What is Kartra Agency?

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

Kartra Agency is an innovative Kartra product that lets you track, control, and manage client business accounts from a consolidated dashboard

Users can own or sub-lease client accounts from a secure master login under an all-encompassing Agency portfolio. Portfolio co-management is also available if preferable to clients.    

Kartra Agency advantages become available to Kartra members on Silver, Gold, and Platinum Pricing Plans as a bonus feature.

Kartra Agency

How Does Kartra Agency Work?

Kartra Agency allows for the handling of client portfolios under a single umbrella. Portfolio managers keep track of business analytics, generate unified billing profiles, produce client reports, and manage client-agency relationships

Kartra Agency lets you register client accounts onto the agency platform by using one of the following business models: 

Owner Model

An account might be identified as an owner model if the agency bought it on the client’s behalf.

Kartra accommodates agency managers to purchase accounts in bulk (at a 40% discount) or individually. In this model, you would then resell these accounts to generate profit.

A monthly retainer covers services rendered and can provide a steady income.

Contractor Model

Affiliates or clients with active Kartra accounts can connect to your account under the contractor model.

Kartra Agency takes control of the joint accounts for projects for a defined term until completion or termination of the contract.

How to Add Clients to Your Kartra Agency?

Kartra Agency managers can add clients to the agency portfolio by initiating one of the following procedures: 

  1. Creating a new account from scratch 
    1. Select the option, populate the form field with relevant information and proceed to the next step.
  2. Connecting an existing (active) account

Note that account ownership, access, and payment responsibilities differ depending on the option selected.

New Account vs. Existing (Active) Account


New Account

Active Account


Full control lies with the agency.

Co-managed with custom login credentials and permissions.


Full control lies with the agency.

Full control lies with the client.

Account fees

Liable for Kartra account fees @ 40% reduction.

Kartra monthly membership is payable by the account owner.

To connect an existing account for agency management, the client provides permission via a Team Members link received by e-mail.

kartra agency

How to Manage Your Kartra Agency?

Once you have permission from your client to manage business workflow, log in to their account dashboard.

Be cognizant of any restrictions on your agency’s control level regarding access and permissions.

  • Once you have successfully logged in to the client’s account, locate the ‘Back to my Agency’ button for easy navigation to the main dashboard.
  • Note the presence of a billing link that indicates agency ownership of the account.
  • A ‘Terminate Contract’ button means that the client owns the account.
  • Kartra embeds the agency’s trademark at the footer of every outbound e-mail sent on behalf of clients to build the agency’s brand as a service provider. Although this brand inclusion is not interactive and aims to be unobtrusive, it represents valuable publicity to attract new business.
  • To keep clients up to date on account performance, you can opt to give access to sales, revenue, page visitor, and lead data or report only specific metrics.

Bottom Line

Kartra Agency gives account managers functional tools to optimize their client’s business growth while earning a decent income. 

Agency administrators may accept as many clients as they wish and run businesses like contractors or owners. 

Create new accounts or manage existing Kartra businesses for a fee, but be aware of your responsibilities in each instance.  

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