Kartra vs Builderall

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Since you are trying to decide between Kartra and Builderall, we’ve written this article to help you.

Kartra and Builderall are marketing automation platforms that enable you to run a business online.

Kartra allows a business to scale to an unlimited size, allowing thousands of leads. On the other hand, Builderall is the ideal choice for people starting an online business.

Kartra has a world-class page builder, while Builderall employs machine learning to adapt to the user and present the tools most needed to facilitate working with the platform. 

Kartra vs Builderall
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Kartra’s web-hosting, funnel-building, list-building, e-mail marketing, and webinar features make it the ideal platform to automate your business marketing.

Every feature you need to build and run a business online is present and fully integrated within Kartra. Kartra costs $99 / month for Starter, $199 / month for Silver, $299 / month for Gold, and $499 / month for Platinum.


Builderall comes with the Cheetah website builder, the Cheetah funnel builder, a machine learning dashboard, and the WordPress Pro tool.

All together, these features make for lightning-fast websites. The platform also comes with built-in e-mail marketing. Builderall starts with $14.90 for Cheetah, $69.90 for Marketer, $79.90 for Premium, and $79.90 for Funnel Club (with a $199 first payment).  


Kartra vs. Builderall at a Glance

Free TrialYes, 30 days.Yes, 14 days.
Pricing RangeStarter: $99 / month
Silver: $199 / month
Gold: $299 / month
Platinum: $499 / month
Cheetah: $14.90 / month
Marketer: $69.90 / month
Premium: $79.90 / month
Funnel Club: $79.90 / month (with a $199 first payment).
Best ForEntrepreneurs and EnterprisesNew and solo entrepreneurs
User Interface Features
Drag-and-drop page builder
Easy to create funnel flow
Optimized marketing system
Machine Learning enabled dashboard
Drag-and-drop e-mail marketing automation
Website builder
Funnel builder
Magazine builder
Monetization Options
Run a business online
Monetize courses
Sell products
Affiliate marketing
Run a business online
Run e-learning courses
Sell products
Sell content
Affiliate marketing
Marketing OptionsAffiliate marketing
Video hosting
“Done-For-You” Campaigns
E-mail marketing
Affiliate marketing
Video hosting
E-mail marketing
Live streaming
Viral launch app
SMS messaging
Customer Support & Training
Real-time chat
Ticket system
24/7 customer support with tickets and live chat

Kartra helps users set up and automate marketing campaigns.

The platform comes with a fantastic page builder, the tools to build perfect sales funnels, video hosting, and an e-mail marketing system that automates communication with leads and customers.

Builderall is an all-in-one digital marketing platform with an extensive list of integrated tools, features, and apps. The platform lets you build sophisticated sales funnels and automates marketing, engagement, and sales processes. Users can also sell products, content, courses, or training online.

Both platforms offer affiliate marketing, video hosting, and e-mail marketing. For customer support, both Kartra and Builderall provide live chat and a ticketing system.

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Kartra vs Builderall

Kartra vs. Builderall: Pricing Comparison

Kartra’s plans start at $99 per month, and the top package comes to $499 per month. Builderall begins at $14.90 for the Cheetah and goes up to $79.90 for the Funnel Club. 

Kartra Pricing:

  • Starter costs $99 monthly or $79 per month if you pay annually. With this plan, you get a limit of 2,500 contacts and 15,000 e-mails. In addition, you can host 100 pages and 50 videos, sell 20 products, build two membership sites, add one additional team member, and connect one helpdesk.
  • Silver costs $199 monthly or $149 a month if you pay annually. With this plan, you have up to 12,500 leads and three custom domains. All other features are unlimited. This plan includes Kartra Agency. 
  • Gold costs $299 per month and saves $840 with annual billing. With this plan, you have up to 25,000 leads and five custom domains, with all other features unlimited. This plan includes Kartra Agency.
  • Platinum costs $499 per month and $379 with annual billing, saving you $1440. With this plan, you can have up to 50,000 leads and ten custom domains, with the rest of the features unlimited. This plan includes Kartra Agency.

Builderall Pricing:

  • Cheetah is U$14.90 per month. This plan affords you one Domain, three Subdomains, 2,000 Subscribers, and 2GB disk space.
  • Marketer costs U$69.90 per month and allows three Domains, five Subdomains, unlimited subscribers, and 5GB disk space.
  • Premium is U$79.90 per month. The plan allows for 15 domains, unlimited subdomains, unlimited subscribers, 10GB disk space, all tools, all templates, and automatic approval as an affiliate.
  • Funnel Club is U$79.90 per month with an initial payment of $199. The plan offers 15 domains,  unlimited subdomains, subscribers, 10GB disk space, tools, templates, and funnels, plus automatic approval as an affiliate.

Builderall is by far the more cost-effective choice. Buiderall’s second most expensive plan, Premium, is cheaper than Kartra’s cheapest plan.

The Cheetah at $14.90 offers a very affordable entry point for a new solo entrepreneur. At every tier level, Kartra costs much more than Builderall. 

