LearnWorlds vs Udemy

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

LearnWorlds vs Udemy

  • Great Student Engagement
  • Excellent Site Builder
  • Top customer support
  • More detailed information

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at learnworlds.com

LearnWorlds vs Udemy

  • Course Marketplace
  • No customization of site design
  • Enrollment incentives
  • More detailed information

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When deciding on an online course and membership platform, you may find yourself comparing LearnWorlds and Udemy.

Both platforms give you the tools you need to build a successful online educational business, but what differentiates them from each other? 

LearnWorlds lets you design and sell your online courses from your website. Udemy is an educational marketplace that enables you to share your knowledge and expertise using online courses from the Udemy site. 

LearnWorlds vs Udemy

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LearnWorlds features let you create, sell, and promote your online courses using your website.

This platform allows you to engage with your audience through interactive content while building membership sites. Strong marketing tools take your online education business to another level.

Three attractive plans allow you to pick monthly prices ranging from $29 to $299 per month.


With Udemy, you become an instructor on the platform using your course content. Udemy resources equip you to prepare curriculum content. You use basic tools to create online videos with support from Udemy. Marketing tools include custom coupons and enrollment incentives. 

It’s free to create and host online courses with Udemy. However, your earnings are based on a revenue share model and depend on how many courses you sell. 


LearnWorlds vs. Udemy at a Glance

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LearnWorlds gives you a free trial period of 30 days, whereas all course creation and hosting are free from day one with Udemy. 

Other essential features that set the two platforms apart are:

  • Costs: LearnWorlds has three different pricing plans, while Udemy is free for creating and hosting online courses.
  • Earnings: You decide how much to charge for online courses created through LearnWorlds, while Udemy pays you based on a revenue share model.
  • Membership sites: You can build membership sites with LearnWorlds but not with Udemy.
  • Marketing tools: LearnWorlds’ marketing tools are more advanced than Udemy’s. 
  • Design: LearnWorlds offers more design and customization features for online courses than Udemy, with a standardized format for all content. 

LearnWorlds gives you more versatility when creating and selling online courses if that’s what your business needs. Udemy gives you structure and a marketplace to sell your online courses.

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LearnWorlds vs Udemy

LearnWorlds vs. Udemy: Pricing Comparison

LearnWorlds charges a nominal fee of $5 per course sold on the Starter plan. There are no transaction fees on the other two plans.

Udemy works a revenue share model strictly with you paying different commission rates depending on how you reached your students. 

LearnWorlds Pricing:

  • Starter ($29 per month) – includes a custom domain, built-in community, four payment gateways, allows one user, unlimited active members, unlimited paid courses. 
  • Pro Trainer ($99 per month) – includes a website builder with a blog, unlimited popups, customizable course player, allows five users, unlimited active members, unlimited courses.
  • Learning Center ($299 per month) – This package includes bulk user actions, unlimited multimedia files, progress reports, 20 users, unlimited active members, unlimited courses.

Packages are available for high volume and corporate purposes. Get more details by contacting customer services. 

Udemy Pricing:

  • Free ($0 per month) – includes creating and hosting online video courses, existing marketplace, unlimited students, and unlimited courses. No membership sites. 
  • Global Price Tier Matrix (37 tiers ranging from $19.99 to $199.99 per online course) – includes building and hosting online video courses, huge marketplace, unlimited students, and unlimited courses. Earnings are paid on the base price selected and the sales percentage charged. There are no membership sites.

Udemy’s most attractive feature is being able to create and host online video courses for free. However, your earnings are limited by how many courses you sell and how you reach your students + transaction fees

LearnWorlds’ platform gives you more freedom and advanced tools to create, sell, and promote your online multimedia courses through three different pricing plans. If your budget is tight, you can pick an affordable plan and decide how much you want to sell your online courses. 

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LearnWorlds vs Udemy

LearnWorlds vs. Udemy: A Comparison of Features and Tools

Our team of experts has researched the features of both platforms so you can make the right choice for your online education business. We’ve compared online courses tools and features, sales and marketing features, and student experience. 

The team also reviewed the analytics features of both LearnWorlds and Udemy, plus the customization tools and customer support facilities. 

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LearnWorlds vs Udemy

Online Courses

If you’re looking to design advanced interactive multimedia content for your online courses, then LearnWorlds is your platform.

However, if you’re sticking to online video content for your courses, Udemy makes it simple, effective, and efficient. 

Both let you sell unlimited courses, free and paid.

