what we’ve done in this next section. 

Sales & Marketing Features

Both Kajabi and Clixli have e-mail marketing, automation, and sales funnel features. However, with Clixli, medium to large e-mail list support is an add-on feature that may cost you more money. At first glance, Kajabi looks like the more expensive option, but it comes with all the bells and whistles to effectively market your site. 

Which Platform Offers Better Sales & Marketing Solutions?

  • Kajabi is the better platform for marketing and sales because it offers what you need to grow your business online, even on the lower-priced plans. However, to get more marketing power from Clixli, you’ll have to spend more. 

Membership & Online Course Features

Clixli and Kajabi allow you to build online courses and memberships. However, Clixli has only two course templates, whereas Kajabi has six. What’s more, Kajabi has a course blueprint to help you build your courses the way you want. 

Which Platform Offers Better Memberships and Courses?

  • Kajabi is the better option for memberships and course building because it allows you to create drip courses, mini-courses, and a community. Clixli can also help you build courses, but you only get 25 members and one course on the lower plans. 
Kajabi Membership Setup

Analytics & Reporting Features

Both Kajabi and Clixli have analytics and reporting features. With Clixli, you get funnel analytics to keep track of your customers and their journey. Kajabi’s analytics feature allows you to view opt-ins, page views, net revenue, and subscription metrics.  

Which Platform Offers Better Analytics & Reporting Features?

  • It is extremely challenging to choose between Kajabi and Clixli because both sites offer excellent analytics features. Clixli also provides native A/B testing to raise conversion rates, placing it slightly in the lead for some users. 
kajabi analytics dashboard

Customization & Page Building Features

Both Kajabi and Clixli have drag-and-drop tools so you can build websites faster. In addition, Kajabi has many professional website templates for you to choose from, and both sites also offer custom domains. 

Which Platform Offers Better Customization & Page Building Features?

  • This one is a draw. Both Kajabi and Clixli offer dynamic builders and customization features. However, Kajabi has six course-building templates, whereas Clixli only has two. On the other hand, Clixli permits slightly better funnel-building, with templates for six types of funnels. 
Kajabi Landing Pages

Customer Support & Training

Kajabi offers training videos so you can learn how to build and market your courses effectively. It also provides live chat support and a help center and FAQ section. With Clixli, you get demos and articles on how the site works. It also has live chat support and Clixli University. 

Which Platform Offers Better Customer Support & Training?

  • Here, we have another tie. Both Kajabi and Clixli offer excellent training material and customer support. In addition, Clixli provides video and written content on using the site under the support section. 
Kajabi University Courses

Final Thoughts

  • Choose Kajabi if: You want to build a customized website specifically to create and sell your online courses. It offers e-mail marketing, automation, and customizable landing pages to boost your sales.  
  • Choose Clixli if: You want to create and sell basic online courses or sell physical products on an e-commerce store. Clixli offers excellent e-mail marketing, secure hosting, analytics, and custom domains. 

Although Clixli is a new platform, it may give Kajabi a run for its money.

It offers affordable pricing plans and extra features such as CRM, segmentation, and A/B split testing to boost conversions.

However, Clixli’s features are minimal on its lower pricing plans.

For example, you only get 25 memberships on its lower tier. On the other hand, Kajabi offers high-end marketing and website building features on all its plans. 

If your sole goal is course creation and sales, you may still be better off with the tried-and-tested contender, Kajabi.

On the other hand, if you aim to expand into a wider variety of physical and digital products, you may want to try Clixli.

Most users won’t go wrong with either contender – you’ll be safe starting a free trial with each and then keeping the one you fall in love with. 

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