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EverWebinar has a four-tiered affiliate program that lets you earn commissions from new customer subscriptions.

Key Takeaways:

  • EverWebinar’s commissions are decided using a tiered structure
  • The top affiliate tier pays out 40% of recurring sale revenue for the subscription lifetime
  • To become a top affiliate, you must have sold $10k within the past 12 months

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How to Become an EverWebinar Affiliate

To become an EverWebinar affiliate, you must sign up through its website.

Here’s the complete process:

  1. Go to this page.
  2. Scroll down and click on the Apply Now button.
  1. A pop-up will now appear with the platform’s terms and conditions. You will need to read through them by scrolling down.
  2. When completed, click Accept.
click Accept
  1. You’ll then be asked if you have an existing account. If you do, click Sign In and follow the steps. If you don’t, click Free Sign Up.
Free Sign Up
  1. Fill out the sign up form.
  2. When done, click Create a Free Account.
Create a Free Account
  1. To continue, complete the questionnaire. The questions include your social media links, profiles, and experience.
  1. Check your inbox, as EverWebinar will send an email once approved.

For several reasons, EverWebinar may deny your application.

If this has happened to you, here are some of the possible reasons they give:

  • Application not complete in full
  • Information not true and accurate
  • The information submitted is not detailed enough or representative of you
  • Your website is not professional and organized

If your application was incorrectly denied, you could email JV@genesisdigital.co for help and advice.

EverWebinar Affiliate Commissions

EverWebinar’s affiliate commissions change depending on the number of sales you’ve referred to them – the more sales attributed to you, the higher your affiliate tier.

Here are the four affiliate tiers:

  • Referral Tier – This is the first tier you’ll have access to. You’ll be paid 100% of the subscriber’s first month’s payment or 20% of the total subscription if they opt for the annual plan.
  • Affiliate Tier 1 – After two unique sales, you’ll reach this tier. You’ll then receive 20% of the customer’s annual subscription for the lifetime.
  • Affiliate Tier 2 – You’ll reach this tier after $1,000 of sales. This will make you eligible for 30% of the customer’s subscription plan for the lifetime.
  • Affiliate Tier 3 –  This is the top affiliate tier; to reach it, you must have $10,000 in sales within the past twelve months. The top tier gives you a 40% recurring commission for the lifetime of the subscription plan.
Affiliate Tier% Subscription EarntRequirements
Referral Tier100% one-time monthly payment + 20% on annual sales (one-off)$0
Affiliate Tier 120% (lifetime)2 Sales
Affiliate Tier 230% (lifetime)>$1,000 (previous 12 months)
Affiliate Tier 340% (lifetime)>$10,000 (previous 12 months)

EverWebinar Affiliate Program Requirements

EverWebinar doesn’t have a list of specific affiliate program requirements. However, by reviewing the application and the previously stated reasons for denial, we’ve come up with a list.

  • Social media accounts – The platform asks for all of your social media accounts, suggesting your sites need to be professional and contain no spam or prohibited content.
  • Website presence – The website you submit should be clean and professional, lacking  adversities or any content that may lead to negative associations or consequences for EverWebinar.

EverWebinar Affiliate Terms of Service

Here are a few of EverWebinars key terms of service and conditions:

  • Read Through the FTC documents – You must familiarize yourself with the guidelines for affiliate marketing.
  • No Spam – This includes social media, email, and traffic.
  • Correct Disclosure – Be transparent with those looking to purchase.
  • 44-Day Payout Period – EverWebinar will pay you out after the 14-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee periods have passed.
  • PayPal – Affiliates will be paid out via PayPal; therefore, affiliates must have an active account.

How to Create EverWebinar Affiliate Links

Now that you’re signed up for EverWebinar’s affiliate program, you’ll need to find your link to begin promoting it.

Here’s how to find the link:

  1. Navigate to your affiliate account for EverWebinar.
  2. On the left-hand side of the dashboard, select My Affiliate Promos.
  3. Then, click Promotions on the top tabs section.
  4. Now, on the drop-down, select Promotions.
select Promotions
  1. Select the EverWebinar link by either clicking on the icon on the dropdown or the far right menu.
  2. Click on the My Link icon on the right-hand side.
My Link icon
  1. Now, copy your platform affiliate link by clicking on it.
clicking on it

How to Advertise Your EverWebinar Affiliate Link

Here are a few advertising ideas for your affiliate link:

  • Email – If you have an email list, you can let them know about EverWebinar.
  • Social Media – For social media accounts focused on related niches, you could promote the platform.
  • Website bBanners – Sites that already have traffic can place banner ads to encourage their readers to join.

In addition, the platform gives you access to a range of resources to help you promote EverWebinar.

These include:

  • Email swipes
  • Banner creatives
  • Social media swipes
Social media swipes

Frequently Asked Questions

EverWebinar has 4 affiliate tiers. The top tier pays out 40% of a customer’s recurring subscription payment for its lifetime. You must have sold $10,000 worth of subscriptions within the past year to reach this tier. The other three tiers range from 20% one-time payments to 30% recurring commissions.

Anyone is eligible to apply to become an EverWebinar affiliate. However, the platform will ask you to submit a lot of information, which they’ll review before approving you. This will include social media links, websites, and general information.

To join EverWebinar’s affiliate program, go to home.webinarjam.com/partners > Click Affiliate Sign Up > Read and accept its terms and conditions > Either connect your existing account or sign up > Complete the form with all your information > Wait for the email confirmation.

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