In addition, LearnWorlds gives you the option to offer drip-feed courses. You can also offer live classes and webinars with this platform.

Which Platform Offers Better Solution for Hosting Online Courses?

  • LearnWorlds’ online course solutions are better than Udemy’s. LearnWorlds includes more advanced tools to offer interactive videos, live classes, and webinars. 
LearnWorlds vs Udemy
Course Developing Guide on LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds vs Udemy

Sales & Marketing Features

LearnWorlds’ advanced marketing tools win hands down compared to Udemy promotional tools.

However, Udemy gives you a vast marketplace with over 40 million students engaging on the site. In addition, monetization options with LearnWorlds give you more scope for increasing your revenue than Udemy’s limited sales features.

Instructors will earn more by directly running promotions when selling their courses through Udemy.

In contrast to Udemy (with no membership site support), LearnWorlds gives you the additional sales opportunity of building membership sites. 

Which Platform Offers Better Sales & Marketing Solutions?

  • LearnWorlds’ sales and marketing solutions are better because they offer a range of advanced marketing tools to promote and sell online courses.  
LearnWorlds Marketing Bundle
LearnWorlds Marketing Dashboard

Standalone Online Learning Platforms

Student  Experience Features

Udemy has mastered student experience whenever they sign up for a course.

A wide range of topics is accessible via iOS and Android devices as well as on desktops. Courses are available in over 65 different languages. However, students are limited to screenshots and video-style courses.

LearnWorlds allows for easy accessibility as well as live interaction via classes and webinars. 

Which Platform Offers Better Student Experience?

  • Udemy’s student experience is better because the courses are accessible, offer many different topics, and are suitable for global students.
LearnWorlds vs Udemy
Media Available in LearnWorlds Courses

LearnWorlds vs Udemy

Analytics Features

If data drives you to make decisions, LearnWorlds’ Reports Center gives you all the analytics you need. Data includes how well your students interact with your school, what kind of progress they’re making, and what they love about your courses.

Udemy offers basic analytics when you connect your Google Analytics account with the platform. You’ll also get the basics of how well your students progress whenever they engage with one of your courses. 

Which Platform Offers Better Analytics Features?

  • LearnWorlds’ analytics features are better because they give you enough data for the success of your online courses.
Course Insights Dashboard LearnWorlds
LearnWorlds Course Insights Dashboard

LearnWorlds vs Udemy

Customization Features

LearnWorlds website builder, drag-and-drop editor, and customizable templates mean you can customize your online content. They also mean you can align your courses with your brand. Other customization features include adaptive designs and widgets.

Udemy offers very little in the way of customization features. You have to use a pre-set course layout and design features, although there’s some flexibility in graphics. Unfortunately, you also can’t use a custom domain. 

Which Platform Offers Better Customization Features?

  • LearnWorlds’ customization features are better because you have the freedom to customize your online content to suit your brand. 
LearnWorlds vs Udemy
LearnWorlds Site Builder

email marketing

Customer Support

Udemy has a Help center for quick, detailed answers for both students and instructors. In addition, you can request support using an online submission form on the website.

LearnWorlds gives you access to a human 24/7 whenever you need support or have an inquiry. Users love their daily informative webinars as well as video-styled responses. Your plan will determine whether you get e-mail support or 24/7 premium support.

Which Platform Offers Better Customer Support?

  • LearnWorlds’ customer support is better because of 24/7 e-mail and premium support with a human plus an academy with free resources and daily webinars.


Final Thoughts

  • Choose LearnWorlds if: You’re a professional trainer looking for a platform with advanced tools and features to create, sell, and market your online training courses.
  • Choose Udemy if: You’re a passionate educator who wants to share your knowledge and skills with learners worldwide through online video courses while earning an income without creating a website. 

Both LearnWorlds and Udemy give you a platform to create and host online courses. However, LearnWorlds is better suited to the professional trainer who wants access to a wide range of advanced tools. With LearnWorlds, you have more flexibility, creating your online school to align with your business brand. 

But, our team of experts agrees that Udemy is the ideal platform for educators who want to teach and empower students to learn and grow their knowledge and skills. The Udemy platform has an existing marketplace and the basic tools and resources to create and host your online video courses.

LearnWorlds will tick all the boxes if you’re looking for a fully integrative LMS platform that includes the option to build membership sites. But, if your primary mission is to monetize your knowledge and skills on a site that handles most of the logistics for you, Udemy is your optimal solution. 

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