LearnWorlds vs Teachable

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You can create courses and digital products on both platforms, but LearnWorlds has more engaging course features and more comprehensive quizzes than Teachable. 

In contrast, Teachable has marketing features that aren’t available on LearnWorlds.

LearnWorlds Logo

At first glance, the platforms appear very similar. You can create courses, other digital products, build an online school, and much more. 

LearnWorlds has a superior course builder, and you can create a community. 

In comparison, Teachable has better marketing, sales, and payment tools than LearnWorlds.

Key Takeaways:

  • LearnWorlds’ interactive video editor allows you to create more engaging courses for students
  • Teachables course builder is basic, so the free plan might work well for beginners

You can test both platforms before committing to a paid subscription.

Get started on LearnWorlds with a 30-day free trial, or Teachable has a free plan with no time limit.

LearnWorlds vs Teachable: Side-by-Side Look

🥇 Overall Rank#5#8LearnWorlds
⭐ Customer Rating3.8/52.5/5LearnWorlds
💵 Starting Price$29 per monthFreeTeachable
🔥 DiscountUp to 20% on annual plans33% on annual plansTeachable
💸 Transaction Fees$5 per course sale on the Starter plan$1 + 10% on the free plan
5% on the Basic plan
No transaction fees on the Pro or Business plan
It depends on the price of your course
💡 Demo or Free Trial30-day free trialFree planTeachable
💻 Build a Website✅ Yes✅ YesIt depends
📱 Mobile App✅ Yes, white-label app✅ Yes, generic Teachable appIt depends
👩‍🏫 Create Courses✅ Yes✅ YesLearnWorlds
🧑‍🏫 Offer Coaching✅ Yes✅ YesIt’s a tie
👥 Build Communities✅ Yes❌ NoLearnWorlds
✉️ Marketing Features❌ Limited features✅ Limited, but can email studentsTeachable
💰 Sell Digital Products✅ Yes✅ YesLearnWorlds
🏷️ White-Labeling✅ Available on the Learning Center plan and above❌ Remove branding on the Pro plan and above, but not a full white-label optionLearnWorlds
📈 Analytics✅ Yes✅ YesLearnWorlds
🏆 Affiliate Program✅ Yes✅ YesTeachable
🔗 Integrations✅ Yes✅ YesLearnWorlds
🤝 Customer Support✅ Yes✅ YesLearnWorlds

LearnWorlds vs Teachable: What Are They and Which Is Best for Me?

LearnWorlds and Teachable have many similarities. However, they were designed with different audiences in mind. 

What Is LearnWorlds and Who Is It for?

LearnWorlds is an easy-to-use learning management system (LMS).

It has some of the most advanced course creation tools, allowing you to create engaging training courses for individuals and businesses. As well as courses, you can also build an online community and offer coaching, e-books, and digital downloads.

You can build a white-label website to sell your products, and there are a variety of integrations to help promote your content.

LearnWorlds is built for small to medium-sized educators, trainers, and teachers. It is designed to help create the best learning experience for users.

It is the perfect solution for customer training, creators, coaches, nonprofits, and those in the fitness, health, and finance industries.

What Is Teachable and Who Is It for?

Teachable is an all-in-one online course platform designed for creators to share and monetize their knowledge. 

It’s easy to create courses and coaching programs with no coding knowledge. You can then promote and sell your products with the built-in marketing tools.

It would work for anyone with an existing audience, including creators, influencers, bloggers, and those who currently run in-person classes and want to take them online.

LearnWorlds vs Teachable: Similarities and Differences

Understanding the similarities and differences between LearnWorlds and Teachable can help you decide which is the best platform to build your courses on.

LearnWorlds and Teachable Similarities

  • Create courses and coaching programs and sell digital downloads.
  • Reward users for completing your course with a certificate of completion.
  • Create coupons, discounts, bundles, and promotions.
  • Offer free, paid, and subscription payment options.
  • Drip-feed by your course content date or days to users.
  • Analytics for both sales and student progress.
  • Students can access your content through a mobile app.
  • Both platforms include an easy-to-use course builder.
  • Connect a custom domain and build your own website on both platforms.
  • Create an affiliate program.
  • Integrate with tons of powerful tools to enhance your school.
  • Both platforms charge a transaction fee on their lowest-priced plans, removable as you upgrade.
  • There are comprehensive training resources and support available on both platforms.

