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Kartra’s A/B testing tool allows you to split test live pages and funnels by changing the copy, buttons, images, and other attributes.

The platform offers the A/B testing tool as a core feature available on all subscription plans.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can split test on all subscription plans
  • You can test live campaigns by changing the buttons, copy, and other attributes

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Kartra’s A/B Testing and Split Testing Features

Kartra’s A/B and split testing features allow you to optimize your site page by changing one feature at a time or by testing two pages against each other that utilize different features.

For example, this process works if you would like to test if a customer is more likely to convert after reading one headline rather than the other.

In Kartra, you’d set up two identical pages and then change the one element you want to test.

After that, you’d send your leads to both pages by selecting what percentage you’d like to assign to each page. Kartra will automatically divide the page assignments to the leads based on your selection.

Kartra will also automatically track which page produced the best results in converting your leads.

From the information, you can easily spot which page performed better and use it as your featured page moving forward.

Split Testing Features

What Can You Split Test on Kartra?

As the feature requires you to split test two pages against each other, you can test any element that makes up a page.

Here’s the comprehensive list of elements that you can test:

  • Images
  • Prices
  • Call to actions
  • Color scheme
  • Copy
    • Titles
    • Text
    • Bullet points
    • Captions
  • Buttons
    • Text
    • Copy
    • Color

Why Use Kartra A/B Testing?

Here are the top reasons to use A/B and split testing:

  • Test which page produces better results – By altering the different page elements, you can produce the highest converting page.
  • Save money – If your new page converts at a higher rate than the previous version, the cost of customer acquisition will likely be lower, saving you money.
  • Save time – Instead of having to change one page at a time and wait for the results, the platform allows you to A/B test live, which will quickly find the best results.
  • Learn about your leads – By constantly testing your offer and messaging, you understand what is resonating with your audience and learn more about them for future offers.

What Kartra Plan Do I Need to A/B Test and Split Test?

As A/B testing and split testing are core features, all Kartra plans give you access.

Therefore, whether you opt for its entry-level Starter plan or the most expensive Platinum plan, you’ll be able to A/B test and split test all pages.

Plan NameA/B Testing FeatureSplit Testing Feature
Starter Plan
Silver Plan
Gold Plan
Platinum Plan

How to A/B Test on Kartra

Before you get started, you’ll need to ensure that you have two pages already set up that are ready to send traffic to, either within Kartra or externally.

If you haven’t yet done this, stop here and set them up before continuing.

Here’s how to A/B test:

  1. First, you’ll need to make one or more pages you’d like to use in your test.
  2. From your dashboard, go to Pages.
  3. Select Split Tests.
  4. Click on the green + Split Test button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.
A/B Test on Kartra
  1. Name the A/B split test campaign under Campaign Name and select Next.
Campaign Name
  1. Now you’ll need to select the pages you’d like to A/B test and assign the percentage traffic split of the pages you’re testing.
  2. If you created a page in Kartra that you’d like to test, click on the drop-down menu Destination Page. Then, select the site and Kartra page that you’d like from the next two drop-down boxes.
  3. Repeat Step 7 twice if you’d like to test two pages.
Destination Page
  1. Set your goal from the drop-down menu and the trackable event.
  2. Then, click Add.
Trackable Event
  1. You can either let Kartra auto-select the winner or manually do that by checking the relevant box based on page visits, goals, and revenue.
  2. If you opt for auto-selecting, Kartra will stop the split test after reaching the goal and send all traffic to the more optimized page.
Kartra auto-select the winner
  1. You can now tag your split test or use a tag you previously set up.
  2. Click Next.
Click Next
  1. Your A/B split test will now be configured, and you can access it via the link on the completion page.
  2. You can now use this link whenever you’re sourcing lead traffic from emails, Meta ads, or any other marketing campaigns.
A/B split test

Frequently Asked Questions

Essentially yes, they’re the same feature. On Kartra, you create a new page to test against another page, allowing for identification of the most optimized page. Therefore, if you’re A/B testing or split testing, you use the same Kartra features and tools.

Kartra A/B testing is the process of testing one-page element against another to try and create the most optimal page. You can do this by making a second page that only changes one feature and then running traffic to both to find the higher-converting page.

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