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Thinkific and LearnWorlds are both course creation platforms with additional tools to help you market and sell your learning products.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Thinkific has an outdated look and feel but provides an excellent balance between cost and feature range.
  • LearnWorlds is a modern platform with better features, but can quickly get expensive.

Thinkific vs LearnWorlds at a Glance

Current PromotionFree plan available30-day free trial
Landing Pages and Websites
Email Campaigns
Course Creation
Native Live Video Streaming
Native Checkout
Native Sales Tax Handling
Branded Mobile App✅ *✅ *

* Available for an extra cost.

What Is Thinkific?

Thinkific is a platform that allows you to monetize your knowledge through building, marketing, and selling courses. It also focuses on creating engaging communities and provides all the tools to enable you to do this.

What Is LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds is a platform for monetizing and selling knowledge through course building and e-books. The platform also contains several marketing tools such as funnel building, and you can use the no-code builder to create a custom branded mobile app.

Thinkific vs LearnWorlds: Affordability

Thinkific has a free plan available plus three paid plans, all of which are payable on a monthly or annual basis. Subscribers get a 25% discount for paying annually:

  • Free: Free for life
  • Basic: $49/month or $36/month paid annually
  • Start: $99/month or $74/month paid annually
  • Grow: $199/month or $149/month paid annually

LearnWorlds does not have a free plan. It has four paid plans available, and new users can take advantage of a 30-day free trial. Subscribers can pay monthly or annually, with annual payments providing a discount of up to 20%:

  • Starter: $29/month or $24/month paid annually
  • Pro Trainer: $99/month or $74/month paid annually
  • Learning Center: $299/month or $249/month paid annually
  • High Volume and Corporate: Bespoke pricing
MonthlyFree or from $49/monthFrom $29/month
AnnuallyFrom $36/monthFrom $24/month
Discount for Paying Annually25%16.7% – 20%
Free Trial?Free plan available30 days
Money-Back Guarantee30 days30 days

Winner Is: Thinkific

Overall, Thinkific is more affordable for two reasons. First, it has a free plan available so users can try out the platform for as long as they like without having to commit financially. Secondly, when considering top-tier plans, Thinkific is considerably cheaper than LearnWorlds.

Thinkific vs LearnWorlds: Course and Product Creation

Thinkific Course and Product Creation

Thinkific Course and Product Creation

Thinkific has a decent feature set for course creation, and you can add a wide variety of content to build diverse and engaging lessons.

For example, you can create lessons that include video and audio files, presentation slides, downloadable documents, and more.

To support learning, the platform allows you to create and add quizzes, assignments, surveys, and exams. And you can make lesson content a “prerequisite,” which means students have to complete it before they are able to move on to the next part of the course.

lesson content

Course content can be “dripped” over a period of time, and you are free to set your own pricing method such as a one-off fee, a subscription, or a monthly payment plan.


A community feature is also available on the platform which you can offer free or paid, or as part of a course bundle.

This provides you with a space to grow your audience and engage with members. You can host live events (although you must use a third-party live streaming app to do so) and create separate chat spaces for different conversation threads.

On the downside, this feature lacks live chat and those who have used dedicated community platforms such as Mighty Networks will find its functionality somewhat limited.

LearnWorlds Course and Product Creation

LearnWorlds Course and Product Creation

LearnWorlds primary product creation tool is the course builder, and it’s a pleasure to use.

If you’re new to the platform, it will guide you through the setup process, making it super straightforward.

It also has an AI content generator that did a great job of creating a course outline, despite still being in beta mode. However, it did not generate any actual course content.

AI content generator

The number of different learning activities you can add is vast. You have the usual elements such as video and audio files, PDFs, ebooks, and other file types. You can also add interactive videos, different types of exams (including graded SCORM files), self-assessments, forms, and more.

You can also integrate with a live stream app to run live classes, add course completion certificates, and use AI to generate quiz questions.

different learning activities

The course-building tool is definitely more comprehensive than Thinkific’s and provides you with more functionality and options. The pages also look modern and inviting.

