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Building an online business is tough.

From creating your products, marketing them, designing your website and handling legal matters, building a profitable online business takes some work and special know-how.

Kajabi is invested in the success of its clients so they launched Kajabi University, an online roster of courses meant to help you learn the ins and outs of creating, marketing, and selling your digital content.

Kajabi University

What Is Kajabi University?

Kajabi University is a resource launched by Kajabi that provides site owners with online courses meant to help them create, develop, and launch their online businesses.

The various courses in the Kajabi curriculum include different modules focused on specific aspects of running an online business that produces digital content, from creating a solid-looking website to creating the perfect course to sell to students.

The best part about Kajabi University is that it is accessible totally free of charge to Kajabi site owners.

You can combine the Kajabi university resources with their 28-day free trial of the platform to essentially get four weeks’ worth of courses completely free of charge.

Here are some examples of the various courses offered by Kajabi University:

Build a Course

This module covers the fundamentals of how to build an engaging online course.

You will learn how to build a course outline, how to structure a course, and proper video editing and sound editing processes.

You will also learn a bit about how to create engaging content that appeals to members and visitors.

Build a Website

The Build a Website course covers the basics of proper website design and development. Students enrolled in this course learn about website themes, templates, layouts, and basic principles of attractive website design.

You will also learn how to properly market a website and integrate your learning platform with a sales platform.

Build a Community

The Build a Community course will teach you how to foster a vibrant and growing online community.

You will learn how to structure a membership site and how to keep members coming back for new content. The Build a Community course also covers key strategies for converting contacts into active members.

Pipeline Mastey

The Pipeline Mastery course walks users through the process of creating an efficient pipeline blueprint that can effectively convert leads into sales. You will learn the basics of pipeline marketing, how to draw up a pipeline schematic for your marketing strategy, and learn how to construct product pipelines on your site.

In addition to these specific course modules, Kajabi University offers members access to resources and how-to guides covering technical aspects of running a website.

They have how-to guides on migrating a course from an external platform to Kajabi, how to process audio for audio-based courses and how to set up the blogging tool.

Kajabi University also has more specific courses geared toward teaching business strategies or aimed at first-time entrepreneurs trying to get their brand off the ground.

For example, the Hero’s First Steps course covers the basics of how to launch a site with the goal of becoming a Kajabi Hero.

Each Kajabi University course is frequently updated to stay up to date with the newest releases on the Kajabi platform.

That means that you always have access to a constantly updated roster of course and resources.

Kajabi Homepage

How to Access Kajabi University

Kajabi users can access Kajabi University directly from their Kajabi account.

Go to the Kajabi dashboard and click on the “Account Tab” on the bottom left corner of the page.

Next, click on the link for “Kajabi University” and you will be taken to the University page.

One there, you can click on the “My Library” tab in the navigation menu to see which courses you are enrolled in.

You can directly access each enrolled course from this list and keep tabs on individual course progress.

You can also access Kajabi University by heading to the site univesity.mykajabi.com.

Enter your Kajabi account credentials and you can access your course list.


Kajabi University provides budding entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed with their online business.

With Kajabi University, you have access to top of the line tutorials and information related to building and promoting your online brand.

With Kajabi University, you have all the tools you need to start an online digital product business at your fingertips.

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Samuel Fletcher
Samuel Fletcher
Samuel is an experienced online business coach with over 10 years of experience. He has a keen interest in knowledge commerce and digital marketing. Samuel strongly believes in dedication, perseverance and commitment.

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