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Are you wondering what the Kajabi new updates are? Then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re a Kajabi creator, you may want to bookmark this article because the information for Kajabi’s new features and updates is constantly changing – and we make updates accordingly.

Kajabi New

Kajabi New Updates Philosophy

Kajabi is an all-in-one business platform for digital entrepreneurs that makes it easier to do content marketing. However, when deploying changes, the creators of Kajabi are interested in customer feedback before implementing new upgrades. 

When visiting Kajabi’s ideas page, you’ll see a kanban board of new updates planned for implementation. By viewing the board, you can see whether these changes will work well for your business.  

You’ll appreciate that Kajabi has a program where anyone can sign up to become a beta tester and try out Kajabi’s new tools before broader implementation. What’s more, you can visit www.ideas.kajabi.com to track Kajabi’s new features and updates. Below, we’ll introduce all Kajabi new major features of the past year.

Kajabi Ideas

Kajabi New Updates

Custom Code Editor 

  • Update Presented:  2020 Q4
  • Functions added: Now available to access users, block settings, custom code blocks.

The custom code editor was previously only available to Pro Plan accounts. Now Access users can also utilize the custom code editor to customize their landing pages and websites for a more professional look.


Access to Kajabi Hero Hub and Double Quota 

  • Update Presented: 2020 Q4
  • Functions added: Access to customer success team, office hours are available, doubling your quotas, early excess to new updates. 

With access to the Kajabi new Hero Hub, you can connect with the customer success team to answer any questions they might have. Furthermore, double quota offers users the chance to unlock various parts of the site they didn’t have access to before. 


Automated Hygiene List 

  • Update Presented: 2020 Q4
  • Functions added: Automatically scrubs emails, Scrubs misformatted emails.

You’ll get early access to all Kajabi’s new products and tools to optimize your business’s performance. With automated list hygiene, you can keep your subscription lists relevant for accurate email analytics.


New Kajabi Website Builder

  • Update Presented: 2020 Q4
  • Functions added: Access to more templates, SEO improvements, customize login, and utility pages. 

For you to create a professional website, you need access to plenty of templates. With Kajabi’s new website builder, you can now access multiple new templates to create modern websites quickly and effortlessly. 

What’s more, some tools allow you to personalize your posts by changing your title’s layout and adding tags to your content. You’ll also appreciate that SEO improvements on the platform will give your website the boost it needs to increase traffic to your site. 

Another new Kajabi feature is the ability to upsell and cross-sell directly from your members’ library. This capability helps you turn current members into repeat customers so you can expand your business. 

Additionally, you can now customize your login and utility pages to increase your visitors’ experiences. With a professional customized login page, you can create a positive first impression of your website.


New Kajabi Email Marketing Updates

  • Update Presented: 2020 Q4
  • Functions added: Import contacts, upload lists as a CSV file, add multiple tags to lists, improved management over deletion, improved coupon management. 

With the Kajabi new email marketing update, you can import your contacts onto the platform without hassle. The function improves your contact list’s integrity and allows you to upload lists as a CSV file. You can also create new fields during your import and add multiple tags and notes to your list. 

With Newport, you get improved email marketing features such as a user interface for email broadcasts. There’s also an enhanced unsubscribe feature to improve your deliverability. 

Kajabi’s updates to Newport include improved management over Kajabi’s management and deletion capabilities. The updates to email marketing also provide improved coupon management. 

There’s also an automated list hygiene management that provides improved email analytics on your click rates and open rates. It automatically scrubs from the list any user emails that have malformed or misformatted addresses.  

Kajabi’s new email marketing updates work hard to avoid removing valid emails so that you can reach the correct recipients.

Bottom Line

With Kajabi’s new and improved benefits, you can create websites and business content you can be proud of. With an array of web design tools, you can access a single digital marketing infrastructure that will take your business to the next level. 

If you want to publish or market your business Kajabi is the best platform for the task. The new, improved tools will make it effortless to create your online presence.

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