Kartra vs Podia

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Kartra and Podia are both platforms built for creators to monetize their content. 

The main difference between Kartra and Podia is their focus.

Kartra is marketing-focused, and Podia is learning-focused. 

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Podia Logo 300px e1708349398145

Kartra specializes in marketing, and this is where it thrives. It has all the tools you need to sell and grow your business. You can create digital products and sell them within a membership site, but it doesn’t have specialist course tools like Podia does.

Podia is built for creating digital products. You can create courses, communities, and coaching programs with specialist product-building tools. You can sell your products, and there are basic marketing features. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Kartra is the winner, as it’s a flexible platform with incredible marketing features.
  • Podia has a superior course and community builder, but its selling and marketing features don’t match Kartra’s.

Kartra offers a 30-day free trial, so you can test out the features before joining a paid subscription.

In contrast, Podia offers a free plan that allows you to create a website, community, and coaching program. If you want to create courses and utilize the other features, you’ll need to join one of the paid plans.

Kartra vs Podia: Side-by-Side Differences

🥇Overall Rank#4Not RankedKartra
⭐Customer Rating4.6/54.1/5Kartra
💵Starting Price$99/month$33/monthPodia
🔥DiscountAnnual discountAnnual discountIt’s a tie
💸Transaction FeesNo fees8% on free planIt’s a tie
💡Demo or Free Trial30-day free trialFree planPodia
💻Website Creation✅ Yes✅ YesKartra
👩‍🏫Course Creation✅ Only using membership sites✅ YesPodia
🧑‍🏫Coaching✅ Yes✅ YesIt’s a tie
👥 Community✅ Only using membership sites✅ YesPodia
📈Analytics and Reporting✅ Advanced✅ BasicKartra
✉️Marketing Features✅ Yes✅ Paid add-onKartra
💰 Physical Product E-Commerce✅ Yes❌ NoKartra
🎥Webinars✅ Yes✅ Yes, but requires Zoom or YouTube LiveKartra
🔗Integrations✅ Yes✅ YesKartra
🏆Affiliate Program✅ Yes✅ YesKartra
🤝Customer Support✅ Yes✅ YesIt’s a tie

Kartra vs Podia Quick Choice: Which Platform Is Best for Me?

The platform you choose will depend on what you want to create and how you want to grow your business.

We’ll look at reasons to select either Podia or Kartra to help you choose the right one for you.

Why Choose Kartra over Podia

  • Landing Page – You can split-test your landing pages, add pop-ups, add forms, and much more with Kartra. Podia only allows you to create basic landing pages.
  • Email Marketing – Kartra has email marketing included in all plans. On Podia, this is a paid add-on.
  • Funnels – Create funnels that consist of emails and pages. Podia doesn’t include funnels. You can only create email sequences using a paid add-on.
  • Lead Tags – Kartra has advanced lead tagging. You can use automation in a variety of ways to tag your leads. On Podia, you can only manually add tags or tag users from a sign-up form.
  • Calendar – Kartra has a built-in calendar. Podia requires you to embed a third-party calendar.
  • Webinars – Kartra has live webinars built-in. The live webinars have tons of features, like polls, an on-screen whiteboard, live chat, and more. With Podia, you’d need to use a tool like Zoom or YouTube Live to host webinars.
  • Checkout – You can sell physical and digital products on Kartra. Podia only allows you to sell the products you create on the platform.
  • Products – All Kartra’s plans allow you to create unlimited products. 
  • Analytics – Kartra has detailed analytics built in. You would need to use a third-party tool, like Google Analytics on Podia.
  • Video Player – Both platforms host your videos. However, Kartra had advanced video features, like adding watermarks, autoplay, adding player skin, assigning tags based on the amount of time users spend watching the video, and more.

