While searching for the best online course platform, you may be wondering how Thinkific compares with Ruzuku. Both allow you to create and sell your online courses, so how do you decide which one is best for you?

Thinkific gives you the tool to create and sell your educational online courses and membership sites under your brand. Ruzuku lets you create content for your online course while engaging with your students.

Read on to find out what our team of experts has to say about each platform in this comparison review between two Learning Management Systems.

Thinkific vs Ruzuku


Thinkific pricing plans suit all budgets from $0 to $499 per month, with the first 14 days being free. The user-friendly platform makes it easy for your students to navigate various multimedia course materials. 

Create great curriculum content with no coding required and start earning with your first course, no matter what plan you are on. Thinkific also gives you great marketing tools to sell online courses.


Creating online courses with Ruzuku is easy with all the most common features. Selling courses is also a breeze with features such as coupons. Student engagement is well-supported and straightforward too!

Pricing plans range from $99 to $199 per month, and you start with a 14-day free trial period. Subscriptions and payment plans get you earning from your first online course, and the platform offers support to your students.

Thinkific vs. Ruzuku at a Glance

Free TrialYes, 14 days.Yes, 14 days.
Pricing RangeFree – $0/month
Basic Plan – $49/month
Pro Plan – $99/month
Premier Plan – $499/month
*Save 20% when you pay annually
** Growth Package add-on with Pro Plan (costs based on active students)
Bootstrapper – $99/month
Up-and-Comer – $149/month
University – $199/month
*Significant, variable discount on annual payment plans
Best ForCustomizing online courses with your brand and membership sitesSimple and easy online course management with all standard features available
User Interface Features
Easy navigation and available on any deviceUser-friendly with support for all students when using the platform
Online CoursesNo technical expertise required
Drag and drop builder
Videos, audio, PDF, quizzes, surveys
Custom domain on all paid plans
Drip content
Ownership of all content
Unlimited courses and students on all paid plans
No technical expertise required
Intuitive backend set up
Video, audio, PDF, polls, and quizzes
Custom domain on a higher plan
Drip content
Ownership of all content
Unlimited courses and students on all plans
Monetization OptionsAvailable with all plansAvailable with all plans, subscription payments are available starting with the “Up-and-Comer” plan
Marketing OptionsCoupons
Bulk emailing
Free trials
Payment plans for students
Charge in local currency

Both Thinkific and Ruzuku offer a free 14-day trial period when signing up for a plan. Thinkific does offer core features on a free plan, while Ruzuku’s lowest pricing plan comes in at $99 per month.

Discounted monthly rates are available on both platforms when signing up annually. 

Monetization is possible on all Thinkific and Ruzuku plans with the following options available:

  • Ruzuku offers subscriptions and payment plans on “Up-and-Comer” and “University” plans. 
  • Payment plans are available from Pro upwards on Thinkific. 

Ruzuku allows you to create and sell online courses quickly and efficiently with all of the features and tools you would expect. But, Thinkific provides educational themed templates and a drag & drop editor for customizing your content. 

When selling your courses, you can rely on the following:

  • Thinkific gives you promotional coupons, membership sites, and course bundles
  • Ruzuku includes discounted coupons to encourage students to sign up
Thinkific vs Ruzuku

Thinkific vs. Ruzuku: Pricing Comparison

Thinkific has four pricing plans compared to Ruzuku’s three plans. An add-on for Thinkific’s Pro Plan is available at an additional US$0.10 per active student. 

Thinkific Pricing:

  • Free ($0 per month) – includes core features, content hosting, quizzes, allows unlimited students but limited courses. It doesn’t support membership sites.
  • Basic Plan ($49 per month or $39 per month if paid annually) – includes core features, coupons, custom domain, allows unlimited students and courses. It doesn’t support membership sites.
  • Pro Plan ($99 per month or $79 per month if paid annually) – includes all basic features, two site admin accounts, 5-course authors, membership sites, and unlimited courses. 
  • Premier Plan ($499 per month or $399 if paid annually) – includes all Pro features, five site admin accounts, 50-course authors, allows unlimited students and courses. 