However, with the exception of creating a membership site, the platform lacks other product creation features. For example, there is no community feature or anything specific to create coaching products.

Winner Is: It’s a Draw.

Thinkific includes a community feature that allows you to diversify your product offering, but its course creation tool is a lot more limited than LearnWorlds.

On the other hand, LearnWorlds gives you a more modern, comprehensive, and user-friendly course-building tool. If it were to introduce communities or other learning products onto its platform, it would win this section hands down.

Thinkific vs LearnWorlds: Website Builder

Thinkific Website Builder

Thinkific Website Builder

The platform claims to have a website builder, but this isn’t strictly accurate. While you technically can build a website, it’s solely used for hosting your course content. In other words, you cannot create a standalone website for other purposes.

Overall, it’s quite a limited tool, and the editing page feels outdated and complicated to use.

LearnWorlds Website Builder

LearnWorlds Website Builder

Like Thinkific, the website you create in Learnworlds is used to host your courses. However, you get SO many more customization options and a far better editing tool.

The website pages and themes look professional and inviting, plus you have the ability to add a blog and pop-ups.

Like Thinkific

There is also a tool called “Site Flavors.” This is where you can create copies of your website to try out different themes. This gives you the ability to explore different styles without messing around with the existing page layout or content.

Winner Is: LearnWorlds

There’s no competition here: LearnWorlds’ site builder blows Thinkific’s outdated offering out of the water.

Thinkific vs LearnWorlds: Marketing and Sales Tools

Thinkific Marketing and Sales Tools

Thinkific Marketing and Sales Tools

Previously, Thinkific lacked any significant marketing tools. However, we are pleased to reveal that the platform now currently has a funnels feature in beta mode.

You can pick from three templates – free lesson, free download, or sales page – and what’s really neat is that it uses AI to construct your funnel. You simply plug in the details such as who the target audience is, the problem you’re solving, and the solution your offer provides, and the AI will work its magic.

pick from three templates

The results were decent although the feature needs improvement, especially since we weren’t able to add images or do anything to customize the page beyond editing the text.

However, there is a feedback form for this feature, and it’s clearly still in development. But we think it will be an exciting – and much-needed – improvement to the Thinkific platform once it has been fully released.

exciting – and much-needed

Where selling is concerned, Thinkific has its own payment gateway, TCommerce, which can be used with any plan (including the free one) with 0% transaction fees. If you prefer, you can also use Stripe or PayPal.

Additionally, you can create coupons and order bumps, and the platform allows you to add a third-party sales widget to your sales pages.

To increase revenue, Thinkific allows you to create paid membership sites and product bundles.

Importantly, Thinkific removes the hassle of navigating sales taxes in the USA and Canada, and the platform will automatically collect and remit any taxes for these countries. Sadly, however, it does not do this for European countries or anywhere else.

LearnWorlds Marketing and Sales Tools

LearnWorlds Marketing and Sales Tools

LearnWorlds has a funnel builder that, like Thinkific, is still in beta mode. 

The immediate difference between the two platforms is the number of funnel templates that LearnWorlds supplies. There are several prebuilt funnels to choose from, which are designed for different purposes such as free downloads, course sales, email opt-ins, etc.

immediate difference between

Each funnel is highly customizable and uses a very similar editing tool as the website editor. You can also add basic automation and even include a blog and pop-up on the funnel pages.

highly customizable

As far as sales features go, LearnWorlds lets you create coupons, subscriptions, and product bundles.

The platform does not have its own payment gateway, but you can connect with Stripe, PayPal, and PagSeguro. Additionally, if you already run a Shopify store, you can use the platform’s payment gateway to sell your LearnWorlds products.

Where sales tax is concerned, LearnWorlds does not do this natively. Instead, you can integrate with Quaderno for automatic sales tax handling.

Winner Is: LearnWorlds

This is a close one because Thinkific’s native payment gateway is very convenient. But overall, LearnWorlds has a far more advanced funnel-building tool and its ability to connect with Shopify is extremely useful.

