Kajabi Cambria – What Is It?

Kajabi Cambria is the result of Kajabi’s latest 6-week development cycle.

Each cycle introduces new features and updates, so users continue to succeed when using Kajabi’s online platform.

Cambria introduces you to 11 updates, including a new website builder, custom email domain sending, more robust security, and improvements to payment plans.

Kajabi Cambria

What Is Kajabi Cambria?

To celebrate its first decade anniversary, Kajabi has committed to its users, otherwise known as Kajabi Heroes.

Keeping Heroes foremost in their minds, the staff at Kajabi have re-introduced their 6-week development cycles. This change means continuously introducing new products, improved features, better content, and resources. 

Cambria is the result of this new and first development cycle. Kajabi came up with the name to recognize the fantastic, thriving business community of Cambria, a small California city.

While the city may be small, its business community sees no limitations, and Kajabi aims to empower them further. 

Cambria Development Cycle Updates

With the announcement of the Cambria development cycle came the introduction to 11 new and powerful updates. We can confidently tell you the new features will improve your online business platform based on our research. 

These 11 new features and improvements include the following with every Kajabi membership:

  • A new website builder for creating an enhanced web presence
  • The ability to send marketing emails from your custom domains 
  • More flexibility on Multiple payment plans with improved security features
  • An Automated List Hygiene for maintaining your contact list hygiene while improving email deliverability
  • The ability to see ongoing email engagement
  • Updated export options for reviewing the data you want to see
  • Better admin action attribution
  • Optimized click tracking to see what your visitors are up to and where
  • Improved email life cycle labels for marketing purposes
  • Easier feedback facilities with the Kajabi team

New Website Builder

Cambria’s most prominent new feature is the new website builder. Our in-house experts are excited about this new development as it will help build your online presence. Here are the reasons why we like this new feature so much.

Cambria Website BuilderCambria Website Builder

Personalized Website Pages

Customizable features mean you can create pages that reflect your unique brand while telling your story faster and better. Your designs are unified and streamlined across all pages, including your blog and landing pages, using global settings. 

New Template Designs

You can select from a range of new pre-built template designs. The three new site presets allow for more flexibility, so creating a professional website is a breeze with these fresh presets options.

Better Engagement With Your Customers

Grow your business with more accessible upsell and cross-sell features. Logged in members will see announcements, and you can build your business community with the Member Directory feature. 

Improved SEO 

Accessibility alt tags added to all your site’s images will not only improve organic traffic but give your customer a better online experience, elevating your SEO performance.

Kajabi Cambria - What Is It?

Custom Email Domain Sending

By sending emails from your custom domains, you’re building a credible and trustworthy relationship with your customers. This feature improves your email marketing strategy and cuts down on dealing with spam. 

The benefits of sending emails directly from your custom domain include:

  • Customers recognize your brand and know your email is authentic.
  • It keeps your brand at the foremost of your customer’s mind while keeping it memorable.
  • Improved marketing campaigns and better sales.

Kajabi will roll out this feature over a few months to avoid any hitches. It will only be available for paying Kajabi members. 

Kajabi Cambria - What Is It?

Better Protection With Cloudflare

Kajabi recognizes that online security is essential. Through Cloudflare, Kajabi users will find their sites performing better, faster, and more securely. Customers can rely on Cloudflare for all-round protection on all websites, internet services, and apps.

Benefits of Cloudflare include protection from online attacks such as artificial traffic. In turn, this protection will improve access to your site for your regular customers. Cloudflare also prevents malicious bots from stealing your online content. 

Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN) will also improve the way your website performs, making it a better online experience for your customers. This rollout took place on the 4th of November, so existing Kajabi Heroes are already benefiting. 

Kajabi Cambria - What Is It?

Improved Payment Plans

Cambria’s Multiple Payments feature gives you more security when you offer your customers payment plans. With enhanced protection, you’re getting more flexibility. This flexibility will attract more customers to deal with you and your business.

The benefits of providing Multiple Payments to your customers include:

  • Facilitating more accessibility for expensive digital products by letting them pay off the costs over a set period
  • More flexibility and convenience when purchasing from your business online
  • The ability to tailor pricing to suit your customers and your business needs

Multiple Payments is one of the many pricing options made available to Kajabi members.

