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Kajabi Access features include six one-on-one success sessions with the Kajabi Customer Success Manager, plus access to resources and other services.

Optimize your business by doubling up on your offerings without going to the next plan tier. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi Access is an addition on top of your current plan.
  • It costs $99 per month
  • It doubles your current plan’s quota. E.g. If your current plan allows you to have 100 Products, with Kajabi Access, this will be increased to 200 Products.
  • Kajabi Access has other benefits, such as one-on-one success sessions and access to the Custom Code Editor.

What’s more, you’ll have access to the Custom Code Editor, ordinarily only available on the Pro plan, and you’ll be the first to know about Kajabi’s new product improvements and features.

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Kajabi Access

Key Benefits Included With Kajabi Access

Kajabi’s in-house experts will explain how one-on-one sessions with a Kajabi Customer Success Manager can improve your online business.

They’ll talk about the doubled features and what they can do to optimize your business no matter which Kajabi plan you’re using.

They’ll take you through the advantage of having access to the Custom Code Editor, plus why it helps to be first in line whenever there’s a new release.

1:1 Success Sessions

Kajabi Access’s unique feature of offering six one-on-one success sessions with Kajabi users improves how you use the platform.

The Kajabi Customer Success Manager will guide you through all the processes and efficiently use the tools.

You can schedule time slots with your Success Manager by using the Access portal in the app.

These proactive strategy sessions will focus specifically on your unique business, which means you can maximize the platform for your own business needs.

This support not only customizes your online business but it increases your online presence. 

In between the one-on-one sessions, you can also benefit from Kajabi Hero Virtual Hub, which allows you to:

  • Connect directly with one of the Customer Success team members during weekly office hours
  • Get all your questions answered without having to wait for your next 1:1 session.

Doubled Features For all Kajabi Plans

One of the main advantages of signing up for Kajabi Access is the opportunity to double up on all the features without moving up to another plan. This increase means you can double your offerings to your customers.

This feature allows you to:

  • Double up on your products
  • Offer more on your pipelines
  • Have unlimited landing pages
  • Send out unlimited marketing emails

Depending on your current plan, Kajabi Access allows you to have anything from 20,000 and 200,000 contacts and 2,000 to 40,000 active members.

You can also double up the number of admin users on your platform. This doubling can result in a range of two to 50 admin users, depending on your initial plan. 

Custom Code Editor

Kajabi Access gives you access to the Custom Code Editor, usually only available to Pro plan users.

The Custom Code Editor feature gives you more control when designing your business website and the freedom to customize your landing pages.

This customization improves your online presence, making your business stand out in the crowd.

Kajabi Code Editor gives you more flexibility and allows you to:

  • Access and edit the code to your standard website pages
  • Change the code of your product theme
  • Edit the code of your landing pages

Such customizable features enhance your website, making it unique to your business. 

Early-Bird Access To New Updates

Signing up to Kajabi Access means you’ll be first in line when any new product information and features are released.

This information gives you a competitive advantage while prioritizing your business platform requirements.

Early access means having accessibility to new and exciting resources released in every development cycle, which takes place every eight weeks.

You also gain opportunities to participate in Beta launches and exclusive access to webinars and other events hosted by Kajabi. 

Kajabi Access

Kajabi Access Pricing

You can add Kajabi Access to any existing Kajabi plan, or you can sign up for it when becoming a new Kajabi member.

The cost to add Kajabi Access to any plan is $99 per month.

This pricing applies to both monthly and annual plans. 

If you’re on an annual plan, Kajabi Access will also be a yearly subscription. You can upgrade your existing plan to Kajabi Access in the app. New members can add Kajabi Access when selecting their membership plan. 

It’s essential to note that the $99 per month pricing is static and stacks onto your payment plan. For new memberships, you can select a plan plus Access on the trial stage. But, you won’t have access to the one-on-one sessions until the trial finishes. 

Kajabi Access

Who Is Kajabi Access Best For?

Kajabi has designed Access for every Kajabi Hero who wants to succeed.

Alongside it, the Kajabi Success team aims to optimize the value of services to users through 1:1 sessions, the Virtual Hero Hub, and doubling up each plan’s existing features.

While Kajabi Access will benefit anyone, it’s ideal for Kajabi users who:

  • Want to customize and implement strategic changes to match their own unique business needs;
  • Are entrepreneurs with start-ups and need additional support throughout the process;
  • Have new products they want to launch through their business;
  • Want a competitive advantage over other online businesses;
  • Value gaining professional and strategic insight into a platform to support every stage of their business growth.

Get all the benefits of this plan and watch your business thrive with professional support from the Kajabi team.

Kajabi Access

Kajabi Access FAQ

What Is Kajabi Access?

Kajabi Access is the latest offering from Kajabi designed to maximize your success when using their platform.

It includes 1:1 proactive, strategic sessions with a Kajabi Customer Success Manager, doubling up of features, and early access to new releases.

Kajabi Access also enables the Custom Code Editor.

There is also extra support through the Kajabi Hero Virtual Hub during weekly working hours.

How Do I Sign-Up For Kajabi Access?

If you have an existing Kajabi plan, you can sign up for Kajabi Access through the app’s portal.

When signing up as a new member, you can select the option to add Kajabi Access to your selected plan. You can do this on the Kajabi portal.

Can I Try Out Kajabi Access?

Kajabi Access can be made available during the 30-day free trial to all new members.

However, the one-on-one sessions will only become available upon completion of the trial period. If you’re an existing Kajabi user, there is no free trial for Kajabi Access.

Is Kajabi Access Worth The Investment?

Kajabi has designed Access to help Kajabi users maximize the benefits of using the platform without upgrading to another plan.

The additional feature of six one-on-one sessions with a professional Kajabi team member gives you strategic input valuable for growing your business successfully.

For an additional $99 per month, you can gain a competitive edge over other online businesses.

Can I Use Kajabi Access just for One Month?

If you have subscribed to a monthly plan, you can use Kajabi Access for one month or as many months as possible.

However, if you’re on the annual Kajabi subscription, you’re tied to a yearly subscription for Kajabi Access.

The 1:1 sessions are only available at one call every two months, so keep this in mind when adding Kajabi Access to your monthly plan.

How Long are 1:1 Calls?

Each one-on-one call with a Kajabi Customer Success Manager is 45 minutes long.

You can book these support sessions through your Kajabi site using your call credits.

How Much Time Do I Have to Use My 1:1 Sessions?

You have a year to use up all six 1:1 sessions once you sign up for Kajabi Access.

Can Other Team Members Join Kajabi Access Support Calls?

Call credits will be issued to you once you sign up for Kajabi Access.

Any of your team members can use this, so long as they are registered admin users on your site.

Is There a Discount for Annual Kajabi Access?

There is no annual discount for Kajabi Access. However, if you’re currently on a yearly plan, your annual discount of 20% will modify your plan’s price.

However, you will still pay the static price of $99 for Kajabi Access.

If you switch from a monthly to an annual payment plan, you’ll benefit from the annual discount offer on the core plan.

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