LearnWorlds and Teachable Differences

  • You can create more comprehensive quizzes on LearnWorlds, with assignment-style questions. Only basic question types are available on Teachable.
  • LearnWorlds has an interactive video editor, allowing you to add interactions, like buttons, questions, and other elements to your videos. Teachable only has passive videos.
  • LearnWorlds is SCORM compliant. Teachable isn’t.
  • Teachable has its own payment gateway, Teachable:Pay. On LearnWorlds, you can connect with Stripe, Shopify, Paypal, or PagSeguro.
  • Teachable allows you to contact users with built-in emails. LearnWorlds doesn’t offer this. You need to integrate LearnWorlds with an email marketing tool, like ActiveCampagin.
  • LearnWorlds has a community feature. You need to connect Teachable with a third-party tool to create a community.
  • To create a blog on Teachable, you need to use a third-party tool and connect it to your website. 
  • You can build an e-book on LearnWorlds. On Teachable, you can upload and sell an existing e-book.

LearnWorlds vs Teachable: Feature Comparison

LearnWorlds and Teachable offer very similar features, making it challenging to choose between them.

Understanding the differences in how the features work should help you decide which will work for you

Course Creation

Winner for Course Creation: LearnWorlds

You can create courses on both platforms, but the courses you can create on Teachable are far more basic than those on LearnWorlds. 

Both platforms offer the following:

  • Lessons with various content, including video, images, and text.
Course Creation
  • Ability to drip feed content to users.
  • Reward users who complete the course with certificates of completion.
  • Multiple-choice and multiple-answer quizzes with text-only answers.
  • Easy-to-use course builder.
Easy-to-use course builder
  • Courses split into sections and lessons.
Courses split into sections and lessons.

LearnWorlds also offers additional course features and tools. These enable you to create a far superior learning experience with more engaging courses for students. 

The following course features are available on LearnWorlds:

  • Certificates of knowledge 
  • Add SCORM files
  • Zoom integration for live classes
  • Additional question types (other than just multiple choice and multiple answers), including the following:
    • Multiple choice (including text, image, video, true/false, dropdown)
    • Multiple answers (including text, image, and video)
    • Match and ordering
    • Short text
    • Long text assignment
    • File upload assignment
    • Video and audio upload assignment
    • Rate and rank
    • Date and time
Date and time
  • Gamification badges
  • Self-reflection and assessments
  • Graded exams
  • Interactive videos that have the following elements:
    • Video watermarks for copyright protection
    • Table of contents
    • Buttons within the video
    • Quiz questions
    • Player skin
    • Transcript

Website Builder and Design

Winner for Website Builder and Design: It’s a tie.

There are many similarities between LearnWorlds and Teachables website builders. These include the following:

  • Both platforms have no-code website builders that are easy to use. 
  • You can create a custom website with no design knowledge.
Website Builder and Design
  • Custom domain on all paid plans.
  • Fully mobile and tablet responsive pages.
Custom domain

There are some differences between the website builders. These include the following:

  • LearnWorlds allows you to easily create a blog. On Teachable, you need to use a tool like DropInBlog to add a blog.
LearnWorlds allows you to easily create
  • LearnWorlds has hundreds of customizable themes created with specific industries in mind. On Teachable, you need to customize your own theme. There are some color palettes and font family options to help you. For advanced theme customizations on Teachable, you need the Business plan.
LearnWorlds has hundreds
  • LearnWorlds has page layouts for funnels, landing pages, pricing, etc. You build your own pages on Teachable with different elements.
  • You can drag and drop your page elements on LearnWorlds. On Teachable, you rearrange the elements in the sidebar.
  • Teachable has the Power Editor, which allows you to customize your website templates and add custom code. This is only available on the Business plan. On LearnWorlds, you can add custom code to your site on all the plans.
  • LearnWorlds’ site flavors feature allows you to create and design various looks for your website and switch between them.
LearnWorlds’ site flavors feature

Digital Products

Winner for Digital Products: LearnWorlds

As we’ve seen, both platforms allow you to create courses. 

However, each platform also allows you to sell other digital products.

On LearnWorlds, all digital products are created through courses. You can create coaching programs, e-books, digital downloads, and communities for course members.

In contrast, Teachable allows you to create coaching programs and sell digital downloads.

Courses✅ Yes✅ Yes
Coaching✅ Yes, and integrates with Calendly✅ Yes, and integrates with Calendly
E-Books✅ Yes, and can build an e-book through courses❌ Can upload through digital downloads, but can’t build an e-book
Digital Downloads✅ Yes✅ Yes
Communities✅ Yes❌ Requires an integration, like Circle.so

LearnWorlds Digital Products

You can create unlimited paid digital products on all of LearnWorlds plans. 

