Kajabi Think It Build It Challenge

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

Kajabi’s ‘Think It Build It‘ promotion challenges you to create a profitable digital product in 30 days.

The challenge gives you a free 30-day Kajabi membership, helpful training content, and live weekly check-ins to help you stay on track and guide you from creation to launch.

Kajabi will also purchase your first course if you continue as a member after the free trial ends.

What is the Kajabi Think It Build It Challenge?

Think It Build It is a fantastic risk-free challenge to help launch your online business. 

The extended 30-day free trial, up from Kajabi’s usual 14-day free trial, allows you to create a profitable digital course before spending a penny. 

Kajabi is offering step-by-step video training, live webinars, and check-ins during the 30-days to keep you focused and help you create successful coaching content.

The promise of Kajabi being your first paying student is a great incentive to launch your own digital course.

What Is Included?

  • 30-day free trial
  • Specialized step-by-step training videos
  • Live Q+A’s
  • Exclusive challenge community
  • Bonus content from Kajabi Heroes
  • Kajabi will buy your first course (subject to joining a payment plan)
  • 2-part interview with Neil Patel, best selling author, influencer, and successful entrepreneur (subject to joining a payment plan)

How Long Is Kajabi’s Think It Build It Offer Valid?

  • Offer Start Date: 15th March 2021
  • Offer Expiry Date: 29th March 2021

How Much Will I Save?

If paying monthly, the 30-day free Kajabi trial will save you $149 if you choose the Basic plan, $199 if you choose Growth, and $399 for Kajabi’s Pro plan. You will also start earning money, as Kajabi will purchase your first course after you join a paid membership. 

Terms and Conditions

Kajabi will only purchase courses up to a maximum of $100.

For Kajabi to purchase your course and for you to gain access to Neil Patel’s interview, you must join a payment plan. Plans start at $149 per month. 

Once the 30-day free trial ends, you automatically enroll in your chosen Kajabi membership. Subscriptions can be canceled or changed by contacting Kajabi.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Access the Kajabi Think It Build It Challenge?

The Think It Build It Challenge has now expired. Kajabi is still offering the 30-day free trial to new customers, allowing you to try out all of its amazing features before committing to a payment plan.

Is the Kajabi Think It Build It Offer Still Active?

No, the Think It Build It deal ended in March 2021. Kajabi often has other programs and offers available for new customers. Currently, there is an extended free trial of 30-days, up from the usual 14-days.

Is There a Better Offer Than Kajabi’s Think It Build It?

Kajabi seems to promote a new offer to join the platform every two or three months. Its current offer of a 30-day free trial is still pretty impressive, but whether one promotion is considered better than another will vary from individual to individual.

Check out our special offers post to find all the latest deals.

When Will the Kajabi Think It Build It Return?

There have been no announcements from Kajabi about whether the Think It Build It offer will be made again, so we don’t know whether it will return. However, Kajabi always has other attractive offers for potential new users of the platform.

To keep up to date with all of the offers from Kajabi, check out:

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