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GoHighLevel is an all-in-one CRM and marketing platform. The extensive features and tools allow you to organize contacts, nurture leads, manage appointments and pipelines, and grow and retain your customer base.

Many CRM features, such as text conversations, calendars, and pipeline management can also be automated.

Key Takeaways:

  • GoHighLevel is a comprehensive CRM platform
  • Many GoHighLevel CRM features can be automated, such as calendar and pipeline management and conversation nurturing
  • Conduct CRM on the go with the GoHighLevel app

Can I Use GoHighLevel for CRM?

GoHighLevel has been designed as an all-in-one marketing and CRM platform for both agencies and businesses. The whole idea behind GoHighLevel was to provide a single platform that allowed people to create campaigns, nurture leads, grow customer bases, and retain existing business.

Therefore, CRM is a vital component of GoHighLevel, and through the use of smart features and tools, you can use it for all your CRM needs.

What Are the GoHighLevel CRM Features?

GoHighLevel has many different features and tools that you can harness to grow and retain your customer base.

Add and Manage Contact Lists

Add and Manage Contact Lists

On the surface, the contact lists in GoHighLevel appear pretty standard. However, there are a ton of actions you can perform and information you can capture.

Aside from the basic contact details, you can see where the contact information came from and which campaigns and pipelines it is currently added to.

You are also able to capture additional information relevant to your campaigns. For example, if you have a hair salon client, you can add the type and color of hair, preferred style, preferred hair products, etc., to each relevant contact.

This information helps you better target contacts for marketing campaigns. So, if you run a promotion for hair curling, you know it probably won’t be relevant to your contacts with naturally curly hair.

GoHighLevel appear pretty standard

But that’s not all you can do. When you open up a specific contact, you can view all the text-based conversations that have taken place, plus reply to any outstanding messages (more on that below). 

Additionally, in the top right-hand corner, you can see any outstanding tasks for the contact and any appointments they have booked.

top right-hand corner

In the contact list view, directly above the contacts, there is a set of icons that allow you to simultaneously perform certain actions to a number of contacts. All you do is select the contacts you need and click on the relevant icon to:

  • Add to a campaign
  • Send an email
  • Send a text
  • Add or remove tags
  • Send a review request
  • Merge contacts
  • Delete contacts

Along the top of the screen, you have further options:

  • Smart lists: These are contacts that you have arranged into specific groups.
  • Bulk actions: Here, you can view any previous bulk actions; for example, you can send the same text to 100 contacts.
  • Restore: If you deleted a contact and want to restore their details, here’s where you do it.
  • Tasks: You can check the list of tasks you have upcoming for all contacts.
  • Company: If you have a client with several business locations, you can add them here and list the relevant contacts under each location. 
  • Manage smart lists: Here’s where you create and customize your smart lists.

As you can see, GoHighLevel’s contact lists go way beyond capturing a person’s email address and phone number to provide all tools and actions under one single section of the platform.

Call, Direct Message, and Text Contacts from the GoHighLevel Platform

Direct Message

The beauty of GoHighLevel is that you never have to leave the platform to get in touch with any leads or contacts. You can directly call, email, and SMS from inside the contact’s entry.

All you do is select the contact you want to get in touch with and a conversation feed will open up to the right of the contact’s details. This is where you can see the conversation history of everything that has previously taken place.

To call, click the green phone icon at the top. The system will dial the number, and a call panel will open up. If the contact picks up, you can chat with them without ever picking up a phone.

GoHighLevel CRM Automation

Emailing and sending an SMS are just as straightforward as calling. You can select SMS or email at the bottom of the conversation feed and type the message directly into the field provided. 

When you send an SMS or email, the message will appear in the conversation feed but will also be sent to the contact’s phone or inbox. Any replies will also appear in the feed.

Manage Calendars and Appointments

Manage Calendars and Appointments

GoHighLevel calendars let you manage all your upcoming appointments and meetings from one place. You can manually book sessions for contacts and leads, plus edit and cancel existing ones.

The platform allows unlimited calendars, so you can create a separate calendar for each type of meeting or appointment. This is a great way to keep things nice and organized. 

Another neat feature is the automatic conflict checker. When an appointment is booked, the checker will scan across all of your calendars to ensure the time won’t clash with an existing appointment. If the appointment does overlap another booking, it will get flagged, and you will know to change it.

The calendar feature also has some clever automation built into it, but we’ll cover that below.

Manage Pipelines

Manage Pipelines

Pipelines exist to see where your leads currently are in the customer journey. When a lead is added to a sales pipeline, they move through the stages until they either drop out or reach the end stage.

