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The GoHighLevel dashboard provides an insightful overview of each sub-account’s pipelines, campaigns, workflows, and manual tasks and actions. 

From Q3 2023, you will be able to customize the GoHighLevel dashboard, but for now, you can style it by using CSS code or a third-party app.

Key Takeaways:

  • From Q3 2023, GoHighLevel will provide a fully customizable dashboard
  • The dashboard shows you data for your pipelines, opportunities, campaigns, and workflows
  • You can view upcoming manual actions and tasks as reminders to perform them

Can the GoHighLevel Dashboard Be Customized?

After high demand, GoHighLevel has finally made its dashboard customizable. 

All elements on the dashboard are now a widget and can be dragged and dropped into a layout that suits your needs. Each element can also be resized to be larger or smaller.

high demand

Additionally, you can now delete unwanted data from the dashboard and add in new widgets that display data in your desired style. For example, you can add widgets for appointment counts by source, status, group, and more.

Each data widget that you choose to add can be styled to your preference. You can choose the chart type: vertical bar, horizontal bar, pie, and so on. Then, you can configure the data by setting conditions and filters.

The advantage of this is that you can now style the dashboard to match each of your client’s unique set of priorities, so it shows you the information that matters rather than a generic data set.

Furthermore, whenever you choose to create a snapshot from a client’s sub-account, any customizations that you have made to the dashboard will transfer across to the snapshot template, saving you the effort of having to do it again for new clients.

Other GoHighLevel Dashboard Customization Options

Other GoHighLevel Dashboard Customization Options

In your GoHighLevel agency account, there is the option to add custom CSS code which can be used to style your dashboard differently. Adding CSS code will allow you to change the font, color, and layout of the dashboard.

To find the custom CSS box, click on “Settings” and then “Company.” Scroll down and you will see the CSS box just above the “Theme” section. 

Paste your custom code into the box then click on “Update company” for the changes to take effect.

As a side note, GoHighLevel lets you switch between light and dark themes, which will also change the look of the dashboard.

Custom CSS

There are third-party options for styling, too. GHL Experts provides tools, templates, snapshots, and more to use on the GoHighLevel platform. Included in its offer is a selection of dashboard themes and styles that you can use to customize yours.

Many of its themes and styles can be used for free, but there are also premium options if you choose to pay for a GHL Experts subscription (from $87/month).

What Can You View on the GoHighLevel Dashboard?

What Can You View on the GoHighLevel Dashboard?

The standard, non-customized version of the GoHighLevel dashboard will display the following data within each sub-account. All data can be filtered by date range:



The Opportunities section gives you a brief overview of all your current opportunities from all your pipelines. It shows you the total number, along with which ones are open, closed, or lost.

Pipeline Value

Pipeline Value

The pipeline value provides the overall value of your pipelines and breaks the amount down by open, closed, and lost opportunities.

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate gives you the percentage of closed opportunities over ongoing or lost ones. For example, if you have ten opportunities and only one of them is closed, your conversion rate will display as 10%.



When you create a pipeline, you must add stages to it (form submitted, sale proposed, sale won, etc.). This section shows each stage of your pipeline in a funnel form and provides the total monetary value and how many leads have completed each stage.

To see the data for a different pipeline, simply select it from the dropdown box at the top of the section.

Stages Distribution

Stages Distribution

The stages distribution provides a pie chart that displays how many leads are distributed throughout all your pipeline stages. Unlike the funnel section, this data does not show the total leads that have completed each pipeline stage. Instead, it gives you the number of current active leads for each one.

Manual Actions

Manual Actions

Manual actions show what you currently have outstanding. It’s true that most actions in GoHighLevel can be automated, but on occasion, you may have to call someone or send an SMS manually. 

This section serves as a handy reminder of how many outstanding actions you have yet to deal with. You can filter by assignee, campaigns, and workflows, so if you have several people in your organization who use GoHighLevel, you will be able to see which manual actions need to be performed by whom.



Tasks are similar to manual actions, but they are assigned to specific contacts rather than campaigns or workflows. A task can be anything like calling or sending an SMS to a contact through face-to-face meetings and more.

Once you create a task for a contact, it will display in this section so you can see at a glance what you need to do and when.

Lead Source Report

Lead Source Report

Finally, the lead source report gives you data on all areas where you collect leads. For example, you may have a lead collection form on your website and another one included in an email campaign.

This report lists each of your lead sources and gives you the number of leads, the total value, and the total number of open, lost, and won leads. You can view the conversion rate for each lead source, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

The GoHighLevel dashboard shows you broad stats and data from your campaigns, workflows, and pipelines. This data can be filtered by date range.

Additionally, you can view any upcoming manual actions and tasks that need to be performed.

You can use custom CSS code or a third-party app such as GHL Experts to style your GoHighLevel dashboard. GoHighLevel also lets you switch between a light and dark theme according to your preferences.

From Q3 2023, you can change the layout of the GoHighLevel dashboard by dragging and dropping each element into the desired spot. Additionally, you will be able to resize each element and add and delete them as needed.

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