Expert Secrets Review: Russell Brunson’s New Best-Seller Review

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Russell Brunson always excels at sharing e-commerce and online marketing secrets. As a digital marketer myself, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

Reading through the five sections, I was amazed at the pure genius he was sharing. Expert Secrets focuses on concepts like how to bring your target audience to your funnels and how to get in touch with them.  

In this review, I’ll give you some expert insights on Russell Brunson’s new best-seller. 

ClickFunnels Expert Secrets

Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets: How to Get It?

Number of Pages


PDF e-book Price

$12.09 (Amazon)

$9.99 (Barnes & Noble)

Hardcover Book Price

$9.95 (ClickFunnels + Bonuses Included)

$26.99 (Barnes & Noble)

$41.89 (Amazon)

Other Books in Trilogy

Expert Secrets is the third in a trilogy where Russell Brunson provides a guide on successfully running an online business using funnels. Readers can obtain the PDF e-book for Kindle on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble.

However, I’d strongly suggest getting the hardcover book through ClickFunnels for only $9.99. It’s cost-effective and has a few extra goodies included. 

When you purchase the hardcover book in ClickFunnels, you’ll receive:

  • The hardcover Expert Secrets book
  • Four masterclasses
  • A 30-day “Expert Secrets” challenge

Naturally, I opted for the ClickFunnels promotion to get more value for my buck. Copies can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep.

Shipping is free in the US and $19.99 extra for international shipping. 

Should I Get an E-Book or Hardcover Copy of Expert Secrets?

If you want to take advantage of all the bonuses, buying the hardcover copy is your best option.

You can also purchase hardcover copies from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, but these purchases exclude the bonuses. Let’s look at the price comparisons:

Barnes & Noble


ClickFunnels site




Many might argue that buying an e-book is eco-friendlier and more convenient. Even though reading digitally is more eco-friendly, Expert Secrets isn’t a book that will go to waste.

After reading the copy once, I could go back to the pages and highlight certain secrets. It has become kind of a study guide to increase conversion rates and up my digital marketing game. 

Buying Expert Secrets from ClickFunnels saved me a lot of money.

The value added by the masterclasses and the 30-day “Expert Secrets’ challenge was undoubtedly the tipping point in deciding between the e-book or hardcover. 

An Honest Expert Secrets Review: Is It Worth Getting?

Firstly, any reader has to consider the credibility of the writer of the book. Russell Brunson co-founded ClickFunnels and created numerous extremely successful sales funnels.

Over the past 15 years, Brunson has helped more than 100,000 entrepreneurs and generated more than $250 million in sales with ClickFunnels, not to mention his other online ventures’ revenue.

Taking into account his industry knowledge and successful background, the book is already worth buying.

After reading DotCom Secrets and Traffic Secrets, I was extremely excited to read the third member of the trilogy.

I read it in one sitting, and boy does it tie up the Secrets trilogy beautifully. 

In summary, the five sections consist of: 

  1. How to find your voice and create a movement
  2. How to create a powerful story that engages customers
  3. A step-by-step framework on pre-selling your product
  4. How to attract your dream customers
  5. Next steps

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In Conclusion

With a 4.6 star rating on Amazon and countless credible positive online reviews, I have to agree with the masses. This book provides detailed advice on how a business owner can tell stories to sell their products. 

Being the owner of a hardcover copy will give you the option to read it and use it as a study guide to refer back.

It’s an excellent guide that gives you all the tools and information you need to grab visitors’ attention and convert them into lifetime customers. 

The Expert Secrets book by Russell Brunson is well worth purchasing.

Buying it from the ClickFunnels website will give you exclusive access to masterclasses and challenges that makes the low price of $9.99 a steal. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

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