Thinkific vs LearnWorlds: Templates and Customization

Thinkific Templates and Customization

Thinkific Templates and Customization

For your website, Thinkific provides you with a whopping three templates (or “themes”) to choose between. They’re pretty basic, but you can go in and customize them by adding prebuilt sections which are kind of like “mini templates.”

mini templates

Overall, the customization is fairly limited and the page editing tool feels somewhat dated.

LearnWorlds Templates and Customization

LearnWorlds Templates and Customization

When you first set up your LearnWorlds school, you are presented with an excellent selection of templates available in a variety of business niches. As you’ve seen throughout this article so far, there are plenty of templates for website pages and funnels, too.

You get a high level of customization, and the editing tools are much simpler to gasp than Thinkific’s.

Winner Is: LearnWorlds

It’s clear that LearnWorlds has put far more effort into its template selection and customization options than Thinkific has. It’s light years ahead in this respect.

Thinkific vs LearnWorlds: Reporting and Data Analysis

Thinkific Reporting and Data Analysis

Thinkific Reporting and Data Analysis

The Thinkific platform provides you with a comprehensive range of data, allowing you to take a deep dive into your products and sales to understand how they are performing.

Currently, you can view analytics in the following areas:

  • Revenue
  • Orders
  • Enrollments
  • Student engagement
  • Student progress

Disappointingly, however, you can only access advanced analytics if you subscribe to Thinkific’s top-tier Grow plan.

LearnWorlds Reporting and Data Analysis

LearnWorlds Reporting and Data Analysis

The amount of reporting options available on LearnWorlds is fantastic, and each type of analytics tool lets you filter down into granular detail. Use this to pinpoint and analyze certain products, users, sales, and activities.

All the data is well organized allowing you to see very quickly what’s going on.

Winner Is: LearnWorlds

Thinkific’s reporting tool is decent, but you get way more detail and analytics options with LearnWorlds that allows you to better understand your business and user performance.

Thinkific vs LearnWorlds: Integrations

Thinkific Integrations

Thinkific Integrations

Thinkific integrates with a crazy number of apps, and it has an app store available where you can browse them all. 

You can find an app for just about anything from email marketing, funnel building, scheduling, and live streaming, to social media, analytics, learning engagement, and more.

LearnWorlds Integrations

LearnWorlds Integrations

LearnWorlds has a good number of integrations to choose from in areas such as analytics, CRM, email marketing, languages, social media, and more.

Winner Is: Thinkific

We always feel this area is a bit of a double-edged sword. After all, if a platform provides enough functionality and features, there shouldn’t be a need for many third-party integrations. 

However, from a pure numbers perspective, Thinkific wins thanks to the large amount of direct integrations it offers.

Thinkific vs LearnWorlds: User Experience

Thinkific Website Builder

Compared with other course-creation platforms, Thinkific’s user experience feels clunky and outdated. 

It’s got some good tools and features, but they’re not particularly intuitive and take some getting used to – especially if you’ve been using “drag-and-drop” editing tools (something that Thinkific lacks in most areas).

Overall, Thinkific could use some improvement in this area if it wants to stay competitive with similar platforms.

Thinkific’s user experience

In contrast, LearnWorlds has a much better platform when it comes to usability. Besides looking and feeling modern and up-to-date, it’s easy to use and mostly intuitive providing a pleasant user experience.

Winner Is: LearnWorlds

The LearnWorlds platform performs to a much higher standard than Thinkific. When you compare the two, there’s really no competition.

Thinkific vs LearnWorlds: Learner Experience

Thinkific vs LearnWorlds: Learner Experience

For students, Thinkific’s courses are easy to navigate. You have a progress bar on the left, and you can see the lessons and the course progression map there, too.

It’s simple to click between lessons and chapter content, with a large area reserved for the content itself. If you have created a membership site, users get a single login that enables them to access all their purchased material from one place.

click between lessons

LearnWorlds has a similar layout to Thinkific with a progress bar and course outline displayed on the left. 

