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Kajabi University is a collection of guided courses designed to help you understand the important parts of a successful online business.

You’ll learn everything from creating your very first coaching program, to how to make a successful Facebook Ad campaign. 

Key Takeaways:

  • 41 courses and over 350 videos to learn from
  • Expert knowledge from proven industry leaders
  • Each course is broken into short, easily digestible lessons
  • Free for Kajabi subscribers

How Do I Access Kajabi University?

From your Kajabi dashboard select Your name in the bottom-left corner, then select Kajabi University. 

You’ll then be able to see all the available courses and select the one you want.

What Courses Does Kajabi University Have?

Kajabi University currently has over 350 videos across 41 courses, with more being added. 

Whether you are just starting your online business, or looking for ways to improve and grow, there are courses to help with every stage of your development. 

Below are just some of the courses currently available.

Beginner Courses

If you’re brand new to Kajabi and/or starting your online business for the first time, its Beginner Courses will guide you through the early stages and start you off on the path to success.

Coaching Basics

coaching basics

Learn the basics of Kajabi Coaching and how to start your own coaching program in under forty minutes with this beginners’ course, hosted by executive coach and leadership development expert, Ali Levin. 

How to Build a Course

Build a Course

You will be guided through the entire course creation process, learn about product creation, special offers, pricing, and terms & conditions in this one-hour course.

How to Build a Website

Build a Website

This program includes twenty short lessons that will teach you the psychology behind a successful website and how to use that information in your own Kajabi website.

Run Your Whole Business Using Kajabi

Run Your Whole

Take just six minutes to learn how Kajabi can be your all-in-one solution to running your entire online business from one place.

How to Build a List

How to Build a List

Split over sixteen lessons, with a total run time of fifty minutes, this course explains how to start, grow, and convert a mailing list. Learn about your perfect customer, freebie creation, funnel sharing, and more.

Webinar Basics

Webinar Basics

Spend twenty minutes, across twelve lessons, learning what a webinar is, whether they are useful for your business, and the six steps every webinar should go through.

How to Create an Audio Course

Create an Audio Course

If you’re interested in starting an audio-only course, then this six-lesson program will teach you how to record, edit, and upload audio files, all in less than fifteen minutes.

How to Migrate a Course

How to Migrate a Course

If you want to move your course from another platform to Kajabi, then this Kajabi University course will explain how to get it done. From first steps to the best way of informing your clients of the change, you’ll learn everything you need to make a painless transition.

How to Structure a Course

How to Structure a Course

Over twenty minutes, this eight-part course will teach you how to turn your knowledge into a set of structured lessons your clients will enjoy.

How to Run a Successful Blog

Successful Blog

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, this nine-lesson course will take you through the process of how to create and run one successfully. It includes lessons such as “The 4 Foundational Habits of All Successful Bloggers” and “3 Things to Do Before Launching Your Blog”.

How to Launch with Email

Launch with Email

Learn how to use email to launch your online business in this ten-lesson course. You’ll learn how to craft an email sequence, increase click-through rates, and the art of writing a catchy subject line in just twenty-five minutes.

How to Find Your Niche

Find Your Niche

This course consists of eleven lessons breaking down what a niche is, how one is beneficial to your business, how to find your own niche market, and lots more. 

How to Create a Screen Share Course

Screen Share Course

Lasting barely longer than a coffee break, this nine-minute course will teach you how to use screen sharing to create a screen share course, edit screen share files, and how to upload to Kajabi.

Kajabi Podcasts

Kajabi Podcasts

This course explains best practices you can use to create your own podcasts. Split over three sections and nine lessons, you’ll learn about branding, recording, and editing, and how to improve your podcast’s reach.

Intermediate Courses

Once you’ve created your online Kajabi business you’ll want to maximize its potential. The Intermediate Courses on Kajabi University will help you take the next step on that journey.

Crafting Your Webinar Funnel

Crafting Your Webinar

Learn everything you need to know for crafting webinar funnels that convert. You’ll discover how to create a webinar launch plan, and the entire webinar funnel, from setup to the post-webinar follow-up.

Online Business Myth Buster

Online Business Myth Buster

Over five lessons this course discusses the five most common myths and challenges that new online business owners face and how to overcome them.

Legal Basics

Legal Basics

Learn how to file a trademark, when to use a contract, and how to use someone else’s photos and videos. A twelve-lesson course that will teach you how to understand and present the legal information your online business needs.

How to Get Your Course Visible Online

How to Get Your Course Visible Online

Join Michelle Lewis, a visibility expert and host of “The Visible Entrepreneur” podcast, for twenty-two lessons that teach you how to get your courses in front of your ideal customers within ninety days.

How to Market Your Course or Membership

Course or Membership

Learn how to market your course or membership with this eight-part course. Explore what marketing is, how to make your product stand out, and how to use marketing funnels. 

How to Structure a Membership

Structure a Membership

Divided across eight easily digestible lessons, you’ll learn some of the best methods for creating, structuring, branding, and managing your membership site.

Business Accounting for Online Entrepreneurs

Business Accounting

In less than an hour, you’ll learn everything you need to know about business accounting for online entrepreneurs. Discover commonly used business terms and budgeting tips, study processing fees, learn how to handle taxes, and find out when you need to get an accountant, in this informative, twenty-lesson course.

Partner Accelerator Lab

Partner Accelerator Lab

Spend ten lessons discovering how the Kajabi Partner Program can be used to bring you more referrals, how to make better use of Kajabi’s features, and promote Kajabi to your audience.

