Instapage Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

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Instapage pricing is simple and straightforward, and our team of industry experts is here to break it down for you.

This powerful system starts at $149 per month for its most basic plan. There is no free version of the program, although there is a free trial. Our experts have listened to your top questions about Instapage, and we provide all of the answers below.

Instapage Pricing Plans

Instapage Pricing Overview

Choosing an Instapage pricing plan is relatively easy. Instapage has two available plans— Business and Enterprise. The Business plan allows users 30,000 unique visitors monthly, 30 landing pages, five workspaces, and five member accounts. If that sounds like it will fit your business, at least for the time being, then the choice is simple. However, if you see that you need more capacity, you may need to sign up for the Enterprise plan. A custom-quoted plan, this option is ideal for large businesses but requires booking a demo to receive a quote.

  • The Business plan is $199 per month, although an annual subscription works out to only $149 per month.
  • The Enterprise plan is always custom-priced, based on user’s needs.

The starting price for Instapage is $149 per month, the cost of the Business plan’s annual subscription. Instapage offers a monthly or annual subscriptions, and it is worth noting that the yearly subscription offers a savings of 25%. 

Instapage has recently restructured their plans and pricing, but this article’s information is the most up-to-date and recent. Our experts found many other websites with outdated Instapage details, so be sure to bookmark read on for the current info.

Instapage Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Instapage Pricing Plans: What Plan Should You Choose?

Instapage has two pricing plans: Business and Enterprise. Below, we break down our team of experts’ findings on what each includes. We also make recommendations according to your business’ type and size. Each plan has different features, so read below to find out which is right for you.

Instapage Business Plan

For $199 Per Month or $1788 Per Year You Get:

  • 30 published landing page experiences
  • Up to 30k unique visitors per month
  • Unlimited conversions
  • Five workspaces
  • Five team members

The Business plan is ideal for new businesses, entrepreneurs just getting started, and online companies that don’t yet have high traffic. This plan includes everything you need to get your marketing plans off the ground, create professional-looking landing pages, and get your business moving. With the business plan, however, you have limited personalization options. If you need custom fonts or want to amp up your mobile user experience, you may find the Business plan a bit limiting. Analytics and conversion power are more substantial with the Enterprise plan as well since the Enterprise plan can link directly to your CRM. And then there is the question of size. If your business is already flourishing, and you need more than 30 landing pages, have more than 30k visitors per month, or will use more than five workspaces or five team members, you will need the custom Enterprise plan. 

Instapage Enterprise Plan

For a Custom Quote Based on Your Needs You Get:

  • To decide how many landing pages you need.
  • To decide your unique visitor limit.
  • Unlimited conversions
  • To decide how many workspaces you need.
  • To decide how many team members can join.

The Enterprise plan is an incredibly powerful, built-to-order plan offered by Instapage. With this plan, your audience size and your team size will be unlimited. The Enterprise plan also comes with exclusive features – over a dozen extras that you can’t access on the Business plan. Your pages’ design process is more agile with the Enterprise plan, allowing you to make design blocks and reuse them across any page and editing in real-time with collaborators. The Enterprise plan’s analytics toolkit is more powerful, with real-time integrated analytics and the ability to personalize ad-to-page delivery. You also have access to Instapage’s Professional Services, which can help with migrations and page creation. The cloud server used for the Enterprise plan is a powerful combo of Amazon and Google, which means a 99.9% uptime. 

Instapage Hidden Costs

Instapage has no hidden costs. With the Business plan, what you see is what you get for a clean monthly fee. The software has a very straightforward pricing plan. Other software subscriptions charge per conversion or visitor, but Instapage does not. Enterprise plans work on a custom quote basis, so if you have more than 30k unique visitors, 30 landing pages, or five workspaces, contact Instapage for a quote.  

Instapage Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Instapage Pricing FAQ

How Much Does Instapage Cost?

Instapage’s entry plan, Business, costs $149 per month when billed annually and $199 per month when billed monthly. If your business exceeds the limits or needs special features, the Enterprise plan is the one you need, and the cost of that is a custom quote that varies by client.

Does Instapage Offer a Free Plan?

Instapage does not offer a free plan. You can, however, sign up for a free trial of the Business plan. During the 14-day free trial, all the features are available to test Instapage to its full capacity.

Is Instapage Subscription Monthly or Annual?

You can subscribe to Instapage either monthly or annually. When you take out an annual subscription, you pay 25% less. The software is a popular program, and most users continue to use it for at least a year, so you should consider signing up for the annual subscription here.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade to Another Package Later?

Since Instapage only offers two levels – Business and Enterprise – upgrading and downgrading are likely to be less of an issue than with other systems. However, if you want to upgrade to or downgrade from Enterprise, you must always contact the sales team directly.

Does Instapage Offer a Money-Back Guarantee? 

No. The only way to get your money back from Instapage is by cancelling 24 hours after paying or placing an order.

Will I Need to Renew My Instapage Licence?

Your Instapage subscription will renew automatically, so there is no need to do anything from your side.

What Types of Payment Does the Instapage Accept? 

Instapage accepts credit cards only as payment.

What are the Traffic Limits For an Enterprise plan?

Each Enterprise plan is different. When you sign up for an Enterprise plan, you get custom limits within which you must remain. You can put together a plan that fits your business by contacting a sales representative. 

Can All of the Features be Tested During the Trial, or Are There Any Limitations?

The trial includes all of the features of the Business plan. You will have full usage of Instapage during that time. You can test all the features you want, as long as they are part of the Business Plan. Global Blocks and AMP are not included in the trial, however.

How Can I Book a Demo for an Enterprise Plan?

On the Instapage page, click the button that reads ‘REQUEST A DEMO.’ Fill in the three-page questionnaire, which asks questions about your business needs, and a sales team representative will contact you to begin your demo.

What Is Considered a Unique Visitor?

A unique visitor is a single person or IP address. When someone visits your page, taht visit will count once. Further visits from the same IP address will not count against you in the same billing period.

Bottom Line

Instapage pricing plans can vary widely. If the out-of-the-box Business plan is enough for your needs, you will pay $199 per month, or a rate of $149 per month if you opt to pay annually. 

If you need the over-a-dozen extra features that the Enterprise plan provides, or you have a large following and many unique visits, then you will need to get a custom quote for your plan based on your specific needs. Booking a demo is easy, and the Instapage team is always available for assistance, especially for Enterprise plan holders. Instapage is easily one of the most powerful pieces of landing page software available, so if it seems right for your business, sign up here.

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