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Using an all-in-one solution to create, market, and sell digital content and services can very well be the way to success.

But with so many options on the market, choosing the best platform for your business may not be as easy as it sounds. 

Kartra promises relief from patchwork solutions to marketing.

SamCart has been around since 2013 and has developed valuable tools to support e-commerce on an all-encompassing checkout platform.

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Kartra is an all-in-one, beginning-to-end business solution for digital enterprises.

The platform combines page design, e-mail marketing, customer relationship management, affiliate management, and subscriptions from a single pivotal point.

Outstanding features include custom check-out forms, lead generation software, and Kartra Agency to handle portfolio management.

Kartra pricing plans range from $99 to $499 a month. Users who choose to pay annually save up to 25%.


SamCart is a digital platform to sell and deliver online content such as courses, e-books, subscriptions, and memberships.

The software promises to boost conversion rates and maximize consumer value while simplifying business processes. 

Notable benefits include a sales page designer, digital wallets, and revenue optimization tools in addition to subscription saver and cart recovery systems. 

SamCart subscriptions range from $49 to $199 monthly and incorporate more advanced features on higher pricing plans.


Kartra vs. SamCart at a Glance

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  1. Both Kartra and SamCart employ drag-and-drop editors and pre-designed templates to build sales funnels.
  2. Similarly, both platforms employ software to create custom storefronts to sell digital content and promote memberships and affiliation possibilities.
  3. The application is automated on both platforms as far as e-mail marketing is concerned.
  4. Kartra analytics metrics can be viewed from the products menu and include conversion percentages. Alternatively, SamCart uses smart pixel tracking with UTM to track and report stats.
  5. Special SamCart features include cart recovery and flexible payment options. 
  6. Both companies take training seriously. This seriousness is evident in the range of webinars, blogs, and tutorials available to users. 
  7. SamCart University gives users access to tools needed to scale their business.
  8. Varying levels of customer support are available from both marketing platforms. For example, SamCart offers technical assistance and e-mail consultation, while the Kartra helpdesk, live chat assistance, and support ticket system assist customer queries.  

Kartra vs. SamCart: Pricing Comparison

Kartra and SamCart both link specific features to tiered pricing plans.

Kartra Pricing

Core features include Kartra checkouts, pages, leads, forms, portfolio management, funnels, campaigns, mail, memberships, and marketplace.

Pricing plans: 

  • Starter Plan: $99/month (annual billing saves $240)

The Kartra Starter Plan gives users access to one custom domain and 50 GB to host 50 pages, 100 videos, and two membership sites. Additionally, site owners may gather up to 2,500 leads and send 15,000 e-mails monthly. Kartra Agency access is absent from this plan.  

  • Silver Plan: $199/month (annual billing saves $600)

Kartra Silver activates Agency benefits and unlimited e-mails, bandwidth, membership sites (and members), products, videos, and pages. You can also generate up to 12,500 leads across three domains.

  • Gold Plan: $299/month (annual billing saves $840)

Gold Plan subscribers utilize five domains and unlimited team members and member sites. Added benefits include 25,000 leads and uncapped products, videos, pages, bandwidth, e-mails, and Agency access.

  • Platinum Plan: $499/month (annual billing saves $1,440)

Platinum members benefit from all-inclusive features together with 50,000 leads and unlimited helpdesk assistance. 

SamCart Pricing

SamCart’s plan pricing varies, but all price levels provide many advanced benefits. For example, there are no processing fees on transactions, and all plans enable Apple Pay, Google Pay, ‘Pay What You Want’ pricing, sales tax, and VAT support.

  • Launch Plan: $49/month

The Launch Plan is the most basic, with unlimited products, pages, courses, and a comprehensive template library. Additional features include a sales reporting dashboard, smart pixel tracking, an integration engine, and SamCart University access. 

  • Grow Plan: $99/month

The Grow Plan is more comprehensive than Launch. Grow offers additional e-mail customization tools, order bump and upsell automation, white-label branding, and multiple payment options on checkout. In addition, it provides advanced integration capability, UTM tracking, and priority e-mail support. 

  • Scale Plan: $199/month

Scale subscription benefits from all features mentioned earlier, plus cart recovery and affiliate center.

An Enterprise Plan is customizable with multiple sub-accounts, custom reporting and exports, and a dedicated account manager and technical setup support. 

While both platforms offer stellar features on all pricing plans, SamCart does so at a much-preferred fee.  

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Kartra vs. SamCart: A Comparison of Features and Tools

When looking for an all-in-one marketing platform, finding a candidate with all the right tools and functional features your project requires is optimal. 

