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Kajabi continues to bring out new six-week development cycles, and Kajabi Newport is the second cycle. Despite a shortened timeline of just over three weeks, it contains eleven new and exciting updates. We checked out these additional features and can say that you won’t be disappointed. 

Let’s talk through these new updates, including new website templates, improvement to emails, and so much more.

Kajabi Newport

What is Kajabi Newport?

To recognize Kajabi Heroes in different cities throughout the United States, Kajabi has named its second development cycle after Newport, Rhode Island.

These development cycles and updates help online businesses to stay successful while keeping up to date with the latest online technology.

Although shorter than the Cambria cycle, Kajabi Newport has 11 updates to improve your online experience.

Some of these new features include smoothing out contact imports, two new website templates for the tech and health & wellness industries, improvement to your email marketing strategy, and better customization for your sales flow. 

Newport Development Cycles Update

A shorter timeline doesn’t mean the Newport cycle compromised on additional and enhanced features. Our in-house experts are excited about the improvements that this latest development cycle offers. 

Kajabi users will benefit from the following 11 updates and features:


Smooth Contact Importing

Kajabi Newport makes importing your existing contact lists from outside of Kajabi simpler. With a push of a button, you can directly upload these contacts as a CSV file.

What’s more, you get to keep all the existing information, and you can add new fields quickly and efficiently.

Plus, Newport updates intuitively map the Kajabi columns to your imported list.

You have complete control of your contact lists with the option to remove any columns or fields you don’t need when importing to Kajabi.

You can tag and segment any customer using your criteria. This feature is very useful for email marketing and membership subscriptions. 


New Website Templates

Kajabi has noted various requests from some of their Kajabi Heroes.

The result is two critical updates to the new website builder feature introduced in the first cycle.

Two new website templates are now available, giving users six different templates from which to pick. 

These website templates aim towards the tech, health, and wellness industries. However, it’s important to note these templates are customizable to work for most industries.

Furthermore, these themes will work on all of your website pages, such as your library page and your login page. 


Easier Couponing

The Kajabi Newport development cycle shares an updated UI that improves your couponing process and makes it more accessible for users.

These changes are similar to the UI updates for building products and posts. The Kajabi development team has reworked the coupon UI to make things smoother and more intuitive for the end-user.

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Customization of Messages

Customize your buyer’s online experience when using your website.

Kajabi Newport’s development cycle introduces customization of your opt-in, upsell, and cancellation message by optimizing the way you use your brand’s unique features.

This customizable feature will add your brand’s unique voice to checkouts and sales features on your site.

You’ll be able to customize the text in your email checkbox or even your cancellation button.

Customization of messages improves the online sales experience all around. 


Website Block Duplication

Kajabi is always looking for ways to simplify your online business experience. You can now reuse any of your website’s content on multiple pages. Newport’s update allows you to “clone” an existing website block instead of starting from scratch

This feature helps you maintain a consistent look throughout your website.

The website block duplication feature gives you the freedom to change whatever content you want.

You can rename content, hiding something you don’t need, or even delete content completely.

This feature works on all of your website themes, be it your landing page, your custom emails, and more. 


PSD2 Regulation Update

Kajabi Newport’s development cycle sees the introduction of a new automated checkout flow. All Kajabi online businesses are SCA compliant.

To keep up with the latest PSD2 regulations, Newport’s product update helps you collect from your European customers within these regulations

The Newport update allows for a smoother experience for stronger customer authentication. It also sends out more email reminders to people who need authorization from their banks. This step keeps the sales flow process ongoing with minimal interruptions.

This sales flow optimization feature keeps sales hassle-free, especially if you are subject to EU requirements

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Auto-Unsubscribe Optimization

Another enhancement to the Kajabi online experience is this upgrade of the auto-unsubscribe feature.

The new, improved fail-safe mechanism ensures you don’t have too many hard bounces unsubscribed. Otherwise, this can happen when your message bounces because an email provider is down. 

The Newport update takes more precautions and auto-unsubscribes only those emails that mean it. In other words, when a customer asks you to remove them from your list, Kajabi Newport still handles the removal.

All this work is going on behind-the-scenes, so you won’t see it happening on your account. What you will notice is an improved audience reach.  


Two-Step Contact Deletion

Managing your contact list is essential when you want to keep it up-to-date. However, when you’re in a rush, you may delete a contact accidentally.

We all know that sinking feeling when we’ve hit the “Delete” button unintentionally.

Now, the latest update ensures you must confirm twice before you delete a contact incorrectly. You’ll get a reminder that you can “hide” the contact rather than delete it outright.

This safeguard is a great feature for decluttering your list without losing historical information. You’re making sure you’re serious about saying goodbye to someone permanently!


Sent Email Confirmation

Kajabi has improved on the optimization of your email marketing tools with Newport’s new UI updates. You can now see when your email broadcast is in progress and when sending completes.

The updated version sends you a confirmation on the delivery of the email broadcast.

The updated UI allows you to send the email broadcast, leave the page to do something else, and then get a message taking you straight to the reports.

You’ll see straight away which emails have been clicked on and opened with email action labels.


Non-Spam Optimization

Kajabi Newport has included an update to ensure your emails don’t end up marked as spam. The no-spam optimization improves the identification of your outbound emails, ensuring they land in the inbox folder. 

The focus on updates to backend spam rules means ruling out emails accidentally landing up in the spam folder.

You’ll see an increase in your traffic plus improved sender ratings, which is an essential feature if you’re relying on your email marketing strategy to push sales. 


Removable Arrow from Header Dropdown Menu

Kajabi received repeated requests from users to enable the removal of the arrow icon from the header dropdown menu.

The Newport update is the response to these. You can now remove the arrow from the header dropdown menu on your website if you want to. 

The next time you use the website builder, check out this new feature. It’s simple.

Indicate whether you want to keep the arrow icon or not on your header dropdown menu. No need to have it if you don’t want it!


Bottom Line

The Newport development cycle responds to changes Kajabi users have requested. The addition of two new website templates gives users six templates with which to experiment.

Simultaneously, more customizable features allow you to maintain your website design’s consistency, and you can customize your messages using your brand’s unique voice.

Optimization of email marketing tools improves traffic to the site with more emails landing in inboxes and better response to auto-unsubscribes.

Smoother contact importing and contact delete confirmation allows you to manage your contact list more efficiently. 

The Newport cycle also responds to the latest PSD2 regulations keeping all users SCA compliant. And, if you want to get rid of that arrow on your header dropdown menu, you can do it!

Each new update aims to improve your online experience, and Kajabi has done precisely that with this second cycle.

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