Thinkific vs Mighty Networks

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Are you searching for the best online course and membership platform for your business and wondering how Thinkific compares to Mighty Networks?

Both of these platforms are powerful contenders with similar features. But what separates them?

Thinkific all-in-one platform gives you everything you need to create and run your own online education business. Mighty Networks lets you build your community around your brand.

But there’s a whole lot more, and our in-house experts are here to give you an unbiased review of each. 

Thinkific vs Mighty Networks


Thinkific platform has four pricing plans ranging from free to $499 per month. Features include website builder customization, the drag and drop editor for creating great curriculum content, and integrated marketing and business tools to help sell your online courses. 

Launching of membership sites is available when signing up for the Pro Plan upwards. Additional subscription fees are applicable with the Growth package add-on feature for Pro Plan users. 

Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks platform connects with your community through membership sites. You can pick from three plans starting from free to $81 per month. Features include a web landing page, unlimited members, iOS and Android apps, and charge facility for memberships.

You can build a powerful brand for your online courses business by combining content and community while including online courses if you want to.

Thinkific vs. Mighty Networks at a Glance

ThinkificMighty Networks
Free TrialYes.Yes.
Pricing RangeFree – $0/month
Basic Plan – $49/month
Pro Plan – $99/month
Premier Plan – $499/month
*Save 20% when you pay annually
** Growth Package add-on with Pro Plan (costs based on active students)
Free Plan – $0/month
The Community Plan – $23/month
The Business Plan – $81/month
Subscription Fees
Additional US$0.10 per active student for Growth package (add-on to Pro Plan)
The first 100 students are free.
Membership fee of 5% for Free plan, 2% for Business Plan, and 3% for Community Plan.
User Interface Features
Customizable features with drag & drop builder
Theme templates
Custom domain
Full access to HTML and CSS
Customizable web landing page
Direct messaging and personalized activity feeds
Custom domain
Integrative across web, iOS, and Android
Online CoursesLaunch courses on any plan
The content feed includes text, audio, video
Quizzes and surveys
Drip content (scheduled)
Private and hidden courses
Bundles available
Launch courses on the Business Plan
Content feed include images, videos, and text
Drip lessons (by date)
Public, private, or secret courses
Bundles available
Membership SitesMembership sites available from Pro Plan and upwards.Membership sites available on all plans
Marketing OptionsCoupons
Email integrations
Member notifications on any new activity

For creating and selling online educational courses, the Thinkific platform is your ideal solution with features such as:

  • A customizable website builder with education-themed templates
  • A variety of marketing and business tools to promote and sell your online courses
  • Inclusion of one community on Pro Plan and upwards to host a membership site
  • Student support and engagement features

However, when it comes to building a vibrant community for your brand, with the option of including online courses on the Business Plan, the Mighty Networks platform includes features such as:

  • Membership sites on all plans with attractive member subscription fees
  • Easy engagement with your community via direct messaging and personalized activity feeds

With various pricing plans available for Thinkific and Mighty Networks, you’ll easily find a plan to suit your budgetary requirements.

Both platforms offer free trial periods, giving you the flexibility to decide within 14 days if the software product is suitable for your business needs. 


Thinkific vs. Mighty Networks: Pricing Comparison

Thinkific platform has four pricing plans compared to Mighty Networks’ three plans.

There is an additional fee for the Mighty Networks Community Design Masterclass feature on the Community and Business plans. Member subscriptions have different fees per plan.

Thinkific Plans:

  • Free ($0 per month) – includes core features, content hosting, quizzes, allows unlimited students but limited courses. It doesn’t support membership sites.
  • Basic ($49 per month or $39 per month if paid annually) – includes Free plan features, coupons, custom domain, allows unlimited students and courses. It doesn’t support membership sites.
  • Pro ($99 per month or $79 per month if paid annually) – includes all Basic plan features, two site admin accounts, five course authors, membership sites, and unlimited courses.
  • Premier ($499 per month or $399 if paid annually) – includes all Pro plan features, five site admin accounts, 50 course authors, allows unlimited students and courses. 

Mighty Networks Plans:

  • Free ($0 per month) – includes personalized activity feeds, direct messaging, articles, membership sites, and unlimited members. It doesn’t support online courses. 
  • The Community Plan ($23 per month) includes the use of a custom web domain, unlimited moderators, membership charge, and unlimited members. It doesn’t support online courses.
  • The Business Plan ($81 per month) – includes 3000+ Zapier integrations, premium analytics, unlimited hosts, unlimited members, and online courses. 