For this reason, we compared Kartra and SamCart according to benefits related to sales and marketing, membership and online courses, analytics and reporting, and customization and page building.

As an added extra, we assessed commitment to customer support and training. 

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Sales & Marketing Features

Kartra excels in providing the technology to market digital content. Lead generation partnered with Kartra Agency account management makes this platform a viable contender.

SamCart counters with advanced analytics capability, pre-order bumps, and one-click upsell together with innovative cart rescue technology to improve conversion rates.

Which Platform Offers Better Sales & Marketing Solutions?

SamCart features combine seamlessly to provide an all-in-one, powerful one-page sales funnel.

Although Kartra software similarly packs a punch, it does not quite match SamCart for improved conversion ratios and revenue generation. Therefore, we regard SamCart as the best in this category.  

Kartra Marketing Campaigns
Kartra marketing campaigns

Memberships & Online Course Features

Kartra drag-and-drop membership portal builder allows for unlimited membership sites and appealing product pages.

In addition, web creators can customize, tweak and optimize templates to reflect corporate branding and incorporate integrations. 

SamCart uses similar editing technology to create pages to showcase products and generate sales. 

Which Platform Offers Better Membership and Course Features?

Because of the similarity between the page editors, we tried them to gauge ease-of-use and general functionality.

Thus, we declare that SamCart cannot match the features that make Kartra so flexible in course creation. Kartra, therefore, rates more desirably in this instance.

Student engagement tool: Kartra quiz feature

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Analytics & Reporting Features

Kartra analytics features easy-to-read displays and metrics on all aspects of your business.

Data compiled uses traffic and conversion analytics and details from subscriptions, product sales, and e-mail campaigns to report trends and insights.

SamCart optimizes analytics capabilities by utilizing smart pixel tracking and A/B testing.

In addition, advanced reporting systems give real-time insights to root out places in the sales process that need improvement.   

Which Platform Offers Better Analytics & Reporting Features?

Having analytics capability to keep track of product performance is vital. To this end, we consider both platforms to be on the right track as far as analytics and reporting are concerned. 

Kartra Analytics
Kartra analytics

Kartra Analytics Metrics:

  1. Affiliate Traffic
  2. Affiliate Sales and Rebills
  3. Affiliate Refunds
  4. Revenue from Affiliates
  5. Commissions
  6. Affiliate Earnings Per Click

Customization & Page Building Features

Kartra provides impressive ready-made templates and tools to enable the personalization of campaigns.

Outcomes provide for high-converting sales pages to be proud of. Fully-fledged campaign pages are a bonus.

SamCart also uses templates to enable customization. Custom field creation and the ability to CRM tool integration is a plus.  

Which Platform Offers Better Customization & Page Building Features?

In this instance, to choose a winner, we looked at features web creators may prefer. So, if you are looking for ready-made campaigns, Kartra is the one.

However, if you are keen to sell what you want in any language or currency, SamCart is the better option.

Kartra Blog/Page Builder
Kartra page builder

Customer Support & Training

Both companies provide the necessary materials to their users as far as training is concerned.

Training resources include webinars, tutorials, articles, and FAQ question banks. 

However, customer support differs widely.

Kartra assists clients using live chat, ticketing support, and helpdesk assistance. 

SamCart relies solely on e-mail to correspond with customers. Therefore, you can only gain technical support and a dedicated account manager by subscribing to more expensive plans.

Which Platform Offers Better Customer Support & Training?

Kartra outperforms SamCart in this category by providing more dedicated channels to offer client support.   

kartra support
Kartra support options

Final Thoughts

  • Choose Kartra if you appreciate flexible customization options and reliable customer support.
  • Choose SamCart if you want carte blanche to create and sell unlimited courses, products, and services online. 

While both Kartra and SamCart showed merit in several categories, neither stood out dramatically from the other across any broad feature sets. Both platforms offer excellent training, analytics and reporting features, and sales funnel creation.   

In the final analysis, Kartra is preferable for membership and online course creation, ready-to-go campaigns, and lead generation technology. In addition, video marketing and Kartra Agency portfolio management benefits make this a strong contender. 

SamCart, on the other hand, shone with very affordable marketing tools and multi-lingual course creation.

In addition, the inclusion of cart abandonment software and adaptable payment choices is innovative and intelligent.  

So, in concluding our research, we find ourselves at a stalemate. Neither is clearly “better” than the other for all users, so choosing between Kartra and SamCart will be a question of how your specific needs match up with their respective strengths.

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