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Kartra vs Builderall

Kartra vs. Builderall: A Comparison of Features and Tools

When choosing a platform to host your business, sales and marketing features are a prime consideration.

So let’s see how these two platforms perform in terms of these and other features.

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Kartra vs Builderall

Sales & Marketing Features

Kartra allows for advanced sales funnel building by integrating pages, opt-in forms, checkout pages, mailing, lead tagging, and memberships into one system.

Kartra also enables fully automated marketing campaigns and offers video hosting for online sales campaigns. Kartra further boosts sales and marketing for Kartra users through Kartra Affiliates.

The Builderall Cheetah funnel builder lets users build complete sales funnels with a graphic interface.

Builderall also offers e-mail marketing automating and throws in SMS messaging for constant contact with leads and a Professional Messenger Chatbot.

Which Platform Offers Better Sales & Marketing Solutions?

  • Kartra is superior for sales and marketing purposes. The platform offers more opportunities for users to market their products and courses and provides the tech so store owners can stay in contact with their leads.
Kartra Marketing Campaigns

Memberships & Online Course Features

Kartra Memberships allows users to have multiple membership tiers, structure courses, and drip their content in any format, using an easy drag-and-drop interface. The system also tracks each learner’s progress.

Builderall offers a membership website and e-learning system. With this platform, users can share their knowledge with their audience and have a profitable online business selling their content, courses, or training.

Builderall also has a first-rate e-learning app that allows users to build professional mobile-friendly courses.

Which Platform Offers Better Membership and Course Features?

  • Both platforms offer excellent Membership and Course Features, allowing users to structure courses and sell them online. However, Builderall does have the e-learning app that Kartra doesn’t have, which may tilt the scales in favor of Builderall for some users.
Kartra vs Builderall
Kartra Quiz Feature

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Kartra vs Builderall

Analytics & Reporting Features

Kartra is known for its superior analytics capabilities.

Kartra analyzes everything: how well landing pages convert, how e-mails perform, the automations and sequences driving the most sales, how long someone watched a video, how long a visitor stayed a sales page, and even how far down they scrolled.

Kartra provides sales analytics, affiliate analytics, transaction analytics, and more. Kartra offers all analytics reports in simple diagrams and easy-to-read displays.

Builderall has a fully integrated CRM that collects data on leads, and the platform generates SEO reports.

Which Platform Offers Better Analytics & Reporting Features?

  • It’s not possible to run a successful online business without analytics. With Kartra, online business owners have all the data for crucial business decisions. Kartra is the better platform for business owners who want to base their business decisions on data.
Kartra vs Builderall

Customization & Page Building Features

Kartra offers a visual interface that eliminates the need for coding skills. Users can also choose from hundreds of pages and section templates and customize every element on a chosen page.

In addition, customers can incorporate their branding elements and corporate colors.

Builderall allows users to build websites, pages, and funnels with a drag-and-drop builder that’s easy to use and edit for any device.

The Cheetah website builder is intuitive, making it easy to use, and you can place elements anywhere on a page.

Which Platform Offers Better Customization & Page Building Features?

  • Both Kartra and Builderall have top page builders. Builderall’s Cheetah website builder is extremely fast and easy to use. Kartra Pages offers a huge selection of templates that you can create for any device. There is no obvious winner in this category.
Kartra vs Builderall

Customer Support & Training

Builderall offers 24/7 customer support, and users can get help via the Builderall Messenger Chatbot.

In addition, the platform has thousands of videos, training, tutorials, and PDFs on demand to help users get familiar with the platform.

Kartra has a ticketing system as well as live chat to assist users. Users can ask questions on live chat while using the system. Users can also browse the FAQ section for answers to questions they might have.

In addition, the Kartranaut Training offers comprehensive training on all Kartra features. There is also a very active and supportive Facegroup for Kartra users.

Which Platform Offers Better Customer Support & Training?

  • Both platforms offer 24/7 support, but Kartra has more ways for customers to get in touch. This accessibility can be crucial, so Kartra is the winner here.

Final Thoughts

Choose Kartra if: 

  • You want to run a data-driven business.
  • You want a fully integrated marketing tool that is easy to use and automates all your marketing functions.
  • You want to earn extra income on the Kartra Marketplace as a Kartra expert.
  • You don’t mind spending a little more money.
  • You want to be sure that you’ll always have customer support.

Choose Builderall if: 

  • Want to optimize customer experience with a powerful CRM.
  • You want to use the platform to create blogs or publish a magazine.
  • You need your pages to load quickly.
  • You want to leverage social media live streaming for marketing purposes.
  • You want to build e-learning courses.

If you want to run a business online and automate many of the tasks you’ll have to perform, either of these platforms will serve your purpose.

Kartra seems a neater choice since it is a fully integrated and focussed solution.

In contrast, Builderall has a massive list of things you can do with it, which may be overwhelming and confusing. On the other hand, it does let you do more than Kartra. For example, Builderall has the WordPress Pro tool that allows users to post blogs and publish magazines.

Also, Builderall enables users to leverage the power of social media by incorporating a streaming tool that users can use to play videos directly to Facebook and YouTube.

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