Can You Still Get a Funnel Hackers Black Box?

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

ClickFunnels has replaced the Funnel Hacker Black Box with the Secrets Trilogy box set. This is a tremendous deal that very few users know about.

The Secrets Trilogy contains three best-selling books written by Russell Brunson and a unique offer of a free workbook which is not available for sale otherwise.

ClickFunnels Funnel Hacker Black Box

What Is the Funnel Hacker Black Box?

The Secrets Trilogy box set is a hardback book bundle including Russell Brunson’s:

And a free workbook Unlock the Secrets. The bundle costs $127, and shipping is free.

Unlock the Secrets is a six hundred and fourteen-page workbook showing all the step-by-step strategies to creating your funnel from “Becoming Your Dream Customer’s Guide” to “Creating Your Presentation.”

This journal will help you execute all the lessons you learn while reading the other three books.

When you buy the set, you can also take advantage of ClickFunnels’ special offer of the Secrets Trilogy Audiobooks. 

What’s in the Funnel Hacker Black Box?

The Secrets Trilogy is a valuable box set that includes four books written by Russell Brunson. The total cost is $127, and shipping is free.

The set contains the following books:

  1. Expert Secrets.
  2. Traffic Secrets.
  3. DotCom Secrets.
  4. Unlock the Secrets.

The four books used together can help you to elevate your company to the next level.

  • Expert Secrets is full of information on communicating with the people who go to your sales funnel. It gives excellent advice on how to persuade them to follow you and become lifelong customers.
  • Traffic Secrets shows you how to drive more people to your funnels and where to get them from.
  • DotCom Secrets helps you to understand the psychology of sales funnels, how to build them, and what kind of funnels you need for your business.
  • Unlock the Secrets is a free workbook to use as you go through the other three books.

Is Funnel Hacker Black Box Really Worth It?

The Secrets Trilogy box set is certainly worth buying.

Although the other three books are available for you to buy individually, Unlock the Secrets is only available with this promotion.

This offer is worth it if:

  • You want to learn what kind of funnels you need for your specific business.
  • You want to learn how to create sales funnels using proven concepts.
  • You want to drive more traffic to your funnels.
  • You want to find your dream customers.
  • You want to advance your knowledge of funnel-building.
  • You want to develop your marketing skills.
  • You want a workbook to help guide you through the strategies.

How to Get the Funnel Hacker Black Box?

The Secrets Trilogy book deal is a special offer from ClickFunnels. It includes all three Secrets books as well as a free workbook written by Russell Brunson.

Signing up for this promotion is the only way for you to receive the workbook. Below we will show you how you can claim this exclusive offer.

When you buy the boxed set, you also have the chance to add to your order the Secrets Trilogy Audiobooks. Here you’ll also receive a great deal.

When you buy the three audiobooks, DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets, you will pay $74. Usually, they cost $37 each, so you’re getting one free.

You can only obtain the Secrets boxed set and audiobooks by following the steps below:

  1. Visit this page
  2. Fill in your contact details.
  3. Fill in your billing information.


If you want to scale your business using advice from experts, this box set is for you. Russell Brunson knows everything about internet marketing and is always willing to pass on his expertise.

This offer is a way for you to follow the steps he suggests to make your funnel-building experience a dream instead of a nightmare.

Of course, you can buy the three secrets books separately, but Unlock the Secrets is only available as part of the bundle.

When you’re reading any book written by Russell Brunson, you need to take notes. Now he’s brought out an exclusive workbook.

When you have a new business idea, you can use this to see exactly how it can develop and work for you. Keeping your notes contained in a hardback book is an elegant idea.

If you want to learn everything about sales funnels or improve your funnel-building technique, then this box set is for you.

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