LearnWorlds vs. Teachable

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LearnWorlds vs. Teachable
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When comparing sites such as LearnWorlds and Simplero for your online education business, you may wonder which one is best for you.

Both platforms give you the tools to create online courses, allowing you to build and sell memberships. 

LearnWorlds’ all-in-one platform offers versatility, giving you the tools to interact and engage with your audience.

Simplero is all about simplicity, giving you a platform to build and grow your online courses all in one place. 

LearnWorlds vs. Teachable


Several features distinguish LearnWorlds from many other platforms. With LearnWorlds, educators can create, manage and sell their online courses.

This platform also offers a high degree of customization and branding to enhance and promote your brand.

As a result, corporate trainers and educators whose primary goal is to provide students with quality education often choose LearnWorlds as a platform of choice. 


While Teachable has all the necessary features to create and sell online courses and membership sites, it focuses extensively on marketing content.

Therefore, creators who want to benefit from the advantages of different affiliate programs are among Teachable’s top customers.

In addition, Teachable is a great LMS for new bloggers and content creators looking to increase income and provide readers with constructive information.


LearnWorlds vs. Teachable at a Glance

LearnWorlds Teachable
Free Trial Yes, 30 days. Yes, 14 days.
Pricing Range Starter – $29/month
Pro Trainer – $99/month
Learning Center – $299/month

20% discount for annual subscriptions
Basic – $39
Pro – $119
Business- $299
Best For Ideally suited to students, customers, and employees looking to benefit from a good learning experience. This includes:
Small to mid-sized businesses
Teachable aims at people hoping to add a side income or potential ways to make money. This includes:
User Interface Features
Mobile and tablet-friendly
Multimedia content
Ease of course creation
Course player
Online Courses Website builder
Interactive content
Video hosting
Beautiful themes
Free, paid, private, drip-feed, or curated courses
Live classes and webinars
Unlimited courses
Student discussions
Private courses
Importing content
Monetization Options Bundles
Payment plans
Affiliate program
Multiple payment methods
Affiliate reporting
VAT via Stripe & Quaderno
Mobile App marketplace
Google Pay
Teachable payments
Apple Pay
Marketing Options E-mail marketing
Marketing funnels
Integrations with top marketing apps
E-mail marketing
Analytical tracking tools
SEO optimizations

To get a grasp on the few features that differentiate these two platforms, consider the points that stand out. LearnWorlds has the following features that Teachable doesn’t:

  • True white-labeling
  • Live classes with Zoom integration
  • Copyright protection
  • Interactive videos, transcripts, and ebooks
  • Powerful website builder
  • Customizable course player
  • Local payments for EU


When it comes to pricing, both platforms offer a 14-day free trial period. LearnWorlds has a cheaper Pro option. The price range in the basic options is similar to the features on offer. LearnWorlds strives to enhance the way educators, companies and trainers teach online. 


On the other hand, Teachable aims toward users who want to make money with their websites, such as bloggers and YouTubers who offer online courses as a side income. Several independent reviews have shown that users prefer LearnWorlds over Teachable because it’s the stronger all-around platform for creating, managing, and selling online courses. 

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LearnWorlds vs. Teachable

LearnWorlds vs. Simplero: Pricing Comparison

Both offer unlimited users & courses with their paid plans. LearnWorlds’ entry-level plan sells for $29 & Teachable’s paid plan starts at $39 per month. Additionally, both platforms offer an upgraded plan at $299 monthly.

LearnWorlds Pricing:

  • Starter – $29 monthly – Includes 1 Admin, $5 per course sale fee, and custom domain. There are also four payment gateways with a built-in community.
  • Pro Trainer – $99 monthly – No transaction fees, unlimited courses and landing pages, a website builder with blog, webinars, fully customizable course player, and unlimited pop-ups.
  • Learning Centre – $299 monthly – includes the features of the other plans with course insight reports, zoom & Webex accounts, full White-Label options, and advanced affiliate management. 
  • High volume & Corporate – price on request – all of the core features as well as premium support options, dedicated account manager, premium cloud services, and branded corporate academy

Teachable Pricing:

  • Basic – $39 monthly – Includes core features which include unlimited students, a members-only community, course products, custom domain support, two admin users, and requires a 5% transaction fee 
  • Pro – $119 monthly – Features in the basic plan, five admins, advanced reports, graded quizzes, and affiliate marketing. Good news – zero admin fees!
  • Business – $299 monthly – Includes everything on offer in the Pro plans. It includes 20 admin users, priority product support, and bulk student enrollments. In addition, advanced theme customization ensures unique course content. 

In general, LearnWorlds has more to offer for a better price across most plans, making it more cost-effective for most users in the long run.

