EverWebinar Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

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EverWebinar costs $499 per year, with the option of a three-payment plan that comes to $597 per year for the convenience of smaller payments.

Our team of experts thoroughly explored the features and benefits of the software and assessed its pricing.

We found that the three payment options provide excellent choices that can amount to substantial savings of up to $197.50 a year.

You decide whether to pay in installments, annually, or every two years. 

Everwebinar Pricing

EverWebinar Pricing Plans

All three EverWebinar pricing plans provide the same features and functionality, including automated webinars, advanced simulation tools, pre-made landing pages, and dependable 24/7 support.

The difference is only in their cost-effectiveness and total running time.

The standard Annual and Installment Plans last a year while the third is a Biennial Plan.

As mentioned above, the two-year plan ends up being cheaper, while the Installment Plan is ultimately the most expensive.

Some of us like the idea of saving money, while it is more convenient for others to pay smaller amounts, even though the payments add up to a little more in the end.

There are, of course, many more features that make EverWebinar extremely appealing. These include:

  • Live Chat Simulator
  • Clickable Offers
  • Countdowns
  • Hybrid Webinars
  • Seamless Integration
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Page Builder
  • Just-In-Time Webinars
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Email & SMS Systems
  • Dynamic Attendee Display
  • Detailed Analytics

EverWebinar Installment Pricing Plan

Price: Three payments of $199 per year ($597 total per year)

Even though the Installment Plan ends up costing slightly more than the standard Annual Plan per month ($49.75 versus $41.58), many users find it more convenient to split payments into three. For some, it makes budgeting easier. 

Genesis Digital, which owns EverWebinar, sets up accounts. Because the deal involves prepayment, you will need to remember when billing takes place. You pay the first installment when you sign up, and the next two payments depend on your billing cycle.

Premier features included in this plan are:

  • Automated Webinars
  • Advanced Simulation Tools
  • Pre-Made Landing Pages
  • 24/7 Customer Support

EverWebinar Annual Pricing Plan

Price: $499 ($499 total per year)

Undoubtedly the most popular pricing plan, this plan takes the middle road.

While it does cost a little more than the Biennial Plan, it costs a little less than the Installment Plan. 

If you look at the three plans over two years, the monthly costs amount to $41.58 for the Annual Plan instead of $49.75 for the Installment Plan and $33.29 for the Biennial Plan.

The convenience of smaller time commitments comes at a cost, but all of these rates offer excellent value. 

Premier features included in this plan are the same as the other two:

  • Automated Webinars
  • Advanced Simulation Tools
  • Pre-Made Landing Pages
  • 24/7 Customer Support

EverWebinar Biennial Pricing Plan

Price: $799 for two years ($399.5 total per year)

The Biennial Plan is the most cost-effective option offered by EverWebinar, although not everyone considers it the most affordable. Sometimes, paying upfront can be a challenge that outweighs the benefits of saving a few dollars in the long run. 

We did some math to give you an idea of the savings over two years:

  1. Installment Plan: $199 x 3 per year x 2 = $1194
  2. Annual Plan: $499 per year x 2 = $998
  3. Biennial Plan: $799  

Like the other two payment plans, premier features in the Biennial Plan include: 

  • Automated Webinars
  • Advanced Simulation Tools
  • Pre-Made Landing Pages
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Is There an EverWebinar Discount?

EverWebinar doesn’t offer an outright discount. However, your choice of plan can result in significant savings. With the Biennial Plan costing $399.50, the Annual Plan $499, and the Installment Plan $597 for the year: 

  • You can save nearly $100 by choosing the Annual Plan.
  • You can save close to $200 by choosing a 2-year plan.

Also, EverWebinar sometimes advertises special offers, and you might be lucky enough to get to try the software for 14 days, for just $1! 

This offer equates to a discount of $25-$16, depending on which plan you opt for, so bookmark this page. 


Is There a Money-Back Guarantee for EverWebinar?

If you’re not happy with EverWebinar, for whatever reason, there’s a 30-day, risk-free, money-back guarantee. However, you should bear in mind that the refund policies vary depending on your chosen payment plan. 

If you opt for the Annual or Biennial Plan, you can get a full refund provided you make your request within 30 days of signing up and buying the product. 

If you opt for the Installment Plan, there is no refund allowed on the first two payments. If you request your money back within 30 days of the third installment payment, you will receive a refund.

Bottom Line

EverWebinar pricing is affordable and has three different options that vary in terms of cost-effectiveness and timeframe. The pricing plans all have the same features and functionality that enable users to create pre-recorded webinars that look and feel like live webinars. 

Whichever plan you choose, you will be able to create hybrid and just-in-time webinars, increase conversions, and simulate live chat engagement. You’ll have the advantage of automated webinars that can incorporate polls and surveys, and clickable offers. 

It’s up to you to decide whether to save money by paying for the Biennial Plan in advance, sticking with a regular Annual Plan, or choosing the Installment Plan to pay the fees in three parts.  

Best of all, if you sign up and are disappointed for any reason, EverWebinar offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


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