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If you want to scale up and automate your business, look no further than Kartra, the all-in-one solution to marketing and business workflow automation. 

Watch the demo and follow the summarized walkthrough to gain insight into what you stand to benefit from utilizing this platform.

Better yet, get acquainted with Kartra features by using the 14-day trial.  

Kartra Demo

Kartra 3-Minute Demo

If you are short on time, you can glimpse the workings of Kartra by watching the 3-minute demo of Kartra’s most valuable tools and features.   

Watch to learn about Kartra Pages, Kartra E-mail, campaigns, third-party app integrations, and video hosting.

Conclude with done-for-you marketing promotions and tutorials to guide you all the way. 

Kartra Demo Walkthrough – 12 Steps for Getting Started

You will best understand the Kartra Demo Walkthrough in conjunction with access to the Kartra platform.

Then, try your hand at the activities by subscribing to the 14-day, no-strings-attached free trial

Follow along on our guided tour and get acquainted with fun features by applying them to templates and processes on Kartra.

Step #1: Tackling The Dashboard

The Kartra dashboard is easy to use and gives access to sales, subscriptions, broadcasts, site traffic, and conversion rates at a glance. 

Simply access the account dashboard by clicking on the Kartra logo or navigating to the Profile → Dashboard tab.

This action will also give you access to Kartra Calendar and Helpdesk functions. 

To look at a particular element, hover over sections for specific statistics or click on available tabs. 

Insights accessible from the dashboard include sales revenue and profits, affiliate performance scores, subscription lists/sequences/membership, e-mail recipients/respondents, traffic data, and confirmed account registrations. 

Step #2: Creating The Product

To add a product onto Kartra Marketplace for affiliate membership requires the entry of an internal and external product name, a description, and an image. 

After performing these first steps, site creators add payment gateways. Kartra integrates with one PayPal and one credit card gateway per product in this instance.

Next, you can determine the price points of products. This process shows whether shoppers need only to make a one-time payment or can expect to pay recurring payments or installments.

Set the recurring payment schedule as preferred and implement an initial payment or trial period if preferred.

Lastly, you can automate sales tax, cancellation policy, and product bumps.

Kartra Demo Product

Step #3: Collect Leads, Automate & Communicate

One of Kartra’s main functions is to automate lead generation and e-mail communication.

Once a sales funnel has been established, users can gain insight into site traffic behavior. A dropdown menu gives options to explore. 

Kartra automatically generates lead profiles with prominently visible user details, status tags, and categorization.   

Once a relationship profile has been built, communication with leads can commence. This communication may be Kartra Mail broadcasts or through integrations.

Site owners can schedule posts, select lead groups, and create, edit, save or manipulate broadcast messages and content via the broadcast dashboard. 

Kartra Demo Leads

Step #4: Build Pages & Analyze Their Performance

Kartra templates and ready-made campaigns allow quick, professional creation of high converting sales pages.

Site builders select and customize templates or page sections within the Page Builder using a responsive drag-and-drop editor. Then, after creating and modifying pages to reflect personality, style, and brand, you can get page links/codes.

You can also embed additional code, download files, and test pages within the system before publishing for public consumption.

Page analytics are employed to determine site traffic metrics and monitor cart abandonment instances and site conversion rates.   

Kartra Blog/Page Builder

Step #5: Create Forms & Surveys

Form creation and surveys are vital to lead collection. To this end, Kartra tools enable embedding forms in a Kartra page or video or on your site. 

Users can modify basic form fields to hook data they wish to mine or format page settings and presentations to meet requirements.

Additionally, Kartra can generate welcome messages or attach an e-mail address to conclude form confirmation.

Similarly, you can build surveys and quizzes to assist lead generation and build online course portals.

A functional survey builder enables the creation of personalized, linear, or branched quizzes to get into the minds of your clients. 

Kartra Quiz

Step #6: Create Membership Pages

Building a strong membership system may be the bread and butter of your venture. 

Kartra Membership Builder manages membership e-mail lists and profiles, enables password protection, controls drip content, and regulates access tiers and restrictions.

