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Kajabi’s main draw is its powerful suite of email marketing tools.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi email marketing tool has two types of email campaigns – email broadcasts and email sequences.
  • Email broadcasts allow you to send a single email to your audience.
  • Email sequences allow you to send automated emails that are triggered by certain actions.
  • A large list of email marketing templates is available that can be further customized.
Kajabi Email Marketing

What Is Kajabi Email Marketing?

One of Kajabi’s main features is email marketing.

Using Kajabi, you can create powerful marketing campaigns to boost your reach and drastically increase conversions.

Kajabi is focused on crafting unique scalable campaigns that reflect your brand identity and style

Kajabi’s take on email marketing rounds up all the necessary features like automations, email lists, marketing analytics, and more into a single integrated package that can be operated from the same dashboard. 

Types of Email Campaigns in Kajabi

Kajabi lets users run two main kinds of email campaigns:

  • Email broadcast: Sending a single email to a list or segmented list.
  • Email sequence: Sending a series of emails that are triggered by actions or automations.
Sequence vs Broadcast

What Can You Do With Kajabi Email Marketing?

Essentially, you can do whatever you want. The marketing tools are flexible and can be applied to any kind of email marketing campaign.

You can create email templates, set up complex automations, keep track of data such as open rates and click-through-rates, and personalize individual emails to students.

Plus, all of these features are simple and intuitive to use with the built-in marketing functions. 

Send Beautiful Emails

Emails can be sent to all users on your list or to specific segments of your contact list. 

For instance, you can set up sequences to send specific users a reminder if they have not accessed your course in a week, or send out large email blasts to everyone about new courses/products.

Broadcast Recipients Kajabi
1st Step of an Email Broadcast: Selecting recipients
Broadcast Step 2
2nd Step of an Email Broadcast: Editing Content
Kajabi Email Marketing Software
3rd Step of an Email Broadcast: Scheduling & Sending

Customize Email Templates

You can customize the look and feel of your marketing emails using the simple drag-and-drop editor. 

Marketing campaigns come with a large library of pre-built templates that you can tweak and modify to your heart’s content. 

Create Email Sequences

Using Kajabi, you can set up complex automatic email sequences to be triggered by customer actions. 

Say a customer signs up for your course; You can set up an automation to send promotional offers or deals to new subscribers. 

Kajabi Email Marketing Software
Kajabi Email Sequence Menu
Kajabi Email Marketing Software
Kajabi Sequence Triggers


Kajabi email marketing templates can be automatically personalized. 

You also get info on customer open and engagement rates so you can craft marketing campaigns for specific user segments. 

View Powerful Analytics

Email campaigns work better when you can evaluate your progress. 

Kajabi’s library of marketing analytics tools can provide valuable actionable insight into your marketing efforts. 

Kajabi Email Templates

Kajabi’s email marketing suite has a ton of email templates to pick from. Here are just a few of our favorites.

  • Simple text – Basic text format suited to long-form emails and broadcasts.
  • Showcase a Product – A template designed for showing off new products.
  • Announce an Event – Got a webinar or a podcast coming up? This template is perfect.
  • Share a Newsletter – Keep fans up-to-date with the latest news from your business.
  • Share a Blog Post – Update your community on additions to your blog.
  • Ballast – A vibrant, visually striking template that grabs customer attention.
  • Boardwell – This attractive template is perfect for sending the latest course, blog, or interview.
  • Bridge – This simple design is perfect for sign-up and confirmation forms.
  • Brush – This template has a large header for capturing the reader’s attention.
  • Climb – Perfect for the growing business, this template is customizable and versatile.
  • Mocha – This simple template is great for quick updates about new content.
  • Myriad – Bright visuals and highly customizable formatting.
  • Slice – You can catch new subscribers off-guard with this novel, edgy template.
  • Squiggle – When the copy must be front and center, this template is a great choice.
  • Stem – With a focus on images, this template is good for updates and new content.
  • Strum – Promotional offers are a great match for this image-focused design template.
  • Timber – This attractive, earthy template will help customers feel at home.
  • Make a Referral – Referral emails can be personalized and customized with unique share links.
Kajabi Email Marketing Software

Frequently Asked Questions About Kajabi E-mail Marketing

Read on for the answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about Kajabi E-mail Marketing.

Can I Send E-mails with Kajabi?

Yes! Kajabi lets you send two types of e-mail campaigns. An e-mail broadcast is a single e-mail sent to your members from the People tab.

You can use this type of e-mail to send an announcement, share a newsletter and promote products. An e-mail sequence is a list of e-mails you can send to contacts after completing an action, such as purchasing or completing a course.

Is the Kajabi E-mail Marketing Feature Good?

Yes! Kajabi’s custom e-mail marketing solution with its interactive features is a world-class e-mail marketing tool.

Kajabi makes marketing automation simple to understand and even easier and quicker to set up.

This process takes the manual work out of sending e-mails, allowing the creator to focus on course content. In addition, Kajabi’s marketing automation enables you to e-mail the right people at the right time to maximize customer engagement.

Which Kajabi Plan is the Best for E-mail Marketing?

Kajabi has three pricing plans. All of these provide unlimited marketing e-mail options. The Pro plan allows 100,000 contacts to receive e-mails instead of 10,000 and 25,000 on the other two plans.

So, if you have an extensive e-mail contact list, the Pro plan would be the better option to facilitate your marketing needs.

Can I Let Users Unsubscribe from Receiving Only a Part of My E-mails?

Kajabi allows content creators to include an unsubscribe link in e-mail campaigns. The standard global unsubscribe link helps creators comply with various privacy laws.

If a member wants to unsubscribe only from specific e-mail sequences while remaining on your general marketing campaigns, you can allow this. However, you will have to provide separate unsubscribe links to facilitate a “less-than-global” unsubscribe.

Can You Schedule E-mails with Kajabi?

Yes. You can create e-mail sequences of multiple e-mails scheduled to send to members on specific days. These sequences use a relative schedule that starts from the day the recipient subscribed to the sequence.

It is also possible to schedule other types of e-mails to send based on the day of membership or actions taken by the customer. It’s also possible to edit the scheduled e-mails if you need to customize them.

Kajabi Email Marketing Software

Bottom Line

With its quality e-mail marketing tools, Kajabi equips you to create and sell engaging content. Business owners often rely on e-mail marketing to improve their Return On Investment (ROI).

Keeping customers engaged and connected is the holy grail of marketing campaigns, but this has become more and more difficult in today’s fragmented media landscape.

However, since most consumers have access to e-mail addresses, scheduled e-mail marketing offers an effective way to interact with your customers daily.

This increased engagement and connection builds your relationship with your customers to keep them coming back.

Overall, Kajabi’s e-mail marketing is leaps ahead of most other online course platforms!

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