In GoHighLevel, you can create pipelines for each of your campaigns so that you don’t get the data mixed up or confused. When building your pipeline, you can add as many or as few stages as required. Each pipeline tends to be unique to the client or campaign.

You can view the overall data for each pipeline and understand at a glance which of your leads require nurturing and attention. This ensures you catch leads while they’re hot and never miss an opportunity.

Take Payments, Create and Send Invoices

Send Invoices

Rather than have a customer transfer to a separate provider to make a payment, GoHighLevel conveniently lets you take payments from within the platform. However, you must first integrate with Stripe or Paypal to do so.

When you have set up your preferred payment provider, you can directly accept payments for orders and subscriptions. Here you can also view all your past transactions, create products, and, most interestingly, create coupons. Creating a coupon is a great way to nudge leads in the right direction if you want to nurture those hesitant leads and encourage a sale.

GoHighLevel also has an invoice feature allowing you to create and directly send invoices to clients without using additional bookkeeping or accounting software.

GoHighLevel CRM Automation

To help you take your CRM to the next level, GoHighLevel has a series of clever automation features that take care of many aspects of customer relations. The platform does everything from AI-generated SMS conversations to fully automated marketing campaigns.

Automatic Workflows

Automatic Workflows

GoHighLevel workflows are a sophisticated way to create marketing campaigns and run them on autopilot. The feature works like a flow diagram where you can create triggers and variables depending on the action taken.

For example, an email with an invite to a free webinar is sent to a lead. The lead clicks to sign up for the webinar. This action triggers an automatic series of email and text reminders to be sent at set intervals.

When the webinar is completed, the system is triggered to send the lead a follow-up message with a discount for another course. The lead ignores the message, which triggers a reminder to be sent after a few days. There is a great number of possible automations. 

Essentially, you can take the lead from initial contact right through to the point of sale without ever having to manually intervene.

Automatic Appointment Scheduling

Automatic Appointment Scheduling

To make calendar management even easier, GoHighLevel lets you embed calendars onto websites, sales funnels, and landing pages so customers can make a direct booking.

When a customer books, their appointment will automatically show up from within the GoHighLevel platform.

There are two other calendar automation tools that are worth mentioning:

  • If you plan to charge for appointments, you can integrate with Stripe and automatically take upfront payments for bookings.
  • For webinars and other virtual events, you can integrate with Zoom, so a unique Zoom link is automatically populated every time someone confirms a booking.

Both are convenient time-savers and prevent you from missing a payment or forgetting to add a Zoom link.

Automatic Conversation Nurturing

Automatic Conversation Nurturing

A top feature of GoHighLevel is its ability to use AI to carry out text-based conversations to nurture a lead through to taking action.

The process of creating an automated conversation operates much like GoHighLevel workflows. So, the action of a lead texting will automatically trigger a response. 

The AI system is smart; it can detect negative and positive responses and will send a reply based on the type of response it receives. 

For example, a lead has sent a message saying, “More info.” This can trigger the response of “Thanks for getting in touch. To find out more, you can book a free consultation. Would you like to book now?”

If the lead types “yes,” “yeah,” “OK,” or another positive word, the system will understand that it needs to send a response explaining how to book a consultation. If the lead types “no,” “no thanks,” or something similar, the system could be instructed to say something like “No problem. If you decide you do want a free consultation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.”

This feature can handle unlimited text-based conversations simultaneously, so imagine how much time and effort this can save you if you have a campaign involving thousands of leads. It also means you never miss an opportunity, and potential customers never feel abandoned.

Automatic Pipelines

We’ve already talked about how pipelines work, but the really cool thing about these is that you can directly link them to campaign workflows. Then, as the lead moves through the workflow, they get automatically moved through the various stages of a pipeline.

This way, you don’t ever have to worry about whether or not your pipelines are up to date and if you’re missing out on any hot leads.

GoHighLevel CRM Mobile App

GoHighLevel CRM Mobile App

The GoHighLevel mobile app is available for Android and Apple iOS and is free to download.

It allows you to perform CRM on the go. This means you can always strike while the iron is hot and never miss an opportunity when you’re away from your desk.

Although the app’s functions are much more limited than the desktop app, you can still do plenty. Here’s the app features:

  • View your pipelines
  • Make calls, send emails and SMS
  • Book appointments
  • View and edit your calendars
  • Receive messages and respond directly
  • View, add, edit, and organize your contact lists
  • Create new opportunities
  • Read reviews and send review requests
  • Create invoices

Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel is a comprehensive CRM and marketing platform for businesses and marketing agencies. It contains all the necessary features and tools to perform CRM, nurture leads, and grow and retain customer bases.

Like most features on GoHighLevel, the amount of contacts you have on the platform is unlimited.

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