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Kajabi Coaching was introduced by the Kajabi online platform as an all-in-one toolset to give educators a way to easily create, promote, and sell coaching sessions and packages to their target audience. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Great for entrepreneurs that want an all-in-one solution for their coaching business.
  • Compatible with a variety of schedulers and video conferencing tools.
  • A 30-day free trial is available if payment details are supplied.

What is the Coaching Product on Kajabi?​

The Kajabi Coaching product is a simple-to-use set of features, designed to provide educators and coaches with the tools they need to start and improve their online coaching business.

Whether you’re a trained professional or an enthusiastic hobbyist, Kajabi Coaching can help you turn your knowledge and experiences into a successful coaching business. It provides all the tools that creators, coaches, and teachers need to monetize their knowledge online.

Kajabi Coaching Examples

Take a look at some notable examples of websites and coaching products built with Kajabi.

Simply Quinoa

Simply Quinoa

Simply Quinoa offers various coaching packages to help subscribers eat better and improve their health. Customers get weekly meetings with a holistic nutritionist and registered health coach, access to meal planning guides, and recipe ideas.

Jordan B. Peterson

Jordan B. Peterson

A famous clinical psychologist, Professor Jordan B. Peterson created his eight-module personality course using Kajabi.

Sean Munger

Sean Munger

Sean Munger, a Ph.D. historian, has a collection of courses covering a wide-range of subjects, including The Holy Grail, Vladimir Putin, and The Vietnam War on his Kajabi-made website. Courses are sold individually and as part of a monthly subscription package that combines all of his courses so far.

Simply Canning

Simply Canning

Simply Canning focuses on teaching people interested in learning what food canning and preservation are, and how to do it. Whether creating jam or jelly, pickling, or pressure canning, Simply Canning has courses to help you learn exactly how canning and food preservation works. Courses are divided across specific foods and food types or can be bought as a package at a discount price.

Clever Programmer

Clever Programmer

Clever Programmer provides subscribers with access to 3 months of coaching in the world of programming. The program aims to teach coding to beginners with zero experience, how to use industry-standard tools, and tips on how to get a job with leading technology companies such as Google or Facebook.

ICY Productions

ICY Productions

This website from ICY Productions offers subscribers access to a 7-lesson program that explains how to film and edit video using an Apple mobile device. Subscribers get further advice with access to educational videos, and a trained professional.

How Does a Kajabi Coaching Product Work?

Kajabi Coaching enables anyone with experience, information, or knowledge in a subject or area of expertise to create and sell coaching programs and sessions online to customers worldwide.

How to Create a Coaching Program on Kajabi?

  • Open your Kajabi dashboard, then select ‘Products’ (on the left side of the dashboard).
  • Select ‘Coaching’.
  • Select ‘Get Started’ or ‘+New Coaching Program’.
  • Select ‘Single session’ or ‘Package’.
  • Enter the title of the session or program, the name of the coach (optional), and the description of the session or program (optional).
  • Select ‘Continue’.
  • For coaching packages, enter the number of sessions you wish to include.
  • Select your preferred scheduling calendar.
  • Under ‘Location’, choose where you and your customers will meet.
  • Choose the length of time each session will last.
  • Select ‘Continue.’
  • You can now customize your coaching product by adding an image and altering the primary and secondary colors.
  • Select ‘Continue’.
  • Enter your price and payment method.
  • Select ‘Save

How to Manage a Coaching Product in Kajabi?

You can manage, edit, and customize your coaching products easily from the Kajabi Dashboard.

  • Select ‘Products’.
  • Select ‘Coaching’.
  • Click the coaching product you wish to manage.
  • Select ‘Package Outline.’
  • Select the session you wish to manage.
  • You can now add or edit the session title, included resources, and agenda items.

Scheduling and Meeting Tools for Kajabi Coaching

Scheduling can be carried out via Kajabi’s built-in scheduler, Calendly, Acuity, or Google Calendar. When meeting your clients online, you can use Kajabi’s built-in live video tool, Zoom, Google Meet, or your preferred online conferencing service.


What Does the Kajabi Coaching Dashboard Do?

When logging into your Kajabi account, you will be taken to your personal Kajabi Dashboard. From there, you can view and edit any coaching sessions and programs you have already created, as well as make new ones.

On the dashboard, you also have access to any Kajabi announcements (updates, scheduled maintenance, and more), and can view your analytics (referred to as Stat Cards).

These Stat Cards will show you any comments you’ve received, the total sales you’ve made, the number of customers that have made a purchase, and the number of new email subscribers over the previous 30 days.

How Do I Create an Offer on Kajabi Coaching?

Go to your Kajabi dashboard and select ‘Products‘, then select ‘Coaching‘. Select the coaching product you wish to create an offer for and click ‘offers‘, then select ‘add new offer‘.

Create a title for your offer, select the products you want to include within it, enter your price and payment method, and click ‘Save‘.

Alternatively, you can select ‘Sales‘ in your dashboard, then click ‘Offers‘, followed by ‘+ Add New Offer‘ (in the top-right corner of the page). From there you can enter the name of the offer under ‘Offer Title‘, choose the products you want to include, set your price and payment method, and click ‘Save‘.

Can I Use Calendly With Kajabi Coaching?

Yes. Kajabi has direct integration with Calendly Premium. If you don’t want to use Calendly Premium, Kajabi allows you to paste a link to a calendar of your choice, such as Acuity or Google Calendar. You can also use the Kajabi built-in scheduler.

What Will My Clients See When They Purchase My Kajabi Coaching Product?

Any client that has bought a coaching product will be able to access your coaching product from their library.

Clients will have access to each session agenda, their meeting link, all included resources, and any personal notes they may have taken.

To see exactly how your coaching product will appear to clients, go to the Kajabi dashboard coaching product page, and select the ‘preview‘ button in the top-right corner of the dashboard.

Do I Need to Pay for Kajabi Coaching Separately?

No. Kajabi Coaching is included in all price plans at no additional charge.

Do Kajabi Coaching Products Count Toward the Product Limit?

Yes. If you have already reached your Kajabi Product limit you can upgrade your subscription from ‘Account Settings’ in your Kajabi Dashboard.

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