Users can edit and tweak categories, drag and drop content, and add elements to menus and sidebars.

Furthermore, organize featured posts and keep an eye on member progress and comment moderation.

Add elements such as videos and images and manage third-party software integration. Remember that pages are customizable to reflect your business ethos and brand expertise.  

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Kartra Demo Membership

Step #7: Manage Videos

The Kartra Video Player gives users leeway to upload a single video or multiple videos at once. In addition, site designers can configure and preview content, optimize files, and enable video hosting, all from a single console.

Additionally, adjust control settings, optimize sound quality, activate autoplay functions, or enable social share options. 

Added perks include a subtle translucent trademark or logo to promote your brand on the video screen.

Other notable features include call-to-action embedding, lead tag automation, and video transcripts.

Step #8: Set Agenda & Create Calendars

Managing your online business entails keeping your priorities straight and managing your responsibilities.

Kartra Agenda and Calendar helps you keep your head above water.

Kartra Agenda organizes and manages available events and time slots. Regulate content on a need-to-know basis while keeping abreast of session times and participants.

The calendar function is available in different models to meet your specific needs.

Choose a suitable model to schedule one-off or recurring meetings and events, track availability, or sync schedules to avoid timetable clashes and inconvenient time zone discrepancies. 

Automatically incorporate free and paid session registration to simplify time management. 

Step #9: Host a Helpdesk

Site builders can opt for an embeddable Helpdesk on their site or may utilize the Kartra platform in this instance. 

Once personalized with logos and a custom marquee, users add Helpdesk departments and configure application settings.

Next, include phone numbers and other contact details for support tickets and phone and live chat support options.

Add a Skype ID if preferable. Finally, link your forwarding e-mail address to receive and respond to customer queries via your Kartra host. 

Kartra also includes a Wiki connection to boost customer Helpdesk support.  

Kartra Demo at 10.34.17

Step #10: Integrate

Kartra is renowned for integrating with many popular third-party tools

This integration may include: 

  • Payment gateways: Authorize.net, Braintree, PayPal, Stripe  
  • E-mail SMTP gateways: Kartra E-mail, Elastic Email, MailGun, Postmark, SendGrid
  • Membership integrations: aMember, DAP, Kajabi, OptimizePress, S2Member, Wishlist  
  • SMS gateways: Nexmo, Plivo, Twilio
  • Zapier 

It is not required to use integrations, but it can be advantageous, especially if you already use other marketing tools before subscribing to Kartra.

Be sure to comply with prerequisites such as CMI authorization or PCI compliance. Also, you may need to harvest information from an active (integration) account or your Kartra account to complete the process. 

kartra integrations

Step #11: Master Kartra Agency

An added benefit of subscribing to Kartra Silver, Diamond, or Platinum pricing plans is access to Kartra Agency.

Kartra Agency enables you to play host to and essentially manage client accounts from a centralized dashboard on your site.

The Kartra account holder has two options: either own client accounts (owner model), or sublease (contractor model), to make an additional profit.

Then manage your agency portfolio with a master login facility, centralized billing, quick analytics, and reporting tools to keep clients up to date.

In addition, your agency logo will be visible on all e-mails you send on behalf of your clients. 

Step #12: Manage Affiliates

The Kartra Marketplace enables you to run an affiliate program on your site. Once you have opted to display your niche in the market, you can select products you wish to represent. 

Once product or service owners have approved you, the selection will be visible on your profile. 

Complete financial details to enable commission payments, and you are all set to benefit and grow your business. 

Kartra Affilliate Tracking

Bottom Line

The Kartra 3-minute demo and walkthrough aims at setting you firmly on the path to business success. Take the time to watch and learn while participating in a trial which gives access to all features. 

Tackle dashboard navigation and learn how to create and showcase your first product. Then achieve comprehension of lead generation and communications automation processes. 

Once you have mastered page building, setting up a Helpdesk, and analytics tools, continue to polish form and survey creation skills. 

All that remains is conquering Kartra Agency membership integrations, affiliations, and video hosting while managing your schedule with Kartra Calendar and Agenda application.

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