Ruzuku Pricing:

  • Bootstrapper ($99 per month or $74.75 per month if paid annually) – includes instructor, content hosting, coupons, allows unlimited users, and unlimited courses. It doesn’t support subscriptions, payment plans, membership sites, or custom domains.
  • Up-and-Comer Plan ($149 per month or $83.08 per month if paid annually) – includes instructor, webinars, subscriptions and payment plans, unlimited users, unlimited courses. It doesn’t support membership sites or custom domains.
  • University Plan ($199 per month or $125 per month if paid annually) – includes multiple instructors and site managers, dedicated account manager, allows unlimited users, and unlimited courses. It doesn’t support membership sites or custom domains.

Thinkific offers a solid, all-around platform for online courses and membership sites while offering cost-effective plans. 

Thinkific vs Ruzuku

Thinkific vs. Ruzuku: A Comparison of Features and Tools

When creating online courses, features such as hosting, sales and marketing, and student experience are essential. Analytics features tell you how your courses perform, while customization may be the deal-breaker for you if you’re looking for brand relevance. 

Our team of in-house experts takes you through the features and tools of both platforms. This comparison helps you decide which is the best option for your own business. 

Thinkific vs Ruzuku

Online Courses

While Ruzuku gives you the freedom to present your online courses according to your preferences, highly interactive course design is limited. Thinkific lets you incorporate a range of materials while creating a well-structured course. 

Both platforms allow you to include discussions, quizzes, and surveys with your students. Self-directed modules are available on the Ruzuku platform, as well as unlimited webinars.

Which Platform Offers the Better Solution for Hosting Online Courses?

  • Ruzuku’s hosting online courses is better for quick development and uploading, unlimited courses and students, and a wide range of content hosting. 
Thinkific vs Ruzuku

Sales & Marketing Features

While Ruzuku offers basic commerce opportunities by offering students attractive discount coupons, Thinkific’s marketing tools help users sell courses effectively.

Promotional coupons, bundling courses for upselling, and increasing revenue through membership sites are some of the sales and marketing features of Thinkific.

Thinkific goes further by offering affiliate marketing strategies to increase revenue. Thinkific also integrates with a wide range of marketing tools. 

Which Platform Offers Better Sales & Marketing Solutions?

  • Thinkific’s sales and marketing solutions are better because of the wide range of features to improve sales. 
Thinkific vs Ruzuku

Student  Experience Features

Ruzuku offers student support when using their platform, leaving you to focus on teaching.

The platform has a user-friendly interface, and students enjoy significant peer-to-peer learning interaction. Both Thinkific and Ruzuku accommodate discussions, polls, and quizzes.

Thinkific is optimized on most devices, giving users more flexibility when using this platform for their learning experience. The interface is easy to navigate, and students get a wide range of rich online content.

Which Platform Offers Better Student Experience?

  • Ruzuku’s student experience is better because it offers a more personalized online experience for its students while engaging with the community.
Thinkific vs Ruzuku

Analytics Features

Detailed analytics and reporting are available on the Thinkific platform, while Ruzuku offers limited analytic features. 

Thinkific analytic features allow you to easily track the performance of your online courses as well as your student engagement.

Ruzuku has a Course Health feature giving you information such as student activity and course completion. Data for the whole course or lesson is available. 

Which Platform Offers Better Analytics Features?

  • Thinkific’s analytics features are better because you can rely on detailed reporting and intensive analytics. This data gives you a full overview of your online courses, students, and their performance.
Thinkific vs Ruzuku

Customization Features

Thinkific offers a range of built-in tools for customization of your online courses and website. Ruzuku, on the other hand, offers minimal customization features. However, you can alter color themes, fonts, and layouts for a slightly different look.

Thinkific website builder with themed templates and editing tools makes it easy to customize your online content. Ruzuku allows you to upload content for basic online courses quickly.

Which Platform Offers Better Customization Features?

  • Thinkific’s customization features are better because you can create and customize all your interactive online courses with built-in content creation tools.

Final Thoughts

  • Choose Thinkific if: You want to build highly customized online courses that match your brand. Also, choose for its wide range of sales and marketing tools for rapidly growing your online course business. 
  • Choose Ruzuku if: You want a quick and easy entry-level online courses platform while maximizing on many of the most common features available on other similar platforms. Ruzuku is also an excellent platform for student engagement. 

If you’re looking to create basic but successful online courses with minimal technical knowledge, Ruzuku satisfies your digital teaching needs. You and your students will also benefit from great customer support when using this platform.

However, based on our intensive research, Thinkific is likely the superior platform overall. It particularly shines if you’re looking to customize your online courses with a website builder included in the platform.

Thinkific also helps you grow and increase your revenue with membership sites and other tools. 

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