How to Create a Kajabi Membership Site?

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It’s easy to create a membership site in Kajabi, however you like it.

We’ll Go Over:

  • Setting up membership level offers;
  • Adding products to each offer;
  • Marking each offer at a level;
  • Adding to your store page;
  • Starting to sell memberships.
How to Create a Kajabi Membership Site

Kajabi offers users tools for building a membership site. Using Kajabi, you can create a members page where you can set and give special offers.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into how Kajabi membership sites work and talk about what is to like and what is not to like.

What Is a Membership Site?

A membership site is a gated community on your site reserved for members-only access.

Members can get access to exclusive quality content and products for the price of paying an extra premium.

By “content” we mean special pages, courses, offers, and other goodies that people want. 

Membership sites are useful because they can bring in more revenue. Once your website is up and running and you have established some income, you will want to start charging for your expert knowledge.

Membership sites are an easy way to fit that need. Membership sites entice more users to check out your products and subscribe to members-only content if they like what they see. 

Normally, membership sites charge a subscription fee for access. This fee could be either monthly or annual.

Sometimes membership sites will charge a one-time flat fee to get access to special content. Fortunately for you, Kajabi has all of the infrastructure and plug-ins you need to set up a membership site and market exclusive products or offers to members. 

Should You Create a Membership Site?

Membership sites are uniquely suited for the digital product industry.

If you have a membership site on your course website, you can put special products and offers behind a gate and require a subscription for access.

Unlike online stores that sell physical goods, offering premium access to special digital products does not cost you anything extra as you don’t have to worry about shipping costs.

Membership sites are particularly useful for those who build courses. The idea is that you can take all of the advanced and special courses you have and put them in a special section.

Membership sites are a good way to show the world that you are an expert and that your knowledge is valuable and in demand.

You can use a membership site as an offshoot for other digital products like blogs, e-books, videos, and podcasts.

Imagine otherwise: If every one of your students has access to the same series, of course, lectures, and webinars, then there would not be a way to grow the relationship between you and your students.

You don’t just want people to like your site; you want them to like your site so much that they would be willing to spend more to get access to your content.

In that sense, building a membership site is almost always a good idea once you have figured out what your digital product business needs, what your users like, and have laid a firm foundation for growth.

A membership site can be just what you need to take your business to the next level.


  • Membership sites are easier to maintain and generate recurring revenue. People are not just paying once for your products, they pay a recurring premium. 
  • Membership pages can be a good way to foster a community among your students. You can use them to engage with your audience.
  • Membership programs can be updated and changed based on how your business grows in the future.
  • You get access to members’ full contact details, which comes in handy for email marketing campaigns
  • They can be a way to entice greater user engagement by promoting premium content behind the gates. 
  • It gives your students more flexibility in how they consume your content. Everybody likes choices and flexibility, customers included. 


  • Memberships are a bigger commitment and require continual updating. You cannot just finish a product and be done with it. You have to think long-term. 
  • If your membership costs are initially low, it can be a bit harder to reach revenue goals. Selling courses gives you a nice lump sum right off the bat. Membership subscriptions are more like a slow trickle that adds up over time. 
  • Subscription billing cycles seem to confuse almost everyone. You will likely have to deal with some unhappy customers who didn’t cancel their membership within time. 

How to Build Your Membership Site On Kajabi?

In order to create your first membership site using Kajabi, first, go to the product dashboard and create different offers corresponding to different member levels (e.g. bronze, silver, gold, platinum, etc.).

Next, you navigate your products list and assign each product you want to a respective membership offer.

For example, you can create a “Learn to Paint Bronze” product and attach it to the Bronze membership option. Once you have your products assigned to the right membership levels, you can move on to the next step.

Add the membership offers to your store page and place them front and center on a landing page.

Once you do that, your membership offers and products will be good to go and people can start buying whichever offer they need.

Now when you create content, you can create it under each membership offer as a product. That way you can roll out specific products and content accessible only to members and specific offer levels.

Here is a basic model of how your membership offers should be set up:

  • Bronze offer: Bronze products
  • Silver offer: Silver and bronze products
  • Gold offer: Gold, silver, and bronze products
  • Platinum offer: Platinum, gold, silver, and bronze products

The basic structure of your membership offers indicates which product attaches to which offers and which offer allows access to which products. The idea is that users on the site can search for the content in their membership level and subscribe.

Here are some tips on how to effectively build a memberships site:

  • Start soon: The faster you get started, the more you can reap the benefits of a membership site. Don’t just dump whatever you have onto a membership offer, but start making the premium content you want to sell access to. Time is of the essence so start soon.
  • Do some research: If you are part of any membership site, spend some time playing around and seeing how membership sites work. You will likely find some inspiration from an existing membership site.
  • Get feedback: Members love having their voices heard. Make sure you keep close contact with your members and get their feedback on what they like and do not like. That way you can better tailor your membership site and offer structure to your audience.

If you ever have any trouble figuring out what to do on your site, you can get help with the Kajabi Assistant on the dashboard.

Click on Kajabi Assistant in the top-middle of the page and type in what you want to do (ex. Create a membership offer).

Click the search button and the engine returns results that best fit your needs.

Once you find the result you want, one click is all it takes to get the process started.

The Kajabi Assistant is a useful tool to help you navigate Kajabi’s platform and your content, especially if you are just starting.

Along with the powerful website builder tools, Kajabi gives users the option to create a membership site where they can host a set of premium gated content.

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