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LearnWorlds vs. Teachable

LearnWorlds vs. Teachable: A Comparison of Features and Tools 

When choosing a platform for your online course creation, it’s essential to consider the features on offer. Various features and their ease of use ultimately determine whether a platform is successful and popular. 

It is important to consider features like the customization, the customer support offered, and how you design and market your courses. Read on to see a breakdown of these critical features. 

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LearnWorlds vs. Teachable

Online Courses 

Course creation simplicity is one of the features that determine popularity with creators. Both platforms offer basic learning features such as PDFs, text, and unlimited video hosting. 

Teachable offers a simple way to build courses because it lacks many educational functions. On the other hand, LearnWorlds might come across as being more complex, but this is because it has advanced capabilities. 

Which Platform Offers the Better Solution for Hosting Online Courses?

  • Since LearnWorlds excels at the options available for course creation, it’s the better option in this category. In addition, LearnWorlds offers advanced learning and teaching tools. These tools include Gradebook, direct integration with zoom, and interactive video.
LearnWorlds vs. Teachable
Course Developing Guide on LearnWorlds
LearnWorlds vs. Teachable

Sales & Marketing Features 

Marketing your course is crucial to raking in the sales and converting browsers into customers. In this regard, LearnWorlds and Teachable have very similar features.

The only real difference is in the way the features are used and implemented. 

Which Platform Offers Better Sales & Marketing Solutions?

  • Despite being so similar, Teachable does have a slight advantage because it provides the option to e-mail users and students with updates or specific marketing e-mails. In addition, while Teachable doesn’t have any proper white-labeling, it does offer the opportunity to opt-in to the Teachable Discover marketplace. There’s also a mobile app that gives the creator a wider market to promote courses and content.
LearnWorlds Marketing Bundle
LearnWorlds Marketing Dashboard
Standalone Online Learning Platforms

Student Experience Features 

How a student experiences the features of a potential course determines whether or not the creator’s course will be successful. The features a blogger expects will differ from those needed by an entrepreneur selling courses as a primary source of business.

Which Platform Offers a Better Student Experience?

  • LearnWorlds offer a better learning experience because it offers additional capabilities such as highlights, starring sentences, and notes. This platform also provides a student community where students can interact. In addition, the features geared toward improving the education experience make LearnWorlds a few steps ahead of Teachable. 
LearnWorlds vs. Teachable
Media Available in LearnWorlds Courses
LearnWorlds vs. Teachable

Analytics Features 

A successful analytics tool helps the course creator keep track of website visitors. It can also determine how efficient and appealing marketing campaigns are. LearnWorlds and Teachable make use of Google Analytics which offers excellent resources for tracking and identifying customer demographics. 

Which Platform Offers Better Analytics Features?

  • Since both platforms use Google Analytics, one isn’t better than the other in this category, leaving us with a tie. Google Analytics is installed as a third-party tool to track online traffic, improves SEO and content marketing. With Google Analytics, both platforms can easily find your target audience and improve content to suit their needs. 
Course Insights Dashboard LearnWorlds
LearnWorlds Course Insights Dashboard
LearnWorlds vs. Teachable

Customization Features 

For courses to be effective, you can’t create them all identically. Other features that you should consider include design and website building capabilities. A white-labeled platform will allow you to customize your course to complement your brand. 

Which Platform Offers Better Customization Features?

  • While both platforms offer many similar customization features, LearnWorlds offer a few that are more impressive. For example, while Teachable offers exactly one theme for creating a website, LearnWorlds provides an extensive range of template designs to give each course a unique type of customization.
LearnWorlds vs. Teachable
LearnWorlds Site Builder
LearnWorlds vs. Teachable

Customer Support 

An effective platform needs to have a strong customer service feature.

Therefore, it’s essential to integrate customer service tools to provide course creators with assistance to create their courses. 

Which Platform Offers Better Customer Support?

  • LearnWorlds offers 24/7 customer support to assist creators with any issues they might have with building courses. LearnWorlds also offers migration services, making it easier to upload a selection of different courses. 

Final Thoughts 

  • Choose LearnWorlds if: You’re looking for a way to promote and sell your online course. In addition, educators looking to provide their students with the best learning experience will benefit from the customizable features available. 
  • Choose Teachable if: you’re a blogger or YouTuber looking to make money from your site. But, if an online course is just your side-option, the simple features in Teachable will be able to create the best site for that.

Despite the many similarities between these two impressive platforms, LearnWorlds offers the most advanced educational capabilities by far.

With the information above, it’s clear that LearnWorlds is an easy platform to use and provides a creator with the ability to offer students the best possible learning experience.

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