Why Choose Podia over Kartra

  • Free Plan – Podia offers a free plan, so you can get your business up and running before joining a paid subscription.
  • Easy to Use – Podia is a simple and clean platform. It’s easy to navigate, especially for beginners.
  • Products – Podia makes it easy to create the product you want. You can select the product type from a list, and Podia provides pages and templates to help you build it. On Kartra, everything is created through memberships and requires you to configure your own products.
  • Course Builder – Podia has a dedicated course builder. You can easily add modules, lessons, and quizzes. On Kartra, you can create a course, but it’s done through memberships.
  • Community – Create a social media-style community. You can create separate discussion topics, grant access to courses, and more. Kartra allows members to communicate, but only through the comments section.
  • Migration – On paid plans, Podia includes free migration of between five and ten products. Kartra doesn’t offer this.

Kartra vs Podia: Plans and Pricing Comparison

Starting Price$99/month$33/month
Top Tier Paid Plan Cost$549/month$89/month
Plans Available33
Annual DiscountYes, saving between $240 and $1440/yearYes, saving between $72 and $168/year
Free Trial✅ Yes❌ No
Free Plan❌ No✅ Yes
Money-Back GuaranteeUp to 30 daysWithin 72 hours

Kartra and Podia both offer three plans and structure them in similar ways, with the access to features increasing as you upgrade.

The prices of the platforms vary greatly. Kartra is a far more expensive platform, starting at $99 per month. In comparison, Podia is a cheaper platform, with a free plan and its first paid plan only costing $33.

However, the features available reflect the price points. 

Kartra Pricing Plans

Monthly Price$199/month$299/month$549/month
Annual Price$99/month$189/month$429/month
Team Members51020
Website✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Products✅ Unlimited✅ Unlimited✅ Unlimited
Memberships✅ Unlimited✅ Unlimited✅ Unlimited
Surveys and Quizzes
Email and SMS
Real-Time Funnel Analytics
Advanced Analytics
Affiliate Program
Agency Capacity
Custom Code
Advanced Automations

Podia Pricing Plans

Monthly PriceFree$39/month$89/month
Annual Price8%$33/month$75/month
FeesNo feesNo fees
Custom Domain
Community✅ 1
Downloads✅ 1✅ Unlimited✅ Unlimited
Coaching❌ Draft only✅ Unlimited✅ Unlimited
Courses❌ Draft only✅ Unlimited✅ Unlimited
Bundles❌ Draft only
Course Certificates❌ Draft only
Webinars❌ Draft only
Messaging (Live Chat)Paid add-on
EmailsPaid add-onPaid add-on
Coupons and Upsells
Affiliate Program
Zapier✅ Triggers only
Migration5 products10 products

Kartra vs. Podia: Feature Comparison

At a glance, both platforms appear similar. You can create a website and build and sell digital products on both.

But the way the platforms work, the features included, and the support available varies. 

Looking at the features important to you can help you choose between the platforms.

User Interface

Winner for User Interface: Podia

Podia is far easier to navigate than Kartra. It’s intuitive and beginner-friendly. 

Kartra is more complicated and can take a while to get to grips with. You may need to consult the help center or support team to find out how to do certain tasks. 

For example, to create a course on Podia, you can make two clicks and be taken to a page that helps you outline your course. From here, you can edit the details, set a price, and edit the sales page.

User Interface

In contrast, Kartra requires you to create a membership. The membership has nine steps, one of which is the membership launcher. Within the launcher, you need to create categories and subcategories for your lessons. 

Kartra requires you to create

To sell your courses, you then need to create a new product, which is another seven steps, and link to the membership. 

Creating a course takes far longer and is much more complicated on Kartra.

Creating a course takes far longer

Website Builder

Winner for Website Builder: Kartra

Both Kartra and Podia allow you to create a complete website with a custom domain.

Website Builder

You can customize your website using a point-and-click and drag-and-drop site builder, making them both relatively easy to use.

When you create a page on Podia, you begin with a customizable blank page. There are 13 elements to add, including a grid, text, images, videos, links, and more. You can click to add these to your page and hover over them to edit them.

When you create a page on Podia

Podia doesn’t have page templates but instead helps you keep your site consistent and professional by allowing you to select a color theme and font styles. 

Podia doesn’t have page templates

On Kartra, when you create a page, you can choose to use a pre-built template. Kartra offers a variety of templates. The templates are organized by page type, including squeeze pages, long sales pages, checkout pages, thank you pages, and many more.

