GrooveFunnels Membership Sites

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GrooveFunnels again delivers the goods with its membership site builder: GrooveMember.

This product has all the features and tools you need to create and run a successful membership site for your online business:

  1. Site builder
  2. Embedding content
  3. Variety of payment gateways
  4. Restricted access
  5. Progress tracking
  6. Course modules

GrooveMember is a platform selling digital content, designing membership sites, and selling subscriptions.

Your members may receive access to exclusive content, products, or benefits in exchange for paying a fee. 

GrooveFunnels Membership Sites

How to Create a Membership Site on GrooveFunnels

Follow the membership setup wizard on the GrooveFunnels platform for guidance to create your membership site and course hosting platform.

  • Click ’Manage Membership’ to activate the setup wizard.
  • Hover over the ‘Content’ tab and select ‘Memberships.’
  • Click ‘New Membership’ in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Populate the ‘Basic Details’ form with your product’s name/description/subdomain.
  • Add URLs and links as needed.
Groove Member
  • ‘Create New Instructor’ with name, description, and an optional image.
  • Customize by uploading featured images/descriptions/logos.
  • ‘Save & Next.
instuctor groovemember
  • Access the site builder.
  • Use the sidebar to add content/design elements (+Add) to pages. 
  • Edit as needed by dragging-and-dropping content boxes/videos/branding.
  • Embed URLs for promo links.
  • Enable/disable comments on categories/subcategories/posts.
  • Include Call To Action buttons.
  • Set access levels by toggling relevant buttons on/off.
  • Set manner of content delivery (drip/scheduled/instant access).
  • Activate welcome message with login details/registration links to be sent to members.
  • URLs for registration to different tiers will be visible. 
  • Congratulations. You have set up your membership site. 

GrooveFunnels Membership Site Features

GrooveMember is one of the most popular applications on the GrooveFunnels platform, and it is easy to see why.

Membership Site Builder

At present, the GrooveMember site builder comes equipped with only two basic templates to create your membership site. However, it includes many handy styling tools to make the pages your own.

For example, you can use the drag-and-drop editor to add content types like headings, text boxes, video links, featured images, and download buttons to your page.

The same principle applies to creating course content. Use the builder to modify, supplement and flesh out products according to an optimized content hierarchy.

The site builder on GrooveMember is undoubtedly the most valuable inclusion on the list of features. Other than wishing for more themes and templates to work with, we approve of every aspect of its functionality.

Embedding Content

To add elements and embed content into your membership site, you once again open the site builder in GrooveMember. You can find the builder on step three of your setup wizard. 

Select and click on the ‘+Add’ tab to access elements to add to your pages.

For example, you will find tools to embed videos, URL links, and audio clips in the menu. Simply select what you want to embed from your course outline and add it to the specified page.

In theory, embedding content is a straightforward process, but you may find it a bit cumbersome at first.

However, it should become easier as you become more familiar with the features of the site builder. In this case, practice does indeed make perfect.

Variety of Payment Gateways

You can successfully integrate GrooveMember with a suite of third-party applications and other GrooveFunnels products.

In this instance, GrooveMember works in conjunction with GroovePages, GrooveAffiliates, and GrooveSell to activate sales funnels with checkout pages and payment gateways on your membership site.

Integrations of this kind can be complicated, especially if you are not technically inclined.

To this end, GrooveFunnels’ tutorials and coaching videos help you design workable sales funnels and workflows.

However, we still found that the process might be somewhat hard to follow for the average user. 

Restricted Membership Access

You can apply GrooveMember as a course management system or configure it to link directly to selected products available from your website.

Refer to the categorized content on the membership site to enable or disable relevant permissions for selected groups or individual members.

Then, assigned access conditions members must meet to be eligible for specified content bundles and tier benefits in locked-down member areas.

In this way, you can make sequential membership levels.

Remember to include a hard-to-miss button to allow quick upgrades if higher-level benefits tempt a site visitor.

If you use it correctly, this GrooveMember site creation function promises to be a valuable asset. It can help you draw members, manage subscriptions and build a community of customers who are loyal to your brand.

groovemember access

Membership Access & Membership Area Pages

Once you have set up the conditions of membership tiers, the next step is to create a secure login portal for your members.

Again, simplicity and unambiguity are essential in this instance. Remember that login pages should be easy to navigate, always keeping member experience in mind.

It is a good idea to cultivate customer relations by including a default welcome email in your sales funnel. GrooveMember will send this communication upon a completed subscription.

The message includes login credentials such as usernames, passwords, and assigned permissions. 

You can design GrooveMember pages to be viewable from mobile devices.

To this end, you can tweak and customize membership area pages to be mobile responsive. 

Administration Automation

Business admin can be tedious and time-consuming.

Administrative tasks on your membership sites are no different.

Fortunately, GrooveMember helps you save time, generate income and save costs by automating the following tasks:

  • Registering new members and updating member portfolios and profiles
  • Granting tiered, scheduled access to resources and course content
  • Informing members of content updates and changes
  • Facilitating attendee sign-in
  • Notifying members of specific event invitations 
  • Broadcasting newsletter distribution

Course Modules and Drip Lessons

Course creators may use various methods to deliver course content using GrooveMember features.

  1. Deliver all course material in a single video, PDF file, or grant access to any content on signing up.
  2. Give access to content installments after a specified period or on specific dates.
  3. Drip feed content based on the members’ interaction with material and completion of specified sections. Use a progression scale to indicate advancement.
  4. Use GrooveCalendar and GrooveMail to simplify content delivery automation and sharing asset links and notifications.

With previous versions of GrooveMember, users had to use services such as Google Drive or Dropbox to store files.

New development in GrooveMember V2 allows course creators to distribute content by sharing the download link directly from GrooveMember membership sites

Progress Tracking

Apart from an embedded progress bar to track the completion of a course’s sections, GrooveMember does not yet have meaningful analytics capabilities. 

Still, some limited analytics metrics are possible because of the easy interoperability with other GrooveFunnels products that have analytics functionality. 

Enable comments on membership pages to get insight into how members are experiencing your site.

For example, draw from queries and member feedback to identify areas of concern or incorporate quizzes and surveys to understand the behavioral needs of your customers.

GrooveFunnels aims to update and upgrade its functionality constantly.

Since GrooveMember describes itself as uniquely suited to course creation and delivery, we can expect upgrades for these features as time passes. 

Bottom Line

GrooveMember features are constantly changing and improving, as GrooveMember V2 illustrates.

Notably, it already grants entrepreneurs access to the tools to create custom membership sites utilizing tutorials, videos, and built-in setup wizards.

The updated platform covers tools to build your site, design a member login portal, and configure access controls.

Automated administration and content delivery are similarly functional with software included in the package.

However, there is still room for improvement to bring this GrooveFunnel product up to par.

We look forward to progress tracking and analytics software, self-serve payment gateways, and a more comprehensive selection of themes and templates soon.  

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