Funnel Scripts Monthly Plan – Does It Still Exist?

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Funnel Scripts does not offer a monthly plan. If you’re interested solely in this feature, the only option is a lifetime subscription for $797.

This article provides you with the most up-to-date information about this powerful copywriting tool. 

Our team expertly appraised the Funnel Scripts system, spending a considerable amount of time researching it and trying it out.

Although the lifetime deal costs a significant amount of money, we’ll explain why we believe it’s a worthwhile investment. 

Moreover, we’ll clarify how the app can help grow your business, targeting your specific market.

Funnel Scripts Monthly

Funnel Scripts Monthly Plan

A Funnel Scripts monthly plan was never an available option.

When this copywriting platform first launched, an annual subscription was the only payment option.

When users selected a yearly payment of $297, it cost around $25 per month.

However, the Funnel Scripts tool is now available only as a one-time payment of $797 for lifetime access.

If you need to write large amounts of copy regularly, then the Lifetime access will suit you better. The tool is crammed with useful draft scripts to help you create copy that should lead to conversions. With so much to learn, the many tutorial videos are on hand to guide you.

Paying once for this particular software is ideal as you can concentrate on getting to grips with the app, knowing it’s yours for its lifetime.

Is There a Funnel Scripts Monthly Plan?

Funnel Scripts includes a considerable array of features, but it isn’t available as a monthly plan. You can buy this copywriting tool only as a lifetime deal for $797. 

If copywriting is a business area you need to develop, this lifetime deal may be the best solution and a more sustainable way to scale your business.

With one easy payment, you’ll have full unlimited access to the tool that should meet or exceed your expectations.

If you’re also looking to subscribe to a ClickFunnels plan, the Funnel Scripts tool is included as a bonus with the Funnel Builder Secrets promotion.

Funnel Scripts Monthly Plan Alternatives

The only alternative to a Funnel Scripts monthly plan is the lifetime plan.

It costs $797, and you’ll have access to the copywriting tool for the product’s lifetime.  

A one-time fee might work out to be better for your business than a monthly subscription.

It removes recurring payment requirements, saving you time and inconvenience. Even more, based on the old annual cost, the system will have paid for itself within three years.

Crafting high-converting copy takes time, and this tool should free yours up no matter whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced business copywriter.


Your words need to be persuasive to move your company forward.

Eye-catching copy helps you build healthy relationships with your visitors, converting them into customers.

This makes Funnel Scripts an essential tool for any industry where you need large amounts of written content. 

Providing text with high conversion rates for emails, ads, webinars, you name it, this system cuts out the stress of writing copy.

Admittedly, there’s a massive amount of features, so there’s a steep learning curve.  But with plenty of video tutorials, you’ll soon master it.

When time is essential and good copy is vital, Funnel Scripts will give you something to work with. With a few simple tweaks, you’ll have compelling scripts.

Pay for it once, and secure access for its lifetime. In the end, it may be worth far more than the price of admission.

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Samuel Fletcher
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