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From small businesses to large multinationals, more and more companies today use landing pages to capture leads at the top of the marketing funnel.

From the yoga studio around the corner to PayPal, businesses can all reap the benefits of a well-designed, functional landing page.

Instapage is a leader in the field, and not only thanks to their versatile, robust platform.

Our team of experts especially loves Instapage for the many integrations they offer, creating an incredibly useful platform that links with any business’s existing marketing operation. 

If you’re wondering what Instapage sites look like, this article will open your eyes to the variety of looks one can create using the platform.

Our team of experts spent hours compiling their favorite Instapage landing pages, so browse them in this article to see the way you can put Instapage to work for your business.

Instapage Examples

There are so many different types of pages you can create with Instapage.

Our experts spent hours researching outstanding landing page examples for this article.

They were blown away by the number of different looks, purposes, and sectors an Instapage landing page can cover. No two landing pages are alike!

Once you’ve decided what your landing page should do, Instapage has the tools you need to help it perform.

Of the Instapage landing page examples our team of experts looked over, they featured many of Instapage’s best functionalities: global and hiding mobile blocks, widgets and custom fonts, lead notifications, so you can know what is coming in, and automatic delivery, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Read below for the nine best Instapage landing page examples, rounded up by our team after hours of research. These are pages that exemplify Instapage’s best features. Get inspiration for your landing page below.

Goya Recipes


The Latin food giant Goya created this landing page as part of a baseball season campaign – a wildly popular sport with Latinos.

This landing page collects email signatures in exchange for a free download of recipes featuring Goya products.

They chose Instapage for the visual templates and the ability to link with their existing CRM, which is enormous for this multinational corporation.


This landing page from the healthcare consultant company Grand Rounds serves to gather data on new leads, which are often people who have been directed there by their employers.

Grand Rounds chose Instapage for several reasons, one of which is evident at first glance—the industry-specific templates available to build your webpage.

They used the easy-to-work-with Instablocks, blocks of content that make design a breeze.


This landing page from pharmaceutical company Plushcare created a space for the company to direct clients, especially those interested in PrEP, a preventative HIV drug. Plushcare uses Instapage’s sophisticated features to create a useful, tailored page without needing a developer. Plushcare chose Instapage for the ability to customize confirmation pages and tailored thank-you pages. They also chose Instapage for the incredible 99.9% uptime record because their product is an important one with a wide range of traffic times.



Jibrizy is a YouTube vlogger magician. A self-made man and a one-person show, Jibrizy chose Instapage to create a landing page to deliver his Secrets to Magic download, a popular lead-producing piece of content. Jibrizy chose Instapage for its intuitive interface and ready-made templates.

He also chose Instapage mainly for its automatic digital asset delivery, which allows him to instantly send his fans their Secrets to Magic download, no matter when they sign up.


Fitness Connection is a network of gyms in different cities across the United States. Each gym has different needs and uses various offers to entice potential customers. Fitness Connection chose Instapage to serve as a gateway to their sales and offers, creating a landing page where the prospective client chooses their location and then redirects to the relevant offers. Fitness Connection chose Instapage in part for its design capabilities, such as its align and distribution tool, which helps keep the many texts and buttons on this page aligned and looking good.



Faith Financial’s landing page is part of a special promotion from this financial adviser to target those in need of help getting out of debt.  Faith Financial used Instapage to create a page with loads of information on debt help, with just enough left unsaid to tempt people to look into their debt write off qualification scheme. They chose Instapage for the functionality of the Multistep forms, which allows them to collect the information they need from leads without using a complex, lengthy, off-putting form. This accessibility is a central part of their lead-management strategy, and Instapage gives them the power to do it. 


Farnham Gym Club is a small business in England, but they don’t let being little stop them from having a tremendous lead-generating landing page. They use their page to stay in touch with clients potentially interested in a class with them. They chose Instapage for its ease-of-use. Instapage’s form builder and built-in Image Asset Manager are convenient for small businesses and allow them to focus on their busy day-to-day.


Affordable Golf offers a unique trade-in-for-new golf club program, and their Instapage landing page is one of their biggest lead generators. They chose Instapage in part for the ease of design, especially for their form builder, which allows Affordable Golf to get the information it needs from leads. They also chose Instapage for the customizable Thank You page, enabling them to post reviews and other peer feedback to keep prospective customer leads warm and excited.



Zip, a payment app and platform in Australia, does big business. Instapage’s landing pages are a part of their success and one of their major lead generators. They chose Instapage because of its back-end flexibility. With complicated internal processes, they needed a landing page that could integrate with all their platforms, and Instapage’s unlimited lead routing was a big plus for them. They also use the global blocks feature of Instapage’s design toolkit, which allows them to maintain consistent landing pages that are always brand-compliant without starting from scratch with every page.

Bottom Line

Instapage’s features make life easier (and more productive) for any type of business.

As you can see from the examples above, no matter what sector you serve, Instapage has the capabilities you need to craft a page perfect for your purposes.

Our experts found a vast number of reasons to use Instapage landing pages. From the powerful design tools to the built-in marketing knowhow that Instapage can bring to your landing pages, such as multistep forms and mobile-friendly pages – there is a fantastic array of incentives to use Instapage in your business. 

For our team of knowledgeable marketers and developers, the conclusion was unanimous—each day you don’t use Instapage for your campaigns and promotions is a lost lead-gathering opportunity.

Whether you are a wellness business or a medical supply company, if you need a landing page, you have a reason to use Instapage.

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