Mighty Networks Business Plan offers more cost-effective solutions if you’re looking for a platform giving you both online courses and membership sites. 

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key features

Thinkific vs. Mighty Networks: A Comparison of Features and Tools

When deciding between the two platforms, it’s essential to know what you want to get out of the deal. If you are creating and selling online educational courses, you might benefit from a website builder with customizable features plus marketing tools (Thinkific).

If building up your community with active engagement plus membership sites is what you need from a platform, look for those specific features (Mighty Networks). We’ve compiled a list of key features. 

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Page Builder

Thinkific drag and drop builder allows you to customize your pages. You can use a custom domain and have full access to HTML or CSS. You also have the option of selecting from a range of education themes for your template.

Mighty Networks platform is a dynamic website allowing personalized activity feeds plus creating articles under specific topics of your choice. You have the option of setting up custom membership tiers and member profiles with bio and direct messaging facilities. 

Which Platform Offers a Better Page Builder?

  • Thinkific’s page builder is better for its customizable features and range of templates.

Online Courses

Mighty Networks gives you the option of adding unlimited online courses if you sign up for the Business Plan. You can include an unlimited number of instructors, and the content feed is available with text, video, images, and links. 

Thinkific platform includes a wide range of features for creating and selling online courses no matter which subscription plan you choose. You won’t need to code to create the perfect curriculum, and you can feed content through text, video, downloadable PDFs, and include quizzes and surveys. 

Which Platform Offers Better Solution for Hosting Online Courses?

  • Thinkific’s online courses are better for creating, uploading, and teaching through online courses. 


Mighty Networks supports community interaction, and all plans offer the membership sites feature. Charging for membership is easy with this software product, with an unlimited number of members allowed. Thinkific only allows you to launch membership sites from the Pro Plan upwards. 

Which Platform Offers Better Memberships Solution?

  • Mighty Networks memberships solution is better because it’s available on all plans, including the Free Plan. 

Sales & Marketing Features

Thinkific offers various sales and marketing features such as coupons for promoting your online course and bundling courses together to upsell. Other integrative marketing tools help to improve your revenues through your online courses.

Notifications of any new post or activity on the Mighty Networks platform are available.  Zoom, Facebook Live, and Crowdcast integrations allow you to organize and promote local and virtual events. 

Which Platform Offers Better Sales & Marketing Solutions?

  • Thinkific’s sales and marketing features are better for specifically selling online courses. 

Student & Member Experience Features

Enhance your member’s experience with Mighty Networks community engagement features geared explicitly towards member interaction. Thinkific, on the other hand, ensures easy course navigation and optimal use on all devices. 

Personalized activity feeds, and direct messaging keeps members and students actively engaged on Mighty Networks. Students using Thinkific also benefit from the rich multimedia content features. 

Which Platform Offers Better Student or Member Experience?

  • Thinkific’s student and member experience are better because of its comprehensive support and engagement features. However, Mighty Networks comes a close second for member engagement on all levels.
Thinkific Memberships

Analytics Features

The Mighty Networks Business Plan allows you to access detailed analytics on all your members, activities, and each post. You’re also able to integrate your Google Analytics pixel for tracking on your platform.

Detailed reporting and analytics are available on all plans for the Thinkific platform. 

Which Platform Offers Better analytics features?

  • Thinkific’s analytics features are better because it’s detailed and accessible through all plans.

Final Thoughts

  • Choose Thinkific if: You’re looking for a platform that allows you to create and sell online courses while giving you an option of pricing plans suitable for all budgets. 
  • Choose Mighty Networks if: Your main focus is a platform that allows you to grow community engagement around your brand and launching membership sites on a limited budget. 

Our team of experts recommends Thinkific for creating and selling online courses with its wide range of features based on extensive and in-depth research. From the Pro Plan upwards, you have the option of launching membership sites.  

You also have more creative freedom with its wide range of customizable features. Thinkific’s marketing tools also empower you to promote and sell your online courses successfully. 

However, if building a community around your brand is your central focus, you can’t go wrong with Mighty Networks. Its no-fuss pricing plans give you membership site options within a tight budget, including online courses on the Business Plan. 

Both platforms are great for member interaction and online courses. However, Thinkific works well for both small businesses and larger companies. This scalability could be the deciding factor for you when choosing which of these two excellent choices is right for your specific needs. 

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