  • Coaching – You can create both group and 1-to-1 coaching sessions with LearnWorlds. LearnWorlds connects directly with Zoom and Webex for your meetings and webinars. It also integrates with Calendly to enable users to reserve their spaces and schedule a session with you.
LearnWorlds Digital Products
  • E-Books – Build a complete e-book on LearnWorlds through courses. You can design the layout, add your content, customize the look, add calls to action (CTA), create a cover, add media, and much more.
  • Digital Downloads – You can attach digital downloads to any learning activity within your LearnWorlds course. You can add multiple files to the activity, which will appear in the course player for users to download.
Digital Downloads
  • Communities – All of the LearnWorlds plans include access to a school community. Within the community, you can create course discussion groups and private groups. The community feature works like a social media page for your school. Users can chat, post, send personal messages, follow users, and much more. This incredible tool can help engage students and keep them updated on the latest school news.

Teachable Digital Products

The plan you have determines how many digital products you can create on Teachable.

The free plan allows you to create one coaching product and one digital download.

The Basic plan allows you to create five coaching products and five digital downloads.

The Pro plan allows you to create 50 coaching products and 50 digital downloads.

The Business plan allows you to create unlimited coaching products and digital downloads.

  • Coaching – You can create small groups and private coaching sessions. You can set milestones to schedule meetings, video calls, or send messages and files. You can integrate Teachable with Calendly so users can schedule sessions with you.
  • Digital Downloads – Upload and sell your digital products on Teachable. You can create a digital product with up to 2GB of files. The supported files include documents (including PDF, TEXT, DOC, DOCX, EPUB), spreadsheets (including XLS, XLSX, CSV), images (including JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, WEBP), and audio (including MP3, M4A, AAC).
Digital Downloads

Reporting and Analytics

Winner for Reporting and Analytics: LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds has a more comprehensive reports center compared to Teachable.

Teachable has a dashboard that displays your revenue, earnings, sales, sign-ups, active students, lesson completions, course completions, and abandoned cart revenue over a selected period of time.

Reporting and Analytics

In comparison, LearnWorlds has the following analytics available:

  • User Analytics
    • User progress
    • User segments
    • Course insights
    • Scheduled reports
  • Exams
    • Gradebook
    • Certifications
    • Review center
    • Question banks
  • Sales
    • Orders
    • Products revenues
    • Instructors revenues
    • Canceled sales
  • Activity History
    • Events log
    • Emails log
    • Users action log
Activity History

Both platforms also integrate with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Meta Pixel to help understand your customers’ performance.

Sales, Payments, and Marketing

Winner for Sales, Payments, and Marketing: Teachable

Teachable and LearnWorlds have many similarities, including that you can sell your products on your website and offer coupons, bundles, and discounts to customers. 

However, there are a few areas where the platforms offer something different, including:


Teachable has built-in email marketing, allowing you to directly contact customers. It also integrates with some of the most popular email marketing tools. 

You can’t send emails to customers on LearnWorlds. To contact your users on LearnWorlds, you will need to integrate your account with an email marketing provider.


Sales Options

You can offer products in a variety of ways on both platforms.

These include:

  • One-time payment
  • Free
  • Subscription

Teachable also offers a payment plan, where users can pay a fixed number of monthly payments.

One-time payment

Payment Methods

Teachable offers two payment gateways, Teachable:Pay and Monthly Payment Gateway. Both allow students to pay via credit and debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. 

Teachable:Pay’s payout method is either directly to your bank or via Stripe and the Monthly Payment Gateway’s payout method is via PayPal. 

If you have a Pro or Business plan, you can also integrate your Teachable account with Stripe and PayPal.

In contrast, LearnWorlds doesn’t have its own payment gateway, but you can integrate with Stripe, PayPal, and Shopify.

Payment Methods

Transaction Fees

Both platforms charge a transaction fee on their first paid plan, and the higher-tiered plans have no fees. 

The fees are as follows:

  • Teachable Free Plan – $1 + 10%
  • Teachable Basic Plan – 5%
  • LearnWorlds Starter Plan – $5 per course sale

Upsells and Order Bumps

Teachable allows you to add offers to your payment pages to help boost your order revenue. This is a built-in feature that’s super easy to use.

Upsells and Order Bumps

On LearnWorlds, order bumps aren’t available, but you can create upsells. However, the process isn’t as easy as it is on Teachable. To add upsells, you need to add a payment element to your post-purchase page or create an email sequence with your external email provider.

Mobile App

Winner for Mobile App: It depends.

Both LearnWorlds and Teachable offer mobile apps for users to access content on the go.

But the apps are different from one another. 

LearnWorlds app is a white-label app, and Teachable offers a generic app. 

