While looking for the best Learning Management System (LMS) or online course platform, you’ve probably come across Thinkific and LearnWorlds.

Both give you cutting-edge technology for you to design and sell online courses. However, they have some key differences that will determine which is right for you.

Thinkific vs Learnworlds


Thinkific ranks highly as an LMS, with all the tools and features you need to custom-design courses.

You can market them and track your students’ progress, with more features unlocked as you move up the pricing tiers.

It starts free, then moves through the range of $49 to $499 monthly.


Learn Worlds is a very popular LMS that offers support from in-house experts.

Its pricing range is lower than Thinkific but without the free plan.

There is a 30-day free trial, though.

Thinkific vs. LearnWorlds at a Glance

Free TrialYes, 14 days.Yes, 30 days.
Pricing RangeFree Plan – $0 per month
Basic – $49 per month
Pro – $99 per month
Premier – $499 per month
Starter – $29 per month
Pro-Trainer – $99 per month
Learning Center – $299 per month
Best ForEntrepreneurs
User Interface Features
Drag and drop
More user guidance
Online CoursesCreate and customize courses
Market courses
Create courses
Market courses
Monetization OptionsMonetize courses
Monetize memberships
Monetize courses
Monetize memberships
Marketing OptionsBuild an email list
Use multi-media options
Coupons and promotions
In-built marketing tools
Use affiliates
Use affiliates
Coupons and promotions
Integrate with marketing tools
Thinkific vs. LearnWorlds

Thinkific vs. LearnWorlds: Pricing Comparison

Thinkific and LearnWorlds differ in their pricing plans. Thinkific seems to be pricier, but you will see no transaction fees and more features with the least expensive plan when you look at the breakdown. 

LearnWorlds doesn’t have a free plan, but it starts at a lower monthly rate than Thinkific. For more advanced features, you will need to upgrade.

Thinkific Pricing:

Free – $0

  • Host Content
  • A limited number of courses
  • Unlimited students
  • Quizzes and surveys
  • Access funds instantly. 

Basic – $49 ($39 per month when paying annually)

  • Unlimited courses and students
  • Drip Content
  • E-mail students
  • Integrations and Zapier
  • Custom Domain

Pro – $99 ($79 per month when paying annually)

  • Unlimited courses and students
  • Two site admin spots
  • Five course author spots
  • Advanced pricing
  • Memberships and Bundles
  • Certificates
  • Advanced support
  • Enhanced customization

Premier – $499 ($399 per month when paying annually)

  • Unlimited courses and students
  • Five site admins
  • 15 group analysts
  • 50 course admins/authors
  • Single sign-on. 

LearnWorlds Pricing:

Starter – $29 ($24 per month when paying annually)

  • $5 fee per course
  • One admin
  • Custom Domain
  • Unlimited Paid Courses
  • Site Builder with three pages
  • Pop-up Builder with two pop-ups
  • Basic Integrations
  • Drip Feed Courses.

Pro Trainer – $99 ($79 per month when paying annually)

  • No Transaction Fees
  • Five admins
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Complete website builder
  • Unlimited pop-ups

Learning Center – $299 ($249 per month when paying annually)

  • No Transaction Fees
  • 20 admins/instructors
  • Bulk user actions
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • White-label options
  • Integrations with API
  • 24/7 Premium support.

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Thinkific vs. LearnWorlds

Thinkific vs. LearnWorlds: A Comparison of Features and Tools

Any LMS worthy of the title must have the necessary features and tools to run effective courses that students enjoy.

It’s the user experience you must consider, and students need support from the onset.

Features vital to student success are the types of courses you can make, how you customize your school/course, and how you use analytics for improvement.

For your business, marketing tools will help it grow and lead to higher sales.

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Thinkific vs. LearnWorlds

Online Courses

Thinkific has the most tools for your courses on its free plan compared to LearnWorlds. That said, if you need more support to get your courses up and running, LearnWorlds offers in-house experts to help you set up.

Which Platform Offers the Better Solution for Hosting Online Courses?

Thinkific’s platform is suited to the edupreneur who can work independently without needing coding knowledge or a team to step in.

Thinkific vs. LearnWorlds

Sales & Marketing Features

Both Thinkific and LearnWorlds have the tools to funnel your school into popularity. Their differences lie in which plan you opt for and what you get in each plan. The starter plan does not offer the tools for marketing that the learning Center offers, while Thinkific has sales and marketing in-built from their basic plan. 

Which Platform Offers Better Sales & Marketing Solutions?

Thinkific’s sales and marketing features are in-built, allowing you to market and sell your courses without adding extra integrations.

Thinkific vs. LearnWorlds

Student  Experience Features

A positive student experience is vital for the success of any course. From the first moment a potential student enters your school, they can be drawn in by effective interface design or hindered by unnecessary steps. Any pop-ups, for instance, that block your exit lead to lower student satisfaction. 

Which Platform Offers Better Student Experience?

The student experience on Thinkific might be better because it has features for course developers to enhance students’ learning, even on its free plan.

Thinkific vs. LearnWorlds

Analytics Features

There are four analytics tools that you can use with Thinkific. Integrate Google Analytics, Wizebank Analytics, Segment, and Mixpanel to track your students and collect data on how students engage with your courses and site. 

LearnWorlds gives you Facebook Pixel as well as Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and Google Tag Manager.

Which Platform Offers Better Analytics Tools?

Thinkific wins here because its range of analytics can give you reports on your business and track students’ development. LearnWorlds’ analytics are only included in the higher packages, making it slightly less cost-effective than Thinkific.

Thinkific vs. LearnWorlds

Customization Features

At LearnWorlds, the team offers support even in the design of your school or course. Some developers can integrate features exactly as you would like them to be.

Most of these features are on the more expensive plans, whereas Thinkific has more features and more included templates for anyone feeling a bit stuck.

Which Platform Offers Better Customization?

Both Thinkific and LearnWorlds have excellent customization tools. For the most budget-conscious, Thinkific’s free plan gives you more custom design options. 

Thinkific vs. LearnWorlds

Final Thoughts

  • Choose Thinkific if: You are an independent edupreneur who needs an all-in-one platform to support your growing business.
  • Choose LearnWorlds if: You are starting and need more tech and course creation support. 

Learning management systems exist in a competitive environment in today’s world. Each strives to fill a niche in the market and keep its customers happy.

Both Thinkific and LearnWorlds succeed in their respective niches, with the former being for the more independent professional, while the latter might be more suited to someone who wants to leave the tech for experts.

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