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Kajabi has a variety of templates for sales and landing pages. 

There are blank templates and templates designed for a specific purpose.

All templates are fully customizable, making it easy to build sales and landing pages that match your main website.

Key Takeaways:

Kajabi Sales and Landing Page Templates

Kajabi offers a variety of templates organized by type. 

As well as the range of templates created by type, landing pages can be created using the blank template.

These are the following template types available on Kajabi:


Create any landing or sales page you want using a blank template.

Choose the layout and add sections and elements to design the page.

Lead Generation

The lead generation page creator isn’t a template like the others. Instead, it uses prompts to help you quickly create a page to collect email addresses.

The lead generation page creator is a three-step process:

Step 1: Add your logo and update the colors and font.

Lead Generation

Step 2: Enter the content for your page. This is the headline and supporting copy. Kajabi can automatically generate this content for you. 

Enter the content for your page

Step 3: Add your social links to the page and click “Finish.”

Add your social links


Kajabi has 14 sales page templates. Each template can help showcase your product or service to help increase conversions. 

Some templates focus heavily on imagery and videos, and others on text. 

There are also basic templates that can help customers focus on the buy button.

basic templates



Create a podcast landing page that makes it easy for users to subscribe to your podcast.

Kajabi has three podcast landing page templates. All the templates are visually appealing and use a clean design. 

The Fulfill template uses social proof and reviews to drive subscriptions.

Kajabi has three podcast

The Strive template gives you an “As Seen On” space. Here, you can display other brands that mention your podcast to help increase your credibility.

The Tranquility template has a “Meet the Creators” section. You can use this space to introduce yourself and showcase your knowledge on the podcast topic.

As Seen On

Link in Bio

Add all of your socials, sites, resources, and links to this landing page. 

You can then link to the landing page in your social media bios, making it easy for visitors to find everything.

Kajabi has four link-in-bio landing page templates. All the templates are clean and simple to navigate. 

Kajabi has four link-in-bio

Some of the templates use images in the background, others use a block color, and three include an email sign-up section. The sign-up section can help capture leads.

Some of the templates use images

Thank You

Thank You

Use a thank you page to confirm a user’s actions. 

The action could be for purchasing a product or service, signing up, or opting in.

You can also add the following to your thank you page:

  • Upsell Offers – Advertise other products with exclusive offers and discounts.
Upsell Offers
  • Countdown Timer – Generate excitement by using a timer that counts down to the release date.
  • Invite Button – Entice customers to invite their friends to sign up for the product or service. This can work well for group courses or coaching classes.
Invite Button
  • Provide Additional Steps – If you want to provide additional instructions or details, you can add these to your thank you page. You could also redirect them using a link or to ask them to check their emails. 



Create a landing page to gather visitors’ contact information. 

You could do this by providing a lead magnet in exchange for their information or by using a form.

Kajabi has 14 opt-in templates in a variety of styles. 

Some have bold colors and focus on content, such as blogs, images, and videos. 

Kajabi has 14 opt-in templates

There are others that are simple and allow your lead magnet to shine.

simple and allow your

Coming Soon

Before you launch your site, use a landing page to inform visitors when your site or product will be available.  

You can use a countdown to help build excitement around the product.

Before you launch your site

Most of the templates also include an opt-in to collect potential customers’ information. You can then contact them to keep them updated on your product or site launch. 

collect potential customers' informatio



Kajabi has one policy template. You can add your site policy, terms, or procedures to the template to share with your users.

policy template

What Is a Kajabi Sales and Landing Page Template?

A Kajabi sales and landing page is a page that is separate from your website. 

The sales and landing page templates are pre-created pages that can be used as a base for your own sales and landing pages.

Each template has existing elements, designs, colors, layouts, and fonts. 

The template can be customized to suit your needs and business. You can add your own images and content, as well as update the colors, fonts, design, or anything else.

The templates allow you to quickly and easily create and launch a professional-looking page that’s cohesive with your website.

Kajabi has a huge selection of templates, each one designed by an expert for a specific purpose.

For example, sales page templates are built to generate sales, and opt-in pages are designed to encourage visitors to join your list.

This allows you to create fully optimized and converting sales and landing pages.

How Do I Add a Sales and Landing Page on Kajabi?

Kajabi makes it easy to add a sales and landing page using a template. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Click “Website.”
  2. Select “Pages.”
  3. Choose “Landing” from the tabs. 
  4. Choose whether you want to start from scratch or browse the templates.
How Do I Add a Sales and Landing Page on Kajabi?
  1. Enter a page title and click “Create.”
Enter a page title and click “Create.”
  1. Customize the page.
  1. Click “Save.”
Click “Save.”

That’s how you create sales and landing pages.

After clicking “Save,” you will be redirected to the “Landing” tab under “Pages.” 

Here, you can see the page you created and make any changes and edits.

That’s how you create sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. There are over 50 free sales and landing page templates available on Kajabi.

Yes. You can hire a Kajabi expert to build you a sales and landing page or purchase a template from a designer and upload it to your Kajabi site.

A landing page is a standalone page that is separate from your main page.

A website usually consists of multiple pages that are linked using a navigation menu.

A landing page is a great way to keep users focused on one product, service, or action as it eliminates the distractions that a website has.

Bottom Line 

Customize one of Kajabi’s expertly designed sales and landing page templates to create engaging and converting pages quickly and easily. 

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