How to Hire a Kajabi Website Designer?

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We’ve gathered the three best routes to finding a Kajabi website designer, the likely charges for each, and the reasons you might need a designer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Before you decide to hire a Kajabi website designer, consider using a custom Kajabi theme instead;
  • Kajabi website designers can be hired through the official Kajabi Facebook group, Upwork or Fiverr;
  • The average pay rate for a Kajabi website designer is $60-$90.
Kajabi Designers

Where to Find Kajabi Website Designers?

Upwork and Fiverr are two examples of global freelance marketplaces where you can find Kajabi website designers.

Kajabi also has a group within its system, which you can access when you sign up to the platform.

1. The Official Kajabi Hero Community Has a Unit Called “Paid and Free Offers.”

You can always access this post under the Paid and Free Offers unit under the Learning tab on the left-hand side of your group feed. Here you can search for Kajabi website designers.

kajabi designers hero

2. Upwork

Upwork connects businesses with freelancers offering a large talent pool.

It’s easy to use and perfect for beginners or established businesses.

You can explore their specific talents to see if they suit your particular needs.

Each freelancer describes their abilities, and you can view their work history along with testimonials.

Some freelancers offer the opportunity to access their portfolios and view work samples.

Most have knowledge of other platforms such as Shopify or WebinarJam, which may be of further help to you.

kajabi designers upwork

3. Fiverr 

Is another option for online businesses seeking expertise in Kajabi design.

You can peruse the vast number of freelancers offering Kajabi design gigs using the link below.

(Fiverr calls any service a gig.) Here you can find various packages offered at flat rates by the freelancers so you can easily see which one will suit you. Services offered include website or landing page design and set up of membership sites and checkout pages.

Each freelancer also gives delivery dates, which you’ll see on their profiles.

You can also view testimonials and a former clients’ star review rating system. 

kajabi designers fiverr

Do You Really Need a Kajabi website Designer?

Creating a website is a significant undertaking. A quality website needs to be well designed, optimized, and easily navigated by your customers.

Web designers are creative people with an in-depth knowledge of web technology and design, and most have marketing skills. They’re also up-to-date on current trends. So, yes, you really may need a Kajabi website designer.

Although there is a strong argument for hiring a web designer, we have to point out that Kajabi isn’t as complicated as most people believe.

The platform provides free training on using its templates, sizing images – in fact, everything you need to know about using Kajabi’s website builder.

In addition, you’ll have access to downloadable guides, educational and Q&A webinars, podcasts, Kajabi Community, and an excellent help center.

This accessibility means that some folks really can get by without a designer.

However, you may still want to hire a Kajabi web designer if you need a specific design and lack time or knowledge to deal with the design aspects yourself.

Kajabi Website Builder
Kajabi Website Builder in Action

How Much Do Kajabi Website Designers Charge?

Rates for Kajabi website designers can vary greatly depending on their level of skill, particular niche, and experience. 

Different marketplaces have different average rates as well.

For example, over on Upwork, the average rate per hour is around $60-$90. Some rare freelancers charge up to $200/hour. Based on our research, designers usually charge a little more because of their specialized skill set.

Website designers found through Kajabi typically charge around $65-$80/hour. These costs are approximate and depend on the work complexity.

It’s worth mentioning that freelancers generally charge higher rates than in-house designers as they work on a contract-to-contract basis and have less job security.

However, designers also often offer discounts for long-term regular projects or nonprofits. 

Know your budget and the style of website you need and collaborate with a designer who understands your brand and will help you grow your audience.

We highly recommend that price alone doesn’t affect your decision. When a designer offers a high rate, it doesn’t mean they’re the best. And it’s the same with the cheapest rates – it doesn’t always mean you’ll save money.  It could simply be a connection with the right person for your business. 

Bottom Line

Teaming up with a designer is an excellent way of getting the technical side of things off your shoulders. And it helps to get another perspective on your brand and planned website.

Your expertise is your brand – it isn’t web design. Designers are experts in their craft and understand the path of a website and how your customers will use it. In addition, many freelancers previously worked at Kajabi, so they should genuinely know the system.

It may be time to hand over the reins and make sure you capitalize on expert assistance to help you achieve your goals.

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