Kajabi Basic Plan

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As a business owner, maybe creating your first online course, you need to know the impact of choosing this plan. 

In this article, we will examine the Kajabi Basic plan closely.

We’ll share the advantages and disadvantages and explain why you might need to upgrade to the next plan. We’ll also assure you of the business types that benefit from the plan.

The Kajabi Basic plan costs $149 monthly, or $119 per month if paid annually.

Kajabi Basic Plan

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi Basic plan is the cheapest plan Kajabi offers
  • It costs $149 per month or $119 per month if you pay annually
  • Choosing annual payment option saves users around 20%
  • With this plan there is no way to remove the Kajabi Branding
  • There is no access to Kajabi Affiliate Center
  • The plan is limited to 1 website, 1 admin user, 3 products, 3 pipelines, 1,000 active members, 10,000 contacts     

How Much Does the Kajabi Basic Plan Cost?

The Kajabi Basic plan costs $149 per month or $119 per month if you pay annually.

As you can see, you can save $360 (20%) if you make one payment per year.

Kajabi Basic Plan Overview

  • Costs: $149 per month. $119 per month if paid annually
    • This totals $1,788 or $1,428 per year, respectively.
  • Limitations:
    • 1 Website
    • 1 Admin User
    • 3 Products
    • 3 Pipelines
    • 1,000 Active Members
    • 10,000 Contacts                            
  • Suitable for: small businesses or start-ups creating their first online course

You can build the same number of Pipelines (sales funnels) as Products. Taking advantage of this can automate your customers’ journey between your Landing Pages and e-mail campaigns.

Kajabi Basic Plan

Depending on your objectives, the 1,000 Active Members restriction may or may not be an issue for you.

While this will not feel limiting to most new Kajabi users, you might want the freedom to sign up more monthly members immediately after setting up your course.

Automations on this plan are not as advanced as on the other Kajabi plans. For example, you can add a tag with the ‘When’ and ‘Then’ filters when a prospect submits a form, but the feature doesn’t include a conditional filter.

This plan doesn’t include Kajabi’s advanced Affiliate Program. There’s also no way to remove the Kajabi Branding from your web pages.

However, this plan includes unlimited landing pages, marketing e-mails, bandwidth, and 0% transaction fees.

Please read our full Kajabi Pricing Overview and separate in-depth overviews of Kajabi’s Growth and Pro plans to learn more about Kajabi’s entire range.


What Kind of Businesses Does the Kajabi Basic Plan Suit Best?

The Kajabi Basic plan is perfect for any Knowledge Commerce business setting up their first online course or membership site and selling digital products.

You can benefit from this plan if you can teach, write e-books, or create other digital products. 

You’ll need to upgrade this plan when you want to sell more courses and increase your Contacts and Active Members numbers.

You’ll also want to move onto a higher tier if you need Advanced Automation, an affiliate program, or to remove the Kajabi branding. So the more you grow your business, the more you’ll need to upgrade.

Bottom Line

Sharing your passion and knowledge can earn you money, and Kajabi’s Basic plan may be just what you need as you begin to reach your audience.

There are, of course, a few limitations with it. As you can see, it depends on the stage you’re at, what you want to accomplish, and your timelines.

You’ll have worked that out in your business plan.

And you can easily upgrade when your business outgrows this plan!

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