On Kartra, when you create a page

Kartra’s pages are split into sections and components. You can add sections and then add components to the sections. This helps you segment your pages, making Kartra perfect for building landing and sales pages.

Kartra’s pages are split

When you select a section on Kartra, you can choose a section template or choose a blank section and add your own components. 

section and add your own components

Kartra has a few other features that Podia doesn’t offer, such as pop-ups and alert bars. You can also add custom CSS to create a custom page. Podia doesn’t currently offer these features.


Winner for Courses: Podia

You can create courses on both platforms. However, Podia was built for online learning and courses, which makes it easier to use and deliver courses. Kartra wasn’t built for courses, but it is still possible to create a course using Kartra’s membership feature.

Kartra Courses

Kartra courses are created through memberships. 

To turn your membership site into a course, you need to create posts. 

Kartra Courses

To do this, you need to create categories and subcategories and add posts to these. The categories act as modules, and the subcategories act as lessons.

subcategories act as lessons

You can drip-feed the lessons and add multiple access levels. 

You can drip-feed the lessons

As the memberships are not designed specifically for courses, the contents are more flexible. You can use the usual lesson content, like videos, images, and text, but you can also link to other pages, upsell products, add webinars, and much more. 

You can use the usual lesson

When you add a video to your course, you can upload one or use Wistia, YouTube, or Vimeo. 

To upload a video to the course, you need to have uploaded it already to Kartra video or leave the membership builder to upload it and return to add it. This can be slightly annoying, as it takes quite a few steps to switch between the Kartra video and the membership builder.

When you add a video to your course

However, Kartra video has quite a few features that Podia doesn’t. You can add time segments, watermarks, captions, player skin, and more. These features allow you to make your video more engaging to keep users watching for longer. 

Kartra video has quite a few features

You can also tag leads depending on the user’s interaction with your video. For example, you could tag leads who reach the point in your video where you present an offer. This allows you to keep track of which users have seen the offer and which haven’t.

leads depending on the user’s interaction

Kartra also has a survey feature. You can use this to create quizzes to test your member’s knowledge in your course. 

create quizzes to test

The surveys you can create on Kartra are more interactive than Podia’s. There are more question types, including multiple-choice, multiple-answer, short text, long text, multiple-image, single-image, yes or no, and rating scores. 

Kartra are more interactive than Podia’s

You can also tag your users based on their answers and view their results.

Podia Courses

Podia has a course product. You can click to create a new product and select a course.

Podia Courses

Within the course product, you can add sections that help organize your course into modules. Within the section, you can add lessons. Podia offers five lesson types: text, embed, quiz, coaching, and files.

Podia offers five lesson types

You can add video lessons by either embedding the video or uploading them directly to Podia. Once you’ve uploaded the file, you can add text and other elements to build out your lesson.

Podia allows you to create quiz lessons to test your students’ knowledge. Podia’s quizzes are easy to create but pretty basic. You can only create multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions. There is no option for students to upload files or longer assignment-style answers.

create quiz lessons

You can choose to drip-feed your lessons and modules or drop the whole course at once. You can also reward students with certificates for completing your course.

lessons and modules


Winner for Coaching: It’s a tie.

Both platforms allow you to offer coaching. However, the way it’s done is very different. 

Kartra Coaching

Kartra doesn’t have a coaching product builder. However, you can offer coaching by using its built-in calendar, selling access to the appointments, and embedding the calendar on a page. 

Kartra Coaching

You can choose the design of the calendar, select your availability, and decide whether the sessions are free or paid. You can also create repeat sessions so users can pay for a set of sessions and book them all at once.

select your availability

Podia Coaching

Podia has a coaching product builder. The coaching product builder is pretty basic. There are no product tiers or milestones your students need to reach.

Podia Coaching

It requires you to use another tool for customers to schedule their coaching sessions, like Calendly or SavvyCal.

You also need to choose how you deliver your coaching sessions. There is no native way to do this on Podia, so you will likely need to use a tool like Zoom and add the details to the instructions section or email the user once they schedule into your calendar.