Marketing Courses

Kajabi Marketing Courses help you learn the fundamentals of launch strategies, the types of business marketing you can take advantage of, and how to use digital channels to reach and expand your target audience. 

Marketing Orientation: The Essentials of Knowledge Commerce Business Growth

Marketing Orientation

Spend twelve lessons learning about the k-commerce business field, how to define your k-commerce business, and how to leverage your knowledge for continued success. Hosted by Russ Henneberry, founder of the digital marketing email newsletter, “theClikk”, and author of “Digital Marketing for Dummies”.

Marketing Graduation: Strategically Developing Your Product Launch

Marketing Graduation

Explore how to plan your launch, build a landing page, and set up a Facebook campaign, with Molly Pittman, a digital marketing strategist and CEO of Smart Marketer.

Earning Attention: How to Build an Audience of Willing Buyers for Your Online Business

Earning Attention

Spend fifteen minutes learning about the importance of the Attention stage and how to use it effectively to drive sales.

Blogging: How to Create Content that Will Attract and Engage an Audience


In sixteen lessons you’ll learn the ins and outs of blogging, how to maximize audience numbers, and improve engagement. Find out how often you should post, what tone of writing to use, how to create a call-to-action, and much more.

Facebook Ads: How to Generate Top of Funnel Awareness with Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads

This course explains how you can take advantage of Facebook ad campaigns to improve awareness of your brand.

SEO Unlocked: Everything You Need to Know to Get High Rankings

SEO Unlocked

Join Neil Patel, a United Nations top 100 entrepreneur at under the age of 35, as he explains everything you need to know about search engine optimization and how to improve your business’s ranking.

Content Marketing Unlocked: Learn How to Create and Promote Content

Content Marketing Unlocked

This twelve-lesson course takes you through the history of content marketing, how to evaluate your existing content, and how promoting your content delivers new traffic to your business.

Generating Subscribers: How to Predictability Build an Email List of Buyers

Generating Subscribers

This fifteen-minute course by Russ Henneberry will explain how and why subscription is so important to your online business.

Lead Magnets: How to Predictably Generate New Leads and Subscribers

Lead Magnets

Learn how to use free items and services to drive email subscribers and lead generation in under thirty minutes with this course about lead magnets.

Facebook Ads: How to Generate Leads with Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads

This course by Molly Pittman, CEO of Smart Marketer, spends eleven lessons explaining the importance of Facebook Ads and how to create the perfect Facebook Ad campaign, so your k-commerce business generates consistent leads.

Acquiring Leads & Customers: How to Build a List of Prospects and Buyers

Acquiring Leads & Customers

Learn about the Acquisition stage of the sales funnel, and how to implement it effectively with Content and Traffic examples in this six-part course.

Email Marketing Follow-Up: How to Turn New Prospects into Lifelong Customers

Email Marketing Follow-Up

Analyst, digital marketer, and cohost of the Smart Marketer Podcast, John Grimshaw teaches the importance of email marketing. Through eighteen lessons you’ll learn the eight laws of an effective email, what makes a good upsell funnel, how to set up your own marketing funnel with Kajabi’s sequence builder, and more.

Facebook Ads: How to Acquire New Customers with Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads

Discover how to generate new customers consistently in this two-hour course on how to create a Facebook Ad campaign that focuses on acquisition.

Monetization of Existing Audience & Customers: How to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Audience & Customers

In this course, you’ll explore how to use data to increase customer value and find alternative ways to monetize.

Email Marketing Monetization: Running Promos for Re-Engagement & Revenue

Email Marketing Monetization

This in-depth course will teach you how to use your email list to generate renewed interest and sell your products time and again. Learn how to improve your promotional arsenal, create an activation promotion, how to use a promotional calendar, and more.

Membership Marketing Formula: Learn the 3 Steps to Building a Profitable Membership Site

Membership Marketing Formula

This course with Graham Cochrane, author of “How To Get Paid For What You Know”, has over twenty lessons that teach the fundamentals of membership marketing and how to scale up your recurring revenue. 

Facebook Ads: How to Monetize Your Existing Audience with Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads

Over the course of eleven lessons, you’ll learn how and why you should build a Facebook campaign that prioritizes monetizing your existing Facebook audience.

Email Marketing: Winning with Your Most Profitable Marketing Channel

Email Marketing

This course takes you on a deep dive into the fundamentals of email marketing. In an hour and forty minutes, you’ll learn all about email deliverability, ways to improve your copywriting, how to track email success, and more.

Analytics & Measurement Fundamentals: From Data to Action to Business Growth

Analytics & Measurement

This 26-lesson program will teach you everything you need to know about analytics and measurement tools, so you can turn data into business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kajabi University?

Kajabi University is a collection of courses designed to give entrepreneurs the tools and knowledge they need to create, market, and sell online coaching services and digital content. 

How Much Does Kajabi University Cost?

For Kajabi subscribers, Kajabi university is included as part of their subscription fee. Click here to start your free trial of Kajabi today.

What Kind of Content Can I Find in Kajabi University?

Kajabi University content consists of over 350 videos, downloadable resources, and knowledge from industry specialists and experts.

Where Can I Watch Kajabi University Courses?

You can watch Kajabi University courses through the Kajabi dashboard on any internet-connected device.

Can I Watch Kajabi University Courses on Mobile Devices?

Yes. Kajabi University courses can be watched on any internet-connected device, including laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

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