LearnWorlds Mobile App

LearnWorlds allows you to create a white-labeled app. 

The click-to-edit app builder makes it easy to customize your app without coding or design knowledge.

You can send push notifications to inform and encourage users to engage with the app and make sales with in-app purchases. 

LearnWorlds Mobile App

A white-label app can increase your brand’s identity and allow your users to see you as a trusted source.

The mobile app is only available on Learning Center and High Volume and Corporate plans, and it comes at an additional cost.

To launch your app, it costs $299 per month or $240 per month when paid annually for both iOS and Android. 

To launch your app

Teachable Mobile App

Teachable also allows users to learn on the go with the generic Teachable app. The app is available and free for all Teachable plans. 

Teachable Mobile App

The Teachable app syncs users’ progress between their devices, allowing them to pick up where they left off. Users can also stream videos, view text and attachments, and complete quizzes on the app.

To enable students to access your content through the app, you need to activate Teachable Accounts. Teachable Accounts connect all the learner’s Teachable enrollments with one login.

When students log in to the app, they will see all the content they purchased from all Teachable-built schools.

Although it’s great that the app is free and available on all plans, it can be confusing for users since most of them won’t know your school is built on Teachable. It also detaches them from your brand.

Affiliate Program

Winner for Affiliate Program: Teachable

Both platforms have a built-in affiliate program. You can set the commission percentage, cookies window, manually add affiliates, allow users to self-register, and view in-depth analytics.

Affiliate Program

There are a few differences between LearnWorlds and Teachable’s affiliate programs:

  • Teachable allows you to create an application form that potential affiliates can fill in to apply to join your affiliate program. You can then review your applicants and approve them based on their application. 
Teachable allows you to create
  • LearnWorlds does not facilitate affiliate payouts. It does calculate the payment amount, but you need to pay affiliates externally. On Teachable, there are two options. You can handle the payouts yourself or use BackOffice. BackOffice enables Teachable to handle payouts through PayPal.
  • LearnWorlds allows you to access the affiliate program on the Pro plan and above. However, the Pro plan only allows you to manually add affiliates. You need a Learning Center plan or above to change individual commission rates and customize the affiliate dashboard.

On Teachable, you need the Pro plan or above to access the affiliate program. All the affiliate features are available on the Pro plan.

available on the Pro plan


Winner for Integrations: LearnWorlds

Both LearnWorlds and Teachable offer a variety of integrations. 

The integrations available are suited to the platform. For example, LearnWorlds doesn’t have built-in email marketing, and therefore it offers a variety of email marketing integrations. You can’t create a blog on Teachable, so it makes sense that Teachable offers a blogging integration.

Teachable integrates with the following tools:

  • Google Analytics 4 
  • AWeber
  • MailerLite
  • Hotjar
  • TikTok Pixel
  • DropInBlog
  • Google Tag Manager
  • LinkedIn Tag
  • Pinterest Tag
  • Meta Pixel
  • Mailchimp
  • ConvertKit
  • Sumo
  • Segment
  • Zapier
  • Circle SSO
  • ActiveCampaign

LearnWorlds integrates with the following tools:

  • Stripe (includes Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna, and many others)
  • PayPal
  • Shopify
  • Quaderno
  • Pagseguro
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Pixel
  • MixPanel
  • Freshchat
  • Zendesk
  • Olark
  • Tawk.to
  • Mailchimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Mailerlite
  • ConvertKit
  • GetResponse
  • Moosend
  • AWeber
  • ConstantContact
  • Zapier
  • Make
  • Integrately
  • Pabbly
  • Google Search
  • Intercom
  • Sumo
  • HubSpot
  • Zoom
  • Webex
  • Calendly
  • Vimeo
  • Wistia
  • Fomo
  • ReferralCandy
  • Refersion
  • Auth0

Training and Resources

Winner for Training and Resources: It’s a tie.

Both platforms have a knowledge hub with articles on every aspect of the platform. The knowledge hub on both platforms is easy to navigate, and the articles are comprehensive.

Training and Resources

LearnWorlds and Teachable both have blogs and downloadable resources. There are also courses available on both platforms. On Teachable, this is called Teachable:U, and on LearnWorlds, this is the LearnWorlds Academy. 

Teachable offers a community, so users can chat and learn from each other.

Teachable offers a community

In comparison, LearnWorlds has daily webinars.


Winner for Support: LearnWorlds

The plan you have on LearnWorlds and Teachable determines the support available. 

LearnWorlds Support

All LearnWorlds plans include access to the help center and email support. 

If you have a Pro Trainer plan or above, you will receive 24/7 email support.