Calendly or SavvyCal

Podia also allows you to add coaching to your courses as lessons. The scheduling and delivery are the same as with the coaching products.

Podia also allows you to add coaching


Winner for Webinars: Kartra

You can create and sell access to webinars on both Kartra and Podia. 

However, Kartra has a webinar tool built-in, whereas Podia requires you to use an alternative tool.

Kartra Webinars

Kartra gives you several webinar options. You can host live webinars, scheduled webinars, and on-demand webinars. You can sell access to the webinar or offer them for free. 

Kartra allows you to send reminders and booking confirmation emails to help prompt your registrants.

Kartra Webinars

Kartra webinars have tons of features to keep your watchers engaged, such as a whiteboard, chat and Q&A, polls, offers, pre-recorded videos, and downloadable files. You can also choose to allow your attendees to speak and co-present your webinars.

features to keep your watchers engaged

Hosting your webinar on Kartra also has the benefit of analytics. You can see who registered, attended, and replayed the webinar. You can also see the duration they watched, the average time spent in the webinar, and their rating. 

Hosting your webinar on Kartra

Podia Webinars

Podia makes it easy to sell access to a webinar with a webinar product builder tool.

Podia Webinars

However, you cannot host your webinars on Podia. Instead, you need to use Zoom or YouTube and embed the link.

webinars on Podia

You can set the time and date of the webinar and decide whether to sell it or offer it for free. 

There is also the ability to add instructions for users and decide whether to allow your audience to chat with each other in the comments. 

set the time and date

Podia lets you send reminders prior to the webinar starting and send a replay once the webinar is over.


Winner for Community: Podia

Kartra doesn’t offer a social-media-style community like Podia does. Instead, it allows members to communicate through a comments section.


You couldn’t sell a community as a product on Kartra. 

In contrast, Podia allows you to create a community and sell access to the community or access to specific topics.

Podia allows you to create a community

All plans allow you to have unlimited members, and members can post, like, and comment in the community. 

As an admin, you’ll have full control over the community and can choose whether to approve posts. The paid plans allow you to upload videos into your communities, and the Shaker plan also lets members search the community for relevant posts.

unlimited members

Podia’s community feature is a great way for users to interact and connect. 

You could grant access to a specific topic within the communities when a member buys a certain product, giving learners a space to discuss their progress and encourage each other to continue learning. It also allows you to get to know your learners on a more personal level and gather feedback to improve your products.

Podia’s community feature

Marketing and Sales

Winner for Marketing and Sales: Kartra

Kartra was built as an all-in-one marketing platform and has far more features than Podia. 

The features both platforms have are the following:


Both platforms offer a sales page and checkout where users can purchase your products.


You can also embed your Kartra and Podia checkouts on other websites.

embed your Kartra and Podia

Kartra’s checkout page is more customizable than Podia’s. You can select one of the templates and choose whether to use a Kartra-hosted checkout page, use a pop-up, or embed the checkout form into a custom page.

Kartra’s checkout page

You can also edit the fields customers must fill out, the checkout flow, and the quantity they can order.

Payment Processing

Neither platform offers a built-in payment processor. They both integrate with payment processing tools to allow you to accept payments.

Podia integrates with the following payment processors:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal

Kartra integrates with the following payment processors: 

  • Authorize.net
  • Braintree
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Square

Kartra allows you to sell physical products, so you can also add the shipping cost and sales tax to your product price.


With Podia, you select the pricing when you create your products. Podia allows you to offer your product for free or sell it. You can sell your products in two ways:

  • One time
  • Monthly payment plan

On Kartra, you also select the pricing when you create your products. It offers several more options than Podia does, including:

  • One time
  • Recurring
  • Installments
  • Recurring installments
Both Kartra and Podia have the ability to allow customers to buy your products in multiple ways. 
Both Kartra and Podia

For example, you could set up a one-time payment and an installment payment subscription. Customers can then choose the best option for them. This can help increase your sales.

one-time payment

Offers, Discounts, Upsells, Order Bumps, and Downsells

Offers, Discounts, Upsells, Order Bumps, and Downsells

Kartra and Podia allow you to create offers and discount codes for your customers. You can choose the products they apply to, the discount amount, and the code. 

