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We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

Kajabi has a flexible coaching feature that allows you to set up and run your coaching business all from within the Kajabi platform.

The Kajabi coaching feature removes the need for using third-party apps and provides a convenient space in which to run your sessions and manage your clients.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi has a full coaching feature for running live coaching sessions
  • Use the Kajabi live video and scheduling tools for your coaching business
  • Add upsells to your coaching product to increase revenue

What Is Kajabi Coaching?

Kajabi coaching is a feature within the Kajabi platform that is designed specifically for coaches. The feature is available on all pricing plans and contains tools that allow coaching businesses to attract clients, manage and make bookings, run live sessions, and more.

The beauty of Kajabi is that it contains all the creation, sales, and marketing tools necessary to run a coaching business without having to employ the use of additional third-party platforms.

You can create diverse and engaging content for your clients and increase the value of your offer by providing coaching alongside courses and other learning tools.

What Features Does Kajabi Coaching Include?

Single Sessions and Packages

Single Sessions and Packages

Kajabi has recognized that coaching is not a one-size-fits-all product. Therefore, it provides you with the tools to create tailored sessions and packages that meet your clients’ needs.

The tool allows you to set up single sessions that you offer for a fixed price, or you can create packages of sessions that contain as many sessions as you feel are necessary.

Single sessions are perfect for initial consultations and “getting to know you” sessions. They then open the gate for you to offer a package of sessions and thus increase your revenue.

Packages can be any size and length you like, and you can either charge a one-off fee for them or offer a subscription payment plan.

Coaching Dashboard

Coaching Dashboard

Within the coaching feature, you get a dedicated dashboard that enables you to view the number of coaching clients that you have along with:

  • Client status and profile
  • Upcoming sessions
  • Completed sessions

This is also where you head to if you want to manually schedule a session for one of your clients.

Kajabi’s Built-In Live Video

Kajabi’s Built-In Live Video

Rather than having to pay for and connect video conference services such as Zoom, Kajabi has its own native live video player.

Now you can meet with your clients “face to face” in a seamless way without having to insert video links. When you use Kajabi’s live video, the client will get a “Join Session” button on their coaching session details page. All they do is click it, and they will be instantly connected with you via video. 

Kajabi Scheduler

Kajabi Scheduler

The Kajabi scheduler is an automatic scheduling tool that allows you to set your availability and for clients to directly book sessions.

First, you decide when you want to run your coaching sessions and add that to the scheduler—for example, Monday – Friday, from 9 AM – 5 PM. You can also add in any breaks and buffer times between sessions that you need throughout the day.

Next, when clients see the booking calendar, they will only be provided with your chosen availability. They can select their preferred time and date, and the meeting will be automatically scheduled and confirmed.

Add an Upsell

Add an Upsell

Kajabi has included a special upsell tool exclusively for coaching products. 

Once your customer has purchased your coaching products, they will see the upsell button every time they log into their account. You can also trigger the button to display at the end of each coaching session.

Coaching upsells must consist of at least one coaching product but can also be a bundle of different products. For example, you can create an upsell that consists of a package of coaching sessions plus a couple of courses. However, you cannot include an upsell that only includes the courses and no coaching.

Integrate with Third-Party Scheduling and Meeting Tools

Integrate with Third-Party Scheduling and Meeting Tools

While it is not necessary to integrate third-party apps with Kajabi, there are a number of direct integrations that the platform supports for scheduling and live video streaming. This is handy if you have already been using these tools before setting up with Kajabi and don’t wish to change.

Here’s what you can integrate with:

  • Calendly
  • Acuity
  • Google Calendar
  • Zoom 
  • Google Meet

How to Create a Kajabi Coaching Product (Step by Step)

Step 1: To create a coaching product, log into your Kajabi account and select “Products” from the left-hand menu. Then select “Coaching” and “Get Started.”


Step 2: Next, decide if you want to create a one-time session or a package of sessions. Click on the relevant box.

Next, give your coaching product a title, add the coach’s name, and write a short description of what you are offering. Here, you can also upload an image. When you are ready, click “Continue.”


Step 4: If you have selected to have a package of sessions, you will now be invited to choose how many sessions you wish to include and then select your scheduling preference. 

If you selected a single session, you go straight to picking your scheduling preferences:

  • Kajabi: This is for using Kajabi’s inbuilt scheduling tool.
  • Calendly: This offers direct integration with Calendly for your scheduling.
  • Custom Link: This is for connecting other third-party scheduling tools.
  • Manual Booking: For creating and managing bookings manually.
Manual Booking:

Step 5: Now that your coaching product has the basics set up, it’s time to go in and add the details.

From the coaching overview page, click on your newly created coaching product and select “Package Outline.” If you only created a single session, select “Session Template.”

Package Outline

Step 6: You will now see all your sessions listed. Clicking on each one will allow you to add the details, such as the session title and agenda. Here you can upload any additional resources such as documents, audio, and video files. 

When you’re done, click “Save” and move on to the next session until you have completed the details for all of them.


Step 7: Finally, you must create an offer for your coaching product by setting a price. Click on “Offers” and then “New Offer.” Select which products you want to include in the offer (this is where you can bundle the coaching product with other Kajabi products) and choose how much you want to charge for it.

Hit “Save.” You’re done!

Kajabi Coaching: What Does the Customer See?

Kajabi Coaching: What Does the Customer See?

Once the customer has purchased your coaching product, they will be able to view it from within their Kajabi library, along with any other products that have been previously purchased.

Customers can click on your coaching product and this will bring up their session agenda. If they have not yet booked in their sessions, they can also access the calendar booking tool to do so. Once booked, each session details the start time and date along with the meeting link to join the session.

Customers will also be able to see and access any other material you have provided, such as documents, pre-recorded videos, audio files, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kajabi has a full coaching feature that allows you to create, manage, and run your coaching business from a single platform.

Kajabi coaching allows you to set your schedule and offer single coaching sessions or packages of sessions. Additionally, you can create courses and communities to further support your clients.

You can add coaching sessions to any of your other Kajabi offers. For example, you can offer a course and a community along with a package of coaching sessions.

No. Kajabi Coaching is included in all price plans at no additional charge.

Yes. If you have already reached your Kajabi Product limit you can upgrade your subscription from ‘Account Settings’ in your Kajabi Dashboard.

Yes. Kajabi has direct integration with Calendly Premium. If you don’t want to use Calendly Premium, Kajabi allows you to paste a link to a calendar of your choice, such as Acuity or Google Calendar. You can also use the Kajabi built-in scheduler.

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