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Kajabi Cambria - What Is It?

Automated List Hygiene

It’s hard work keeping your contact list up to date. It often means you’re spending valuable time removing inactive users and SPAM addresses off your contact list. Kajabi’s Automated List Hygiene feature saves you the hassle.

This feature automatically does your work by keeping your contact list up to date and current without clutter. It also improves email deliverability, which makes your email marketing campaign more powerful.

An effective email management system means you have a better understanding of click and open rates.

Your emails will score better by landing where they should – in your intended audience’s inbox. 

Kajabi Cambria - What Is It?

Clearer Labels for Email Engagement

This feature helps you design and improve your email marketing strategy. You get a better sense of what action your recipients are taking when incorporating labels into your emails.

These labels show you whether the email has bounced, the recipient has unsubscribed, or if there’s a complaint. You’ll also be able to see if the email has been opened or clicked. 

This information is valuable in analyzing how effective your email reach is and if you need to change the ways you do your email marketing. 

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Kajabi Cambria - What Is It?

Updated Export Options

Every business relies on analytical data to indicate how they’re performing. The updated export options allow you to customize your payment. It also allows you to create reports focused on the information and date ranges you’ve specified.

You can make informed decisions with real-time insights based on the data you’re viewing. This insight gives you the confidence to move forward, knowing you have the data to back up every step taken. 

Smarter analytics gives you the data you need to make smart business moves.

Kajabi Cambria - What Is It?

Admin Action Attribution

If more than one user is operating your business website, you want to be able to track each one’s action taken. This audit trail means you don’t have to waste time figuring out who authorized purchases or offers. 

This feature also informs you which team member made an update. By tracking the user’s actions, you’re in a better position to see what is happening in your business at all times.

Admin action attribution means you can operate your business having peace of mind; you know what is happening at all times. Plus, each team member becomes responsible and accountable for every action they take on your website.

Kajabi Cambria - What Is It?

Improved Tracking of Clicks

A valuable update is the improved click tracking feature. This feature helps you to see where your customers are most active on your pages. This knowledge allows you to optimize your site based on where your visitors are spending their time.

Kajabi Cambria’s cycle includes disabling the “view in the web browser” click option. This limitation (for the visitor) gives you a clearer picture of where your visitors are and what they’re doing. 

This kind of data is beneficial when you want to improve your site’s online presence and get better engagement from your visitors. In turn, this will also improve your sales revenue.

Kajabi Cambria - What Is It?

Labels for Email Life Cycles

An effective method of improving your marketing campaigns is to monitor your members’ interaction with your business. Labels for email life cycles keep you in the know about which stage of the buyer’s journey your members are in. With email life cycles, you can determine if you’re dealing with a first-time buyer, a repeat customer, or a prospect. 

This kind of information will help you improve your marketing efforts by telling you what to do next to guide your member on the buyer’s journey successfully. You’ll also be able to conclude the sale by keeping in line with the buyer’s journey.

Kajabi Cambria - What Is It?

Feedback With Kajabi ProductBoard

The Kajabi team are serious about giving their Kajabi Heroes the best online platform experience. They also want their Heroes’ customers to benefit from using a website built with Kajabi’s features and functions.

To keep up with members’ online platform needs, Kajabi has introduced the ProductBoard feature to allow Kajabi members to give direct feedback to the Product team. The team is then able to take the feedback and use it to improve the platform.

The Product team is always striving to improve their members’ online experience, and this direct link makes feedback easier. 

Bottom Line

Kajabi’s CEO’s Ten-Year Anniversary message indicates every Kajabi Hero’s value and the company’s desire to see them thriving as business owners. Kajabi Cambria is proof that the team means business with 11 updates that powerfully improve members’ online platform experience. 

The main features include a new website builder, custom domain email sending, improved Multiple payments plans, and Automated List Hygiene. Other useful updates support these main features, such as click tracking, enhanced data analytics, administrative action accountability, and monitoring your buyer’s journey progress. 

Clearer email labels help you to improve your marketing efforts, and Cloudflare services guarantee improved protection. The ProductBoard offers every Kajabi member the opportunity to help the Product team improve this online platform’s performance. 

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