Thinkific with a progress bar

The platform also has a customizable mobile app that you can build without ever having to use code. Additionally, it features in-app purchases which is handy if you want a way to generate extra revenue.

Students can access and use their course content on or off line after the initial download, making it accessible wherever they go.

There is a caveat: LearnWorlds’ white-label mobile app costs extra – from $169/month for either Android or iOS or from $299/month for both. You must also be subscribed to the Pro Trainer plan or higher, and it’s not available on the Starter plan.

Winner Is: It’s a Draw.

Both LearnWorlds and Thinkific provide very similar experiences for learners, and their page layouts are pretty much the same.

Additionally, both platforms let you create an app for your students for a similar add-on cost.

Thinkific vs LearnWorlds: Customer Support

Thinkific vs LearnWorlds: Customer Support

If you are on the free Thinkific plan, your support options are limited. You get 30 days’ worth of email support, but after that, you only have the automated chatbot to rely on.

Those on paid plans can enjoy both ongoing email and live chat support. Phone support is only available on the highest-tier Grow plan.

enjoy both ongoing email

LearnWorlds has a large help center with plenty of easy-to-use resources to get you started with the platform’s features and to troubleshoot various issues. There is also an AI chatbot to help you find what you are looking for.

All plans can access email support, but phone support is only available on the High Volume/Corporate plan.

Winner Is: Thinkific

We’re a bit disappointed that LearnWorlds does not provide live support on any of its priced plans. Because of this, Thinkific has the edge since it offers live chat on most of its plans.

Thinkific vs LearnWorlds: Pros and Cons

Thinkific Pros

  • A free plan is available
  • Entry-level paid plans are affordable
  • The platform is finally introducing proper marketing features
  • Paid plans get a free Accelerator course valued at $499
  • The platform can integrate with a huge number of apps

Thinkific Cons

  • The platform feels outdated and doesn’t offer the best user experience
  • There is a lack of proper templates 
  • Automated tax handling is only available in the USA and Canada
  • Advanced analytics only available on the top-tier plan

LearnWorlds Pros

  • 30-day free trial is available
  • Entry-level paid plan is affordable
  • The user interface is modern and easy to grasp
  • You can add a diverse amount of content to courses
  • There are lots of great templates for all building features
  • You can link your payments to your Shopify account

LearnWorlds Cons

  • Many of the best features are only available on the top-tier plans
  • No live support available
  • Lacks a community building feature
  • Fewer integration options than Thinkific

Thinkific vs LearnWorlds: Final Verdict

If we’re talking about the quality of the platform, LearnWorlds is definitely a lot more advanced in this area and the better platform to use. However, to access the better features, you must subscribe to the most expensive plan which can make it unaffordable for those just starting out.

Thinkific could definitely use a facelift and some modernizing, but its plans are cheaper and the lower-tier plans are more generous with features. Plus, you get communities!

Use Thinkific if you’re just starting out and affordability matters to you.

Use LearnWorlds if you’re an established business and want a modern platform that allows you to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

LearnWorlds provides a better user experience and platform to Thinkific but is expensive if you want to access all the features. Thinkific is more basic but provides good value for money.

Thinkific and LearnWorlds are very similar platforms. However, Thinkific has a community feature, but LearnWorlds doesn’t. Additionally, Thinkific feels very outdated compared with LearnWorld’s modern-looking platform.

Choose Thinkific if you are just starting out and want a decent feature set for a low price or if communities are important to you. Choose LearnWorlds if you want higher-quality features and are happy to spend a bit more.

LearnWorld’s offers a more user-friendly experience than Thinkific. Its platform is intuitive and easy to navigate and learn. In contrast, Thinkific feels outdated and less pleasant to use.

LearnWorlds is better than Thinkific for course creation as it provides more functionality and allows you to include a more diverse range of learning materials. Additionally, LearnWorlds has high-quality templates you can use, which is something Thinkific lacks.

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