Both platforms also allow you to create upsell offers. These are offers presented when the customer has checked out.

Both platforms also allow you to create upsell

Kartra has a few additional offers, including order bumps and downsells. These offers can help boost sales.

Kartra has a few additional offers
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Kartra and Podia both have email marketing tools. Kartra’s are available with all plans, whereas Podia charges an additional fee if you have over 100 subscribers.

subscribers you have will determine

The number of subscribers you have will determine the cost. For example, 500 subscribers cost $9 per month, and 100,000 subscribers cost $413 per month.

500 subscribers cost

You can create one-off broadcasts or a campaign or sequence on both platforms.

one-off broadcasts or a campaign

Both platforms offer templates that are fully customizable to suit the type of email you want to create.

Both platforms offer templates

You can also set entrance and exit conditions. 

Kartra’s email marketing is more advanced than Podia’s. Not only can you set entrance and exit conditions, but you can also use automation rules depending on the recipient’s behavior with the email. This uses “if” and “when” logic to send the right communication at the right time. 

You can also use automation to tag users, remove them from the list, grant them offers, and much more.

advanced than Podia’s

There is also the ability to split-test your emails to see which email converts best so you can optimize your campaigns.

Kartra has several additional marketing and sales features, which Podia doesn’t offer. These are the following:

SMS Campaigns

Send customers SMS rather than emails to engage with them. 

You can add SMS to your email campaign or create an entire campaign with only SMS.

Funnels and Campaigns

Funnels and Campaigns

Connect every aspect of your buyer’s journey with a funnel. 

You can connect pages with emails and use automation to create a seamless buyer journey to increase your sales. 

Kartra also has a feature that allows you to buy pre-built campaigns from Kartra experts, and if you have a winning funnel to sell, you can add yours to the marketplace.



You can use automations in almost all aspects of Kartra.

It uses “if” and “then” triggers and actions to automatically carry out tasks.

Help Desk and Online Messaging

Help Desk and Online Messaging

Kartra has a built-in help desk that is essentially a customer service portal. 

It allows you to support and respond to all of your user’s inquiries. You can create templates with responses, making it easy to reply to similar questions.

It works on a ticket system, which makes it easy to organize and prioritize the support needed. There is also a live chat so customers can reach out directly when you’re online.

Kartra Agency

Kartra Agency

If you’re a Kartra expert, you can set up an agency to run and manage client accounts. 

It gives you one centralized hub, so it’s easy to simultaneously manage multiple accounts. You can also manage the access owners have, manage billing from one profile, and much more.

Analytics and Reporting

Winner for Analytics and Reporting: Kartra

Kartra and Podia both have analytics built-in, but Kartra has more analytics available, and its analytics are more in-depth.

Kartra Analytics 

Kartra Analytics

Kartra has analytics for almost every aspect of the platform. You can also download your analytics to analyze them further. 

The analytics available include the following:

  • Traffic and Conversion – See who’s visiting your pages, where they’re scrolling to, and how many visitors are buying from you. 
  • Videos – Find out how long users are watching your videos and where they’re dropping off. 
  • Subscription – Find out how many of your members are renewing and canceling their subscriptions. 
  • Products – Track your revenue and sales and see where your sales are coming from. 
  • Emails – Find out whether your emails are received, opened, clicked, and converted. 
  • Helpdesk – Discover how long it’s taking to resolve customer issues.
  • Calendar – See how long each appointment or coaching session really takes.

If you have a Professional plan, you can also see live funnel analytics. Live funnel analytics show you up-to-date data on your funnels as they’re interacted with.

Podia Analytics

Podia Analytics

Podia does have analytics, but they’re not as in-depth as Kartra’s. 

You can see your sales and revenue, how your emails are performing, and how your customers are progressing in your course.

However, there is no traffic analytics. You’ll need to integrate your Podia site with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or Pinterest Tag.

Affiliate Program

Winner for Affiliate Program: Kartra

Kartra and Podia both allow you to create an affiliate program. This allows your biggest fans to make a commission for everyone who purchases your product based on their recommendation.

