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Kartra Agency is designed for companies to manage all their Kartra client accounts in one dedicated location.

Key Takeaways:

Kartra Agency Features

The platform’s agency feature has many tools and features to help users get their clients the best results and effectively manage each account.

Here’s an overview of each feature:

  • Analytics – Users can see an overview of each account’s analytics to check their performance.
  • Master Login – Agency owners no longer have to remember each account’s login information; they can use the master one.
  • Streamlined Billing – All payments and billing is done in one place, so you can pay subscriptions and review invoices for all accounts in the area.
  • Add and Remove Clients – As new clients are onboarded, you can easily add them, and when they leave, you can remove them.
  • Client Accounts – You can also create client accounts for them to access the Kartra platform.
  • Report Generation – Agency owners can generate reports to deliver to their clients, which can be used for performance reviews.

The Two Kartra Agency Models Explained

Kartra has two agency models suited to different agency and client circumstances:

  • The Owner Model – This is when an agency creates a new account on behalf of a client, who can then be charged for the account. Kartra lets agencies bulk purchase accounts at a 40% discount, which means they can also profit from selling the subscription.
  • The Contractor Model – For clients with existing Kartra accounts or who want to subscribe. Clients can give access to an agency to complete specific projects and can terminate access when the work has been completed.

What Software Does Kartra Agency Replace?

Without Kartra Agency, every feature and tool would require one or more third-party platforms to streamline the process.

Here are a few examples of the Kartra feature and what they replace:

  • Custom Dashboards and Zapier – Without Kartra’s Agency feature, users would have to export each client’s information and build custom dashboards for reporting.
  • LastPass – Agencies would also have to store all their clients’ passwords in a secure way, using a platform such as LastPass. Kartra Agency means that users don’t have to log in and out of each Kartra account; they switch between them using one login.
  • Report Generation – To create reports for clients, users must create sheets or presentations to deliver them.

Kartra Subscription Required for Agency Access

Kartra only offers access to its Agency feature for three of its four advertised plans.

The platform’s entry-level plan, the Starter plan, does not include Kartra Agency.

Here are the subscriptions that do:

  • Kartra Silver plan – $199 per month
  • Kartra Gold plan – $299 per month 
  • Kartra Platinum plan – $499 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Kartra Agency is a solution for businesses to manage multiple Kartra client accounts in one place.

Kartra Agency’s features include analytics, master login, streamlined billing, adding and removing clients, client accounts, and report generation.

The minimum subscription required to access Kartra Agency is the Silver plan, which costs $199 per month. However, users can receive a discount of 25% if they opt for the annual plan.

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