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Evergreen webinars are an effective method to grow your engagement with users and provide a recurring stream of content to students.

Kajabi has some simple tools for adding evergreen webinars to your products and pipeline pages.

We are going to cover some of the fundamentals about evergreen webinars and talk about their benefits and how to set one up using the Kajabi platform.

If you have not already, you can sign up for an extended 28-day free trial of Kajabi using this special link. Sign up now and see what benefits evergreen webinars can bring to your business.

How to Create an Evergreen Webinar with Kajabi

Advantages of an Evergreen Webinar

Let’s start with the term “evergreen”; what does it mean?

The term “evergreen” in an evergreen webinar is meant to signal content that remains relevant all the time.

In other words, evergreen webinars are not based on passing fads and trends and are always useful (they are “evergreen” in the metaphorical forest of marketing).

In that sense, evergreen webinars should focus on foundational practices of your niche that are relevant no matter the time.

Evergreen webinars cover topics that are timeless in their relevance and won’t be rendered irrelevant by some future development in the industry. 

Passive Income

One of the best things about evergreen webinars is that they can automate your marketing efforts and generate a stream of passive income.

With live webinars, you have to take regular intervals to design, record, and edit. Evergreen webinars only take the initial time investment and the rest can be automated.

That way, you can rely on your library of evergreen webinars to generate income while you focus on other matters. Evergreen webinars are around the clock marketing machines. 

Reach Out to New Subscribers

Like automated email sequences. Evergreen webinars can give people immediate access to foundational content.

In that sense, evergreen webinars are a good way to nurture new subscribers and ease them into the on-boarding process.

If a solid webinar is the very first thing that new subscribers lays eyes on, then there is a much better chance they will become regular customers.

Besides, a vibrant and energetic video is a much better way to connect with new subscribers than a dull PDF or text document. 

Getting Social Shares

Evergreen webinars are also useful for generating social shares. People like sharing things they find useful, so adding share links to your webinars is an excellent way to prompt them to share on their social media pages. Thanks to social media like Twitter and Facebook, it is easier than ever for users to share content with their audience. 

Build Your Reputation

One other great benefit of webinars is that they build your expert status and reputation in the industry. Students will appreciate quality content in your webinars and will be more likely to recommend your expertise to others. 

Useful Types of Evergreen Webinars

Remember, the key thing about evergreen webinars is that they should present foundational content about your niche that is not dependent on some recent trend or fad.

Here are some examples of useful types of evergreen webinars you can include in your pipeline.


Everybody likes to learn how to do things.

A simple tutorial webinar is a great choice for your pipeline as it will teach new subscribers something practical they can immediately apply. F

or instance, if your niche is teaching guitar, then an evergreen webinar covering some basic scales or finger strength-building exercises might be a good idea to include in your pipeline. 


People who buy digital courses want knowledge first and foremost, so an educational webinar is a good way to attract their attention.

Educational webinars are particularly flexible as they can be presented in basically any format; face-to-face video, PowerPoint, screen share, etc. Again, the material covered should be related to some foundational knowledge in your niche.

If you want to teach sailing, for example, then a webinar covering the basics of sailing terminology might be a good option. 

Case Studies

Case studies are a particularly effective way to show subscribers that what you are going to teach them actually has real-world import.

Content creators can draw from their own successes or research other successful endeavors to give the audience some real-world data.

Presenting case studies makes your knowledge seem more legitimate as users can see the real-world results of its application. 

Steps to Create an Evergreen Webinar in Kajabi

Kajabi Homepage

Here is a basic how-to guide on creating and uploading an evergreen webinar in Kajabi. 

Starting from the Kajabi dashboard, click on the Marketing tab and then select the Pipeline tab. Once on the Pipeline page, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the Legacy Pipelines button. 

From this page, scroll down just a bit further, click on Webinar and then Create Pipeline. Once you have created the pipeline, you can add your pre-recorded webinar to the room page by selecting the Video Actions button. Kajabi allows several types of video upload formats but the recommended file format is MP4. 

Once you have uploaded your video to the pipeline, go to the Event section on the pipeline and toggle the option to Repeat this event. This will let you select how often the Webinar Pipeline repeats. Set how often you want the webinar event to repeat and click Save. Now all you have to do is customize the rest of the pipeline just like you would normally and then you can start sharing. 

One more note: Registrants are only subscribed to one cycle of the webinar and email sequence. You can create a separate automation in the registration form to sign them up for additional email sequences. 

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