Kartra’s affiliate program has more capabilities than Podia’s.

Kartra Affiliate Program

Kartra Affiliate Program

To access Kartra’s affiliate program, you need the Growth or Professional plan. 

Kartra allows you to create a sign-up questionnaire that automatically approves affiliates based on their answers and a sign-up page template, so you can attract affiliates. 

There are also detailed analytics, allowing you to track sales, earnings per click, conversions, and more. 

As well as setting the commission percentage or amount, you can also create different tiers for your affiliates with individual commission structures.

Podia Affiliate Program

Podia Affiliate Program

To access Podia’s affiliate program, you need a Shaker plan. 

The affiliate program is basic compared to Kartra’s.

You can choose whether to create an invite-only affiliate program or allow anyone who owns your products to become an affiliate.

Set the percentage or fixed amount that your affiliates will be paid for each referral. 

Podia calculates the amount each affiliate is due. You can then access PayPal from the affiliate dashboard to pay them.


Winner for Integrations: Kartra

You can connect both Podia and Kartra with other programs to increase your business’s capabilities.

Kartra is the hands-down winner for this section. It integrates with more tools natively than Podia does, and it doesn’t require the same level of integration that Podia does. 

Kartra has built-in webinars, calendars, and email marketing. On Podia, these features aren’t included in any of the plans (email marketing is a paid add-on), so you need to use integrations. 

Podia also doesn’t have API access, but Kartra does on its Growth plan and above.

Kartra Integrations

Kartra Integrations

Kartra integrates with the following tools: 

  • aMember
  • Authorize.Net
  • Braintree
  • Digital Access Pass
  • Elastic Email
  • Google Calendar and Google Meet
  • Kajabi
  • MailGun
  • OptimizePress
  • PayPal
  • Plivo
  • PostMark
  • S2 Member
  • SendGrid
  • Square
  • Stripe
  • Twilio
  • Vonage
  • WishList
  • Zoom

You can also use Zapier to connect Kartra with any platforms it doesn’t natively integrate with.

Podia Integrations

Podia Integrations

Podia integrates with the following tools:

  • Zoom
  • ConvertKit
  • Mailchimp
  • Drop
  • AWeber
  • ActiveCampaign
  • GetResponse
  • MailerLite
  • Stripe
  • PayPal

The free plan allows you to connect with the integrations listed above.

Podia also integrates with Zapier, but this requires a paid plan. The Mover plan allows you to set triggers, and the Shaker plan includes triggers and actions.

A paid plan is also required for third-party analytics, so you can track the visitors to your site. Podia currently connects with Facebook Pixel, Pinterest Tag, and Google Analytics.

integrates with Zapier


Winner for Support: It’s a tie.

Kartra and Podia both offer live chat and email support. 

Kartra has a Kartranaut learning center, and Podia has a help center. These are articles and resources that walk you through every aspect of the platform. 

Both platforms also have communities. Kartra’s is on Facebook, and Podia’s is a creator community built on Podia. You can connect with other users, get feedback on your work, and ask for help.


If you want to hire an expert, both platforms offer a secure way to do so. Podia has certified Podia Pros, and Kartra has Kartra Experts. 

Kartra has Kartra Experts

So, Is Kartra or Podia Better?

The type of products, business you want to build, and budget will affect the platform you choose.

Choose Kartra if you’re looking for an all-in-one platform with a strong marketing focus. You can sell a variety of products, including physical ones, and use the membership feature to build digital products.

Pick Podia if you’re a beginner or want an easy way to create and sell digital products. It’s a far simpler platform to navigate, and the free plans give you time to get started before choosing a paid plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on what you’re looking for. Kartra is better for creators who want advanced marketing features and the ability to sell unlimited products. Podia is easier to use and more suitable for beginners looking to sell their knowledge as a course or community.

Choose Podia for online learning. Its course builder makes it easy to structure and create a course. You can also bundle the course with a community where students can interact and encourage each other through the course.

Yes, all Podia’s plans are cheaper than Kartra’s cheapest plan. However, Podia doesn’t include everything Kartra does.


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