The Learning Center plans and above include premium onboarding.

The top plan, High Volume and Corporate, includes phone support.

Starter PlanPro Trainer PlanLearning Center PlanHigh Volume and Corporate Plan
Email Support✅ 24/5✅ 24/7✅ 24/7✅ 24/7
Phone Support
Help Center

As well as customer support, LearnWorlds also has the Experts Program. The Expert Program has pre-vetted and trusted experts you can hire to help with all aspects of your LearnWorlds business.

Teachable Support

Like LearnWorlds, Teachable has email support. There is no phone support, but there is a live chat. 

Free PlanBasic PlanPro PlanBusiness Plan
Email Support✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Live Group Coaching❌ No✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Live Chat❌ No❌ No✅ Yes✅ Yes
Priority Support❌ No❌ No❌ No✅ Yes

The Basic plan and above includes live group coaching.

The Pro and Business plans have a live chat for support. 

For priority support, you need a Business plan.

LearnWorlds and Teachable: Pricing and Plan Comparison

Winner for Pricing and Plans: It depends.


Teachable offers a free plan. However, when you need to upgrade, the first paid plan is more expensive than LearnWorlds. 

The structure of LearnWorlds and Teachable plans are similar. Both include access to the main features on the Basic and Starter plans, but you need to upgrade to the higher plans to access all the tools.

LearnWorlds Pricing

LearnWorlds Pricing
Starter PlanPro Trainer PlanLearning Center PlanHigh Volume and Corporate Plan
Monthly Price$29/month$99/month$299/monthAvailable by contacting sales
Annual Price$24/month$79/month$249/monthAvailable by contacting sales
DiscountUp to 20%Up to 20%Up to 20%Up to 20%

Teachable Pricing

Teachable Pricing
Free PlanBasic PlanPro PlanBusiness Plan
Monthly PriceFree$59/month$159/month$665/month
Annual PriceN/A$39/month$119/month$499/month


Teachable limits the number of products you can publish by plan. Only the Business plan allows you to create unlimited products. LearnWorlds allows you to create unlimited paid products on all the plans.

Both platforms also include additional features as you upgrade. 

For example, Teachable only includes graded quizzes on the Pro plans and above. On LearnWorlds, you need a Learning Center plan or above to use the interactive video tools.

LearnWorlds Plans

Starter PlanPro Trainer PlanLearning Center PlanHigh Volume and Corporate Plan
Paid Courses✅ Unlimited✅ Unlimited✅ Unlimited✅ Unlimited
Free Courses❌ No✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Students✅ Unlimited✅ Unlimited✅ Unlimited✅ Unlimited
Exams and Quizzes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Assessments and Certificates❌ No✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Interactive Videos❌ No❌ No✅ Yes✅ Yes
Site Builder3 pages✅ Unlimited✅ Unlimited✅ Unlimited
Mobile App❌ No❌ No❌ No✅ For an additional cost
Reporting and Analytics

  • User tracking

  • User tracker

  • Student monitoring

  • Student progress monitoring

  • Basic user progress reporting

  • User tracker

  • Student monitoring

  • Student progress monitoring

  • Advanced user progress reporting

  • Course insights

  • Scheduled reports

  • User tracker

  • Student monitoring

  • Student progress monitoring

  • Advanced user progress reporting

  • Course insights

  • Scheduled reports

Admins1 admin5 admins and instructors20 admins, instructors, and custom rolesUnlimited admins, instructors, and custom roles

Teachable Plans

Free PlanBasic PlanPro PlanBusiness Plan
Published Videos10UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Basic Quizzes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Graded Quizzes and Certificates❌ No❌ No✅ Yes✅ Yes
Site Builder✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Mobile App✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes

So, Is LearnWorlds or Teachable Better for Me?

LearnWorlds is our preferred platform for its superior course builder, community feature, white-label mobile app, and variety of website and page templates.

However, it might not be the best choice for every business.

If you’re new to creating digital products and want to create a simple course, Teachable’s free plan might be a better choice for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

LearnWorlds has more course tools and features than Teachable, enabling you to create a more engaging and interactive course.

These features include interactive videos, advanced quiz questions, assignments, graded exams, live lessons, and much more.

Teachable offers a free plan, whereas LearnWorlds first plan is $29 per month.

However, it’s hard to compare whether it’s cheaper as it depends on your desired features.

For example, all LearnWorlds plans allow you to create unlimited products with unlimited students. On Teachable, the number of products you can create varies by plan.

LearnWorlds has a few features that aren’t available on Teachable. These include built-in communities, more native integrations, blogging, full